Winners of the Mother's Day Flower Hunt!

Mother's Day has come and gone!

Congratulations to the winners!

Another Mother's Day has passed, and the entries for our Flower Hunt are in! Were you able to find all ten? Click on each flower to the right to find out where they were hiding!

Here are the ten winners who were randomly selected from the pool of correct entries. Each winner will receive a $25 MarketPlace gift certificate!


  • Propschick
  • dorelia
  • visionastral
  • hoplaa
  • Sylvia
  • goldie
  • amirapsp
  • ladyperiwinkle
  • missgrin
  • smagee


Winners have been contacted. Questions can be sent to

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks for playing!

While you're here, take a look at some of the flower-themed images you can find within the Renderosity Galleries. There are over a million images in the Galleries - upload your own images today!

Member Opinions:
By: kodewarrior1 on 5/6/09
I got 7...
The one in the home page, attached to this announement, is valid or not?

By: RedPhantom on 5/6/09
I was wondering the same thing, but i'll bet it's not

By: Belladzines on 5/6/09
i have 9 including the one on the homepage but i'm still looking .... just incase the homepage one doesnt count.

By: summer1412 on 5/6/09
Jeez, can we have a few hints? Because I've looked pretty much everywhere and haven't found one yet, unless they're hidden in like, nested subforums or which case...good grief O.O

By: Liz4 on 5/7/09
I've found 8 so far (or 9 if it includes the front page) but I doubt that's one of them. The last two are well hidden ;)

Having fun looking though :)

By: geechy72 on 5/7/09
I doubt the one in the front page counts because I found another white one thats exactly the same one as the front page one. I am just missing the purple prickly looking flower.

By: ladyperiwinkle on 5/7/09
I have found 9 of them inclding the one on the announement -- I still need to find the purple tulip looking one with the antena things on it

By: geechy72 on 5/7/09
Yup I am at the same stage as you are Ladyperiwinkle. Glad to know that I am not the only one stuck at the same flower.

By: GozerTC on 5/7/09
Same with Artemis and me. No duplicate of front page flower , and no purple star flower. (Lower right one)

By: dofin1 on 5/7/09

I have 9 and I can't find the purple tulip, I am stuck, this flower give me trouble ;-)

By: zicip on 5/7/09
I do not find the flower number 9 .....#:o(

By: StaceyG on 5/7/09
I promise all 10 sets of flowers are around the site. I just went and double checked to make sure I didn't miss hiding any.

Remember they could be anywhere so don't give up, move around the site and you will find all 10!!


By: musicat on 5/7/09
It's there.

By: Acadia on 5/8/09
Oiy! This is hard! I've only managed to find 3!!! LOL

By: cybermuses on 5/8/09
I know they're all there and some must have found all ten, but I've spent two days going through every one of the menu pull-down options, every menu sidebar option, clicked on every forum, went through the first and second page of every gallery, went through every top-seller vendor, and two pages deep on all the departments in the marketplace, went through three quarters of the vendors in the marketplace, checked all the member links and marketplace links located on the side and etc. Even went back through a second time. That ninth flower, the purple antenna flower, must be three or more pages deep or perhaps on a page that's being blocked by my virus protection or popup blocker. That's all I can think and I'm tired of looking so I give up and will wait to see the results. I'm sure I'll feel like a complete idiot for missing the obvious. LOL Thanks for all the fun Renderosity. Looking forward to the next contest. :-)

By: Ghostpanther on 5/8/09
I'm stuck, too. Can't find the last two - the purple and the yellow one. Perhaps I can find them in the next days.

By: Acadia on 5/8/09
I've only found 8, but I think I found the one that people are having trouble finding. Sneaky!!

By: geechy72 on 5/8/09
I think its because I am sick that I just gave up. Maybe if I get better over the weekend I will try again. Good luck to everyone!

Acadia, you just gotta click on ALL LINKS that you find, but then I know I am missing 1 link somewhere lol

By: ladyperiwinkle on 5/8/09
I still can not fine the last purple one with the antena looking things on it, I have checked and checked and went to links within links, I'll be darn if I know where it is. I have been going in and out of everything over and over and over and so on and so on.

By: Belladzines on 5/8/09
that purple star flower (antennas) is hard ... i've regone over every single link i can find!! and i still cant find it .... its my last one!

By: LaQuiet on 5/8/09
I'm with some of you too.. I can't find the purple one!!! :'(

By: bnetta on 5/8/09
i spent 2 hrs. searching and got 8 plus the homepage one.
and gave up.
ended up on pages of this site i would never ever have gone to otherwise.
guess thats the whole point of the
good luck everyone.

By: musicat on 5/8/09
stick to it. it's definitely there. Yup, that last flower is elusive but you can find it in a renewal.

By: zicip on 5/8/09
I give up, I clicked everywhere and do not find the number 9

By: ddstargazer on 5/8/09
I do believe I actually found them all. Number 9 was a pain to find.

By: GozerTC on 5/8/09
ok my wife .Artemis. and i gave up, flower number 9 is hard to find and we cant find it ....

