2012 Holiday Giveaway | Last Chance!

January 1, 2013 12:30 am

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Get ALL the giveaway items in one place!

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spirit627 ( posted at 1:03AM Tue, 01 January 2013

Thank you so much for all the great holiday gifts made my christmas awsome

foxylady1 ( posted at 6:31AM Tue, 01 January 2013

I just want to say "Thank you" to all the vendors. There were really incredible items, and it I could stop playing with each one, maybe I could get them all installed.

3dstories ( posted at 9:27AM Tue, 01 January 2013

Thank you very much for the items, Thank you very much for the Post New-Year reprise. You're right; it is a busy time of year and there were several I meant to get to but did not.

fractalartist01 ( posted at 10:09AM Tue, 01 January 2013

Thank you ALL so very much! A great variety to choose from. :)

RedPhantom ( posted at 11:26AM Tue, 01 January 2013

Thanks everyone for your kind generosity.

kerrieanne ( posted at 11:39AM Tue, 01 January 2013

love all the freebies, thank you so much for them :D

Rumpelstiltzkin ( posted at 5:03PM Tue, 01 January 2013

I can't unzip the PS_Joy. Error says engine error: Format error?????

danidh ( posted at 3:25AM Wed, 02 January 2013

Thank you all, so very, very much!!!

Windigo ( posted at 4:05AM Wed, 02 January 2013

Thank you 89 times for the 89 free items!!! All the Best in 2013! ((The PS-Joy UnZipped no problem - I have had partial downloads do this, Just try downloading again))

FrozenStar ( posted at 6:27AM Wed, 02 January 2013

So glad you put a recap. Gave me a catch to grab files from the week I missed :)

Rumpelstiltzkin ( posted at 12:41PM Wed, 02 January 2013

Tks. Dl'd 3 times. found out "Stuffit" doesn't like the file; used another unzipper...ok, worked.

mikeerson ( posted at 1:10PM Wed, 02 January 2013

I didn't realize I almost missed out on getting a bunch of these goodies - thanks

hansmar ( posted at 2:25PM Wed, 02 January 2013

Thanks for this opportunity!

caty77 ( posted at 3:47PM Wed, 02 January 2013

Thank you very much! And Happy New Year!

Lonezoner ( posted at 7:14PM Wed, 02 January 2013

Thanx to all for the great goodies

bLOODMANORROB ( posted at 8:39PM Wed, 02 January 2013


AlexandersGrandma ( posted at 11:38PM Wed, 02 January 2013

I want to thank each and every person who gave us these wonderful gifts this Christmas. I appreciate every one of you. Hugs, Grandma Paula

Sandrose ( posted at 12:21AM Thu, 03 January 2013

Every single item a little jewel! Thank you again, and have a great 2013!

DrFork ( posted at 12:58AM Thu, 03 January 2013

I probably don't need any of these fine creations, but I don't want to do without them! Thanks!

Minaya ( posted at 6:01AM Thu, 03 January 2013

Thank you so much! Wish you all a good and healthy 2013!

Barbara1337 ( posted at 9:46AM Thu, 03 January 2013

Thank you for all the fine gifts. My best to you.

stuntcack ( posted at 5:45PM Thu, 03 January 2013

Thank you all for the wonderful gifts. I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Years to all!

taoz ( posted at 2:32AM Fri, 04 January 2013

Thank you, and a Happy New Year to all!

ojim ( posted at 2:03PM Sat, 05 January 2013

Many Thanks ope You All Have a Great New Year !

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