Zombie Awareness Month | 45% OFF Sale!

May is Zombie Awareness Month! 45% OFF Sale.

Were you aware that the month of May was deemed Zombie Awareness Month by the Zombie Research Society?

For those of you living in the dark and unaware what a Zombie is, a Zombie can be either a fictional undead monster or a person in an entranced state believed to be controlled by a wizard. These monsters are usually hungry for human flesh, often specifically brains. Sometimes they are victims of a fictional pandemic illness causing the dead to reanimate or the living to behave this way, but often no cause is given in the story.

Zombies are regularly encountered in horror and fantasy themed fiction and entertainment, appearing as early as the 1929 novel The Magic Island by William Seabrook. Time Magazine claimed that the book "introduced 'zombi' into U.S. speech". As of 2009, zombies are challenging the vogue for vampires in pop culture.

On the big screen, Zombies have made their presence felt in films like; Night of The Living Dead, Colin, 28 Days Later and several others.

On the small screen, the most famous Zombie sighting of them all was in 1983's Thriller - a Michael Jackson short film and music video.

Zombie's can also be found amongst the exploding gaming industry in such hits as; Resident Evil, Dead Rising, The House of The Dead, CarnEvil, Left 4 Dead and many others. Commonly in these games, Zombies are impervious to most attacks, except trauma to the head (which would instantly destroy the zombie).

So, if you see someone walking through the halls displaying a gray ribbon upon their chest know that they too are aware of these evil beings that lurk in the dark!


May 13th - May 19th

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