2010 Renderosity Most Valuable Product Award - danae

February 13, 2011 11:23 pm

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Congratulations to danae for receiving the 2010 Renderosity Most Valuable Product Award!


Individual item with the highest revenue for 2010. Creating a product that is both high quality AND in high demand can be tricky. MarketPlace vendor danae has found a product that intersects both traits perfectly.

file_465498.jpgHow did you originally find Renderosity?

I first stumbled on Renderosity while searching for free stuff many years ago. I then discovered its community and MarketPlace and that was it. It was such a thrill to discover this place, with all its creativity, resources and the people.

How did you get into 3D modeling and content creation? What made you decide to be a vendor?

I think what motivates me in most things I create, 3D or otherwise, is to make something I can use myself, just the way I want it to be. I remember my first product, a character for V2 and how I counted and cheered on every single sale I made, and there were not that much back then, but I was ecstatic.

What made you decide that the MarketPlace needed a product like The Metropolitan Collection - Rio for V4.2?

I wanted to create a realistic character that most artists will be able to use, whatever their level of expertise. I tried keeping things relatively simple without extremely complex shaders, but, at the same time, maximizing the realism factor.

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I'm working on a new Metropolitan Collection character and a set of lights that I use for my product renders.

Through the creation process, from inception to finalization of the product, what is your favorite part and why?

My favorite part has to be at the very beginning, when something clicks and you realize that what you're working on has potential. The least favorite part has to be when you work all the seams and details and there's a very thin line between keeping the great initial results or losing them and then just losing your motivation altogether. I also love making the product promos because it’s the only time I get to really enjoy one of my products before venturing on the creation – or the attempt to create – a new one.

The realism in your work is simply outstanding. How much time goes into creating one of your products?

I wish I could say days, or even weeks, but usually the result of a product that finally makes a release is the result of months and months of work. Each texture has many PSD files with WIPs and versions and lots and lots of layers. The current file I'm working on counts 150 layers (not all of them active of course, but rather deleted and re-worked layers). There are works in progress, characters, textures, hair and lights that never make it to the MarketPlace because I might realize that after weeks of work it is never going to be to a standard I would like.

Where do you find inspiration for your products?

Inspiration comes from everyday things and from other artists that are always pushing the boundaries and producing new methods for rendering and texturing.

How has your experience been as a Vendor and do you have any advice for other aspiring Digital Content Developers?

Being a vendor here has given me a chance to do something I love, and at the same time, having great freedom of expression. My advice to any aspiring Digital Content Developers would be to first make things that they would love to use and work with themselves.

What else do you enjoy doing when you're not hard at work creating great content?

I am an avid crafty and DIY person. I have iron welded tables, sawed timber, painted walls, folded paper, stitched fabric…all in the name of DIY. I love photography, music and art, but, most of all, I enjoy being with my 2 year old and learning things from him. He's now in his talking phase and the things he says are the most imaginative and creative ever (as most toddlers, I imagine).


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Article Comments

ankhsistrum3 ( posted at 11:23PM Mon, 14 February 2011

Well, to me Danae has an extra natural sensibility and perception during conceiving her works. It's something unexplainable that comes from a sixth sense. Congrats Danae, from your friend Marcia ^. ~

Mariny ( posted at 6:30AM Tue, 15 February 2011

Well deserved:-) Congratulation:-)

scooby37 ( posted at 4:57PM Tue, 15 February 2011

I think that you are an inspiration. You strive for realism in your characters and that is something I try to do too. You are an artist after my own heart. A well deserved honor and I hope you get many more. I can't wait to see your next creation. Congrats and best wishes, Trevor.

Carcinogen ( posted at 11:30PM Tue, 15 February 2011

You truly do put a breath of life in every character you create!

LUNA3D ( posted at 3:07PM Fri, 18 February 2011

congrats...i love Rio- the best real character, i have seen :o) please more!! :o)

Disciple3d ( posted at 3:20PM Mon, 21 February 2011

Your characters render great! Big fan!

MagicWeaver ( posted at 8:13PM Mon, 21 February 2011

Well Done!!!!!!

arlivre ( posted at 11:35AM Wed, 23 February 2011

Stunning work, congratulations !

Pygmee ( posted at 3:11PM Wed, 23 February 2011

Four years ago, I fell in love to Milan. Her amazing gaze was so... intense. But I'm bluffed by the realism of Rio. Very strong work, Ma'm.