2012 Renderosity Most Valuable Product Award!

February 14, 2013 12:31 am

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Congratulations to Xameva and meipe for receiving the 2012 Renderosity Most Valuable Product Award!


~Individual item with the highest revenue for 2012~

To celebrate the honor of receiving Renderosity's 2012 Most Valuable Product Award, Xameva & Meipe are running a storewide sale from Friday, February 15th, through Thursday, February 21st!

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Have either of you had any traditional art experience or training?

Meipe: I work as a professional sculptor and architect in Italy. I transfer my real-world skills to the digital world, molding V4's body as though it were a sculpture!

Xameva: Nope! Unless of course doodling with crayons counts when I was younger - but other than that I'm self-taught, mainly from many hours of practice over the years and tutorials.

What are you currently working on? Individually, or in collaboration.

There are many new exciting projects in the works, some which may have released by the time you're reading this! Together we're working on more breast morph packages, and individually we're creating new series of products that are very different from what we've done before. Now that V4 is fixed, we're looking to branch out and offer more unique products :) The last couple of months there were several delays and we apologize for no new products, but very soon we'll be releasing products much more regularly! 2013 is going to be good!

What software is currently in your digital toolset and why?

It's more of a tool shed! The list of tools is very long, but the two most important are, of course, Poser and DAZ Studio.

Xameva: I actually create my poses in DAZ Studio as I prefer the interface and camera tools, and then render the promo images in Poser. So, I do a lot of switching between the two.

Meipe: I do a lot of the text editing, so Notepad++ I couldn't live without, and Zbrush/Poser for morphing.

How would you describe your creative process, and what does each person bring to the table in your collaboration?

Our process is we first brainstorm ideas of what the members of Renderosity want the most. We like to fill holes in the marketplace and try to create products that we ourselves will want to use. After we've settled on an idea, we get to work. We live in different countries, so we communicate through email each day to keep track of our progress.

Xameva: English isn't Meipe's first language and when we first started collaborating it made things interesting. But now, Meipe's English has improved so much that when I read an email it feels as though I'm reading something that I've typed myself!

So, in other words we're both improving together, and the products you see are a result of both of us creating, testing and enhancing them as a team! Our collaboration has been awesome.

Where do you find inspiration for your products, and do either of you have any particular favorite among the products you've created?

Our inspiration is the beauty of the human form! Our favorite part is looking through reference images - real life human photos to get ideas for poses and morphs. Our favorite product is, without a doubt, the Perfect Complete. It took a ton of sleepless nights, but it was all worth it!

Perfect V4 Complete - Full Body Fix

Other favorite products are:

Perfect Booty: The fix that started it all! This was very fun to create. But, looking at reference images of real butts was torture... cough... our projects can be very boring sometimes! This compared to references images of Perfect Arms, for example, and you can see why this one was a little easier to create!

Curves+ Jaw-dropper: We wanted to create a breast morph product that was fun and easy to use. A Genesis version of this product is coming very soon! (It may be released by the time you're reading this). 

Have you ever created product in response to customer feedback?

Yes, we created our first fix for M4 after receiving many requests for it. We always welcome requests for products and morphs and try to work them into our current projects.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

Create something you're passionate about and will have fun making. Don't think you need traditional training to start creating products for sale - as mentioned, Xameva is self-taught, and teamed up with Meipe who has a ton of experience. We combined our skills to create something people really enjoy! You can do the same thing.

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Renderosity has been huge for us. We've been embraced with open arms and couldn't believe our products were so well liked! If someone told us a year ago we'd win an award, we'd call them crazy. We've also met some amazing people - fellow vendors and members who have bought our products, using them in creating beautiful artwork and sharing it in the galleries. Anytime we see a new artwork with one of our products we get an extra bit of encouragement!

Do you have any final words or advice for other digital artists/vendors?

Customer service is key. We always do our best to answer questions the same day we receive them, and do everything we can to help the customer out. If they're having a problem, we immediately say we're sorry. Not get impatient and say "Read the ReadMe!" They paid their hard-earned money and expect things to work without issue. Poser and DAZ can be complex and have frustrating bugs sometimes, so patience and understanding is definitely needed as a vendor.

Try to create something huge! Don't settle... even if you're just starting out, shoot for the moon. Our first product here was our first Perfect fix - we planned all along to have a collection of many fixes, ending with one huge bundle. It took a long time and hard work, but when you get a Renderosity trophy it makes it all worth it! :) Thank you to anyone who bought our products and supported us!

To celebrate the honor of receiving Renderosity's 2012 Most Valuable Product Award, Xameva & Meipe are running a storewide sale from Friday, February 15th, through Thursday, February 21st!

Be sure to head over to Xameva's and Meipe's Renderosity stores for some BIG savings!


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Article Comments

mustakettu ( posted at 10:06AM Fri, 15 February 2013

Congrats! And here's to hoping for a Perfect M4 Complete one day! =)

Navi ( posted at 5:19PM Fri, 15 February 2013

Congratulations to you both, for a well-deserved award !! :)

Saruna-Original ( posted at 11:44AM Sat, 16 February 2013

Congratulations to you both for the deserved award. I use the product for several months and am very happy with the results.

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