2010 Renderosity All-Star Vendor - Propschick

January 30, 2011 8:30 pm

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Congratulations to Propschick for receiving the 2010 Renderosity All-Star Award!


Vendor with the highest number of units sold for 2010. Propschick has always consistently offered quality 3D models and resources to other digital artists and this year was no exception!

file_453910.pngI can point readers to your last interview for the explanation of how you got your member name Propschick, so let's begin with asking how did you originally find Renderosity?

Well, I used to dabble in 2D graphics and with it just being a hobby at the time, I had a lot of free time on my hands. I used to visit a site that was very SIMS-like online and got involved in the creation of clothing textures, furniture texture, etc., and one day a conversation with another member about the models in the program led me to Renderosity, where she pointed out where her inspiration came from. I've been here almost every day since.

Can you give us some hints on what you are currently working on?

Yesterday, I mapped and grouped 31 necklaces, hair as always (I've always got a hair in the making), and recently I've found a fondness for making clothes more so than I used to. In total, I'd say I have about 12 works in progress going on at any given point in time.

Through the creation process, from inception to finalization of the product, what is your favorite part and why?

Doing the promos. A lot of people don't like this part, but if I am at the promo stage, this means most of my headaches are over with, haha. There's also something pretty amazing about seeing final products come together. If I had a #2 to list, I think it would be modeling it and adding fun little details.

How much time goes into creating one of your products?

Hair: 1-5 days. Clothing: 3-10 days. Jewelry kits: About 2 weeks ( all the little details are time consuming ).

What is the very first thing you do before sitting down to work on a product for the first time?

Make sure my kitties are content so they don't harrass me while working, and get coffee and Ibuprofen, hehehe.

As you've often collaborated with other vendors here, can you give us some insight into how that process works?

It takes a lot to realize that not every one is at the same work speed as yourself. At first, I didn't know this and became impatient....now I've learned as soon as I send off an outfit or hair to someone, I can immediately start on another project for a few days and actually get more done than I had before. Patience here is really the key.

It's also important to remember you won't always have the same vision as everyone else, but the end result may appeal to more people than you thought. Respect your partner on a project and admire their talent. Let them enjoy why they are in this business and be willing to take suggestions and learn from them. Everyone in this business has gems of knowledge!

Who is your favorite artist - digital or otherwise?

Gosh....I don't think I have any one favorite. But I have quite a few whom inspire me. There is a photographer/graphic designer that puts out some fantasy books called Suza Scalora. Her books and the cute stories that go with her creations dazzle me every time. Another book that I have is called 'Faeries' and although I don't recall the author, it's filled with magic and creativity. My mother owned this book when I was just a kid, and it's mine now....I remember paging through it when I was a child and just being in awe of the illustrations in it. For painters in history, I would have to say Salvador Dali is one. I painted my own version of 'The Persistence of Memory' by him on my 8th grade art class wall. It's still there to this day. Van Gough and Monet's paintings I can stare at for hours.

Digital artists here on Renderosity, well I have a huge list, and they're really my personal faves. Instead of just naming them, I think I'm going to also list which particular pieces by them I find inspiring and memorable because these are certainly a must see! 'Woodland Spirits' by Sarsa is my favorite piece on this site of all time. I can stare at the details for hours and be enchanted by the image every single time. This image has been my favorite here for years and makes me want to be a better artist. Sveva's 'In the Garden' makes me create a story to the image in my mind. I keep thinking if this was a book cover, I'd be likely to pick the book up to see what it was. A recent favorite is Maddelirium. I tried going through her gallery to find my recent favorite of her's and I just can't seem to find it because she produces amazing artworks, and frequently at that. The details that are put into these works and the obvious attention to details/love is outstanding and I can really see this being an occupation for them. 'Art Tools' by wonderworld brings me back to childhood. This one is a photograph and reminds me of when I was 8 years old and had a huge bin of crayons, colored pencils and markers for an artkit.

Any image by Anewman. When I browse their gallery, I forgot this is a Poser oriented image I am looking at and it brings Poser into a whole new light for me. Igolochka is another artist that just blows me away with her amazing talent. She uses Daz Studio and makes me want to learn more about DS every time she uploads. If you've never seen her work and amazing lighting on her renders, check her out. RGUS of course, pick anything in his gallery and you'll be in awe of the talent. I've always thought he could render a toothbrush and make it look fantastic and amazing! Lastly, anything and everything by Adiene. Not only has she cheered me on through the years as a vendor here, but even my earlier products that werent so good, she made look like a million bucks in her renders. I can't thank her enough for this, because without amazing works out there like these mentioned artists, I forget sometimes what I'm creating for!

I could go on and on about this, and if you look at my gallery favorites there are a LOT I wish I could mention. Keep creating everyone, knowing you do inspire the content creators out there!

What else do you enjoy doing when you're not hard at work creating great content?

Spending time with family, and my sons. Right now, my oldest Chris has 2 days left of high school. He's an honor roll student and a pleasure of a person to know. I enjoy watching him grow up and turn into an amazing young man!

Still addicted to Scrabble. I can't help it and this just hasn't changed. It helps me focus before a hard day of work.

Getting out and seeing the world....this is a new interest for me, and along with my sweetheart, I hope to take a cruise this year, maybe see the ocean for the first time together, travel to Italy and Ireland where my family roots are ( I've been working on our family tree ), and see more of the world.

Theatre, movies, music....I'm addicted to several TV shows.

