12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

December 9, 2011 7:19 am

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As the Christmas Holiday draws near, Renderosity is inviting its Newsletter Subscribers to join us in celebrating this year's 12 Days of Christmas celebration. We know it's a busy time of year for all but we think you'll want to stay tuned to Renderosity this Holiday Season as we have some outstanding giveaway offers!

Beginning on Wednesday December 14th, we'll be offering a great gift for the following 12 days just for being a Newsletter Subscriber. Although the daily prizes will vary, one thing remains the same - you have to be a Newsletter Subscriber in order to be eligible to take part. In some cases we will be offering exclusive coupon codes that won't be restricted to any one winner but will be open to use by any and all subscribers.

Not yet a subscriber? Click Here to edit your profile and check 'YES' next to the receive email newsletters.

To keep everyone informed of that days special giveaway event and the previous days winner (if applicable), an email will be delivered to you on a daily basis.

Below are some of the things you can look forward to be given away!


Itunes Gift Cards


Digital Camera

Content from the Renderosity MarketPlace

Much More!

*All products will be shipped by Wednesday, January 4th providing address confirmation from recipients.

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Article Comments

-dragonfly3d- ( posted at 12:40AM Fri, 09 December 2011

Awesome!! Merry Christmas!

P3Design ( posted at 3:05AM Fri, 09 December 2011

This is such a great gesture! :)

infinity10 ( posted at 3:48AM Fri, 09 December 2011

Woot ! ( well, even if I don't get anything, it's just nice to know something like this is going on ! )

renecyberdoc ( posted at 4:14AM Fri, 09 December 2011

this sounds terrific,merry xmas to rendo!!!!!!!!

Kazam561 ( posted at 6:37AM Fri, 09 December 2011

Great holiday idea! Many thanks and happy holidays! :D

boilermaker82 ( posted at 7:01AM Fri, 09 December 2011

Let the good times roll! Happy holidays are here again.

pokeydots ( posted at 7:34AM Fri, 09 December 2011

How nice! Merry Christmas!

twingo ( posted at 8:54AM Fri, 09 December 2011

Let the party begin, Merry Christmas Rendo!!!!

LadyLynx ( posted at 9:28AM Fri, 09 December 2011

Awesome idea!!! Thanks!! Merry Christmas to everyone!!

sunfish ( posted at 9:35AM Fri, 09 December 2011

It's like a Christmas tale!

Meldamiriel ( posted at 9:39AM Fri, 09 December 2011

Renderosity is THE greatest site out there - and not just for this... ;) Thank you ALL for everything you do for your patrons! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Belladzines ( posted at 10:58AM Fri, 09 December 2011


Realmsguide ( posted at 11:35AM Fri, 09 December 2011

You Guys ROCK! Thank you!

lindans ( posted at 12:17PM Fri, 09 December 2011


belladaz1955 ( posted at 12:21PM Fri, 09 December 2011


SMILEYDEE ( posted at 1:34PM Fri, 09 December 2011

Wow, very generous! Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Jascenp ( posted at 1:39PM Fri, 09 December 2011


76claudia2205 ( posted at 1:52PM Fri, 09 December 2011

Very awesome :) Happy x-mas

Lakotariver ( posted at 3:11PM Fri, 09 December 2011

Merry Christmas :)

Cimaira ( posted at 3:18PM Fri, 09 December 2011

Wonderful idea and very generous! Thanks! I hope all of you at Renderosity have a Merry Christmas!

Sylvia ( posted at 3:58PM Fri, 09 December 2011

~Wonderful & Magical~ Muchas Gracias... FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!!!!!

2121 ( posted at 4:12PM Fri, 09 December 2011

As always...thanks for being so generous and providing such a great site. Have a great Christmas !!!!

shannonsuzanne ( posted at 10:13PM Fri, 09 December 2011

WOW. How cool is this? My address is correct already...if you want to ship me anything you know ROFL ;) What a great thing to look forward to.

MagnoliaMoonElf ( posted at 10:23PM Fri, 09 December 2011

I am getting the newsletter but info about this is not there. There is no link :0(

Thersidesus ( posted at 12:43AM Sat, 10 December 2011

I love chocolate pudding. That's my opinion. :)

Kerya ( posted at 2:17AM Sat, 10 December 2011

Oh! Fun!!! Thank you!!!!!

TheHalfdragon ( posted at 10:26AM Sat, 10 December 2011

oh sweet thank you and happy holidays

flashback37 ( posted at 10:29AM Sat, 10 December 2011

Very Generous! Merry Christmas!!!

foxylady1 ( posted at 11:52AM Sat, 10 December 2011

Thank you for doing this. Have a Merry Christmas.

Syllie ( posted at 7:59PM Sat, 10 December 2011

Wow.. more pressies.. Thank you so much for organizing this. Happy Holidays!