3D Thursday | Final Week!

September 29, 2011 12:30 am

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Find Great Deals on 3D Thursday!

The Renderosity MarketPlace is excited to bring you great offers in 3D for the remaining Thursday's left in September. For the rest of the month, you'll want to pay special attention to every Thursday as we'll be bringing you great offers that will only be available for 24 hours!

This Thursday's deal is for every order number that ends in '29' will receive a $25 Renderosity Gift Certificate. To qualify for this offer, purchases must have occured between 12am (cdt) on Thursday, September 29th through 11:59pm (cdt) on Thursday, September 29th.

As an added bonus, the last order of the day ending in '29' will receive a copy of Poser Pro 2010!



Below are some HOT products you can find right now in the MarketPlace!

DMs Mirror Talk

VERSUS - dforce Sweet & Sexy Dress One G3FG8F

Petite Breast Morphs for Genesis 8 Female Pack 2

dForce Standout Fashion Genesis 8 Females

Touchable Kinley



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Article Comments

BenDuncan ( posted at 3:59AM Thu, 29 September 2011

thanks for the great offer, but I wouldn't qualify for the bonus, as I'm some six hours ahead of renderosity's time, it'll be even worse for someone in Australia. Maybe it could have been put into a hat and randomly picked out to cover those ahead of time.

spim ( posted at 10:01AM Thu, 29 September 2011

ONE out of every 100 orders gets something for this "deal" ?? I don't mean to look a gift horse (only for the 29th out of 100) in the mouth, but I think I'll go play the lottery instead. sorry - but once you realize the odds, I think this has got to be the least exciting "deal" ever.

diogenese19348 ( posted at 12:55PM Thu, 29 September 2011

It really isn't inspiring for me either, but guys, you ought to let your marketing department know you're skirting on the edges of legality with this one unless you provide a way to enter without having to buy anything. By definition you are running a paid lottery, and that tends to be frowned upon unless you are a charitable organization or the state itself.

canberra_boy ( posted at 6:06PM Thu, 29 September 2011

Agreed with spim. I was really looking forward to seeing what deal would come up today, but am thorougly disappointed that it's not a deal for everyone (only 1 out of every 100!).