Cooking and baking cakes, and other pastries...although it shows on my rear, haha.

Tasting and collecting wines from the world and learning about where they came from.

Just some small hobbies here I guess....I need to get out more =)

When I interviewed you on your VOM win in June 2010, one thing you said really stuck with me: "Nobody is your competition. Everyone is your inspiration." These are fantastic words that would certainly be a great help to just about everybody. While these words keep you going as a vendor, what was it that made you decide to start creating digital content in the first place?

I have ALWAYS thought of this as playing 'Digital Barbies,' as silly as this sounds. I loved them when I was a child too. I think the part of me that once wanted to be a fashion designer when I was a kid makes this kind of work like a dream for me. It gives me a chance to create and play at the same time and I've always had art as a part of my life. When I saw this opportunity, I grabbed it. I knew this would be the one thing that stuck and would help me find myself artistically. Turns out it's been even more rewarding than I could ever dream. I can't point to any one thing in particular here, but I will say 'you had me at hello'!

Do you have any final words or advice for other digital artists/vendors?

Yes. A few things. Never mind the little things. It doesn't matter who made what, who has what on sale, who signed up for what sale and how/when, who has a banner where or who is in the newsletter. If you spend too much time worrying about what everyone else is doing, it will drive you crazy and you will lose your inspiration/ambitions.

As I have said in the past, as previously mentioned, "Nobody is your competition. Everyone is your inspiration." I live by these words. If I catch myself with even a hint of negativity about another vendor, I immediately sit back and think about why this is. It's more about me than the person I am concentrating on and then it dawns on me that I need to stop concentrating on others so much and focus on myself more. This isn't healthy for your workflow. If you find something bothering you, it's a distraction to you. It gives you a reason not to be productive and positive. Don't do that to yourself. Instead, stop and think 'What can I create to dazzle the marketplace with?' Then go to your inspirations, whether it be artworks, music, people in your life, or anything. Then sit down and focus.

Negative energy will not get work done. Yet, we all catch ourself with our glass half emtpy sometimes... Be happy for other vendors. Without them, this place doesn't stay alive, without you, this place doesn't thrive. Remember your contribution to this store is just as important as anyone else's, even if you aren't a top vendor yet. You bring something to this site that nobody else does and this is the reason people keep coming back. It's all about the art and the inspiration!


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designfera ( posted at 1:38AM Mon, 31 January 2011

Congratulations! :) And great interview!

ShoxDesign ( posted at 1:42AM Mon, 31 January 2011

Congratulation to this honor sweety! You deserve it!

Propschick ( posted at 5:43AM Mon, 31 January 2011

Thanks! I tend to ramble on and on when I'm nervous and I was nervous in this interview! LOL I hope I don't sound silly :

kittystavern ( posted at 9:02AM Mon, 31 January 2011

Congratulations! Well deserved :-)

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Congratulations!!!! A well deserved honor :-)

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YAHOOOO!!! Congrats. I can;t wait to see what you do next. Ok! times ticking. lolol Thanks for all the great Work.

addy ( posted at 1:22PM Mon, 31 January 2011

Congratulations! :) Your products are always so awesome ! :) hugs

DreamersWish ( posted at 10:47PM Mon, 31 January 2011

Congratulations! You deserve it. Always very creative products.

Adiene ( posted at 12:55AM Tue, 01 February 2011

Grats Jackie! lol you always crack me up crazy girl! I am so happy for you :) I have enjoyed watching you blossom over time as an artist and creator. Each new product gets better then the next and I always look forward to new things and projects from you! You are a true inspiration and wonderful friend !

nickcharles ( posted at 1:03AM Tue, 01 February 2011

Congrats again! Your words and your work are inspiring!

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Congratulations!Your products are always outstanding.Thank you!

jeanne_50 ( posted at 6:15AM Wed, 02 February 2011

Congratulations! You're not sounding silly, you are a wise person. Thank you for being you. Love, Jeanne

Whazizname ( posted at 8:46AM Wed, 02 February 2011

Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!! Congratulations!! :)

kjherstin ( posted at 9:32AM Wed, 02 February 2011

Sage words Jackie. A light hearted attitude towards life and others is always the right step forward. Congratulations are in order.

MichaelAngelis ( posted at 12:18PM Wed, 02 February 2011

Gratz! Fantastic work!

scifibabe ( posted at 3:13PM Wed, 02 February 2011

Congrats to Jackie. Awesome interview. (FYI - I love Scrabble too!) Bravo to a fabulous vendor!

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Awesome! Congrats!!! Your work is quite the inspiration!

parrotdolphin ( posted at 4:35AM Thu, 03 February 2011

Yay Jackie! You are very creative and very productive! :)

LUNA3D ( posted at 5:34AM Thu, 03 February 2011

great great great...congratulations to you!!!i am looking to your creations long times before you create the great objects and i got the feeling, that you have the talents to break-through :o) you did it...and you do..and you do it so well wishing you lots of pure energy, positive waves into your minds for all your imaginations- that will be a big fun for all :o)

fractalartist01 ( posted at 5:29PM Sun, 06 February 2011

Two thumbs up, Jackie! And I agree with you about competition. As a matter of fact, I am my OWN biggest challenge, since I am oftentimes too picky about my own finished work! Comparing oranges & apples is simply a waste of time. It's also nice to hear that you do have a life outside of your PC. lol Two thumbs up and keep it going girl! :D Roberta