By: summer1412 on 5/8/09
I'm missing the purple and blue spikey looking ones...that is, if the front page one counts... *tsk* I've looked everywhere, seriously, I have no idea where else to look... -.-;

By: Acadia on 5/8/09
I've managed to find 8. Some are saying that the flower on the home page is one of the flowers, but I don't think so. So I haven't included that one. I'm seriously stumped as to where the other 2 are because I've combed the site and clicked link and sublink after link. Stacey said they are all there, so they must be and I'm just not seeing them.

Good luck to those who have managed to find all of them!

By: Revelation-23 on 5/8/09
You guys are getting better at hiding these pics; I'm still looking for that ninth one that most people are stuck on. For anyone else reading this, it has been stated (second paragraph) that the one on the home page does NOT count.

By: StaceyG on 5/8/09
Revelation is correct, as per the second paragraph in this article the one of the home page is just the thumb for this article, it does NOT count as one of the 10.

I promise I thought I did a poor job of hiding these flowers this time. I must have done a much better job than I thought lol.

Keep looking, they are there!!!

By: Acadia on 5/8/09
The ones that are eluding me are the white daisy-like one (middle of top row) and the purple spike-like one (far right in the bottom row of 3).

By: Acadia on 5/8/09
Well, I couldn't let this go! LOL

I managed to find the white daisy-like one, but I haven't found the purple spiky one.

I even kept in mind how sneaky some of the ones from the BBQ icon hunt were hidden and went to the old haunts. *sigh*

Goes back to looking.

By: goldie on 5/9/09
ay-yah-ay, this is torture! have spent so much time trying to find that purple crocus (9th flower) that i feel like i am going blind. i even looked at pages that were from the beginning of this century...i know that i should quit, but i am such an obsessive person that i can' i alone in this misery?

By: Liz4 on 5/9/09
Argh I need to go to bed but there's just one more to find! And it's the white one, I thought I'd get stuck on the purple one ;) well I did get stuck on that one for 2 days but this last one is driving me crackers.

I'll be falling asleep in Mother's Day cake tomorrow I think ;)

By: Manatoba on 5/9/09
I've wasted far too much valuable time on this, but I do enjoy a challenge and I hate to quit things. ;) Thankfully, I have the "purple spikey" 9th one, so I am just left chasing that elusive non-thumbnail version 2nd one. I could be an old man by the time I'm done. Well, you know..*older*...

By: fivecat on 5/9/09
I've found everything but the purple spikey one too. I've spent enough time looking that I hate to give up now, but I can't think of where else to look.

By: GozerTC on 5/9/09
FINALLY! Got all 10. I've been to parts of this site I never even knew existed! Easily hidden? I don't think so!

By: Acadia on 5/9/09
Well, I've cleared my cookies and temporary internet files and went through it all again. I still can't find the spiky purple one.

Any hints? :)

By: Belladzines on 5/9/09
Stacey you did an amazing job!! that 9th one was hard to find!! and finally now i have all 10.

By: summer1412 on 5/9/09
Easily hidden my butt.

I guess, then, if the thumbnail isn't a counting flower...then I'm missing that one, and the blue and purple spikey ones... *sigh*

Well...good luck to everyone, I won't have enough time to look for any more by the time the deadline gets here. =(

By: bost on 5/9/09
Why not make the next one like a scavenger hunt with riddles with each item that point to the next in line. Make it circular so we can start at any point once we find one.

By: Sylvia on 5/10/09
Magical Sunday to Everybody... After hours of fun & search, I am missing two more Flowers :-{ I still have time, so I hope I have luck. I've been in places I had no idea they existed lol... so interesting. Well, wish You all lots of lucks, & the Most Beautiful Mother's Day to all the Sweet Mothers of Renderosity!! God bless You all!! Greetings from Sylvia :-}

By: Amosicho on 5/10/09
In Poland Mother's Day is 26-th May

By: dofin1 on 5/10/09
I still looking for the purple tulip, i can't find it. But a find a code for a coupon for 20% off all purchases, expires May 12, 2009 at 11:59pm (CST). Great!! Thanks Renderosity.

By: NylaRossini on 5/10/09
The site is so huge!!!!!!

By: zicip on 5/11/09
Solution? The flower-9 was on which page?
I am curious,I have looked for him up to yesterday late night.

By: zicip on 5/11/09

I found the flower !!!!!!!! I still in time?
I am equally happy

By: Liz4 on 5/11/09
I think there's still a few hours left. I've just woken up but will have one more attempt at finding the white daisy from the front page, I swear that thing hides everytime I get close ;)

By: Liz4 on 5/11/09
Hey I thought the closing time said 11:59 PM not AM - did it get changed?

By: StaceyG on 5/11/09
No it was 11:59am Renderosity server time:)

By: Liz4 on 5/11/09
I need new glasses ;) Fortunately I sent mine in yesterday - well at least I can stop looking now ;)

Congrats to all the people who found all 10 :)

By: Acadia on 5/12/09
Ok, now that the winners are out. Can we please find out how people went about locating the spiky purple flower?

The only reason I found it was because someone gave me a hint to search "Chat" and look in an old news article for chat.

I had previously looked in the article archives under "about us" in the menu bar, but all that yielded were reviews of different movies, programs etc.

So how was the link path to the purple spiky flower found?

By: ladyperiwinkle on 5/12/09
I can't believe I won! I never win at these things! After being laid off a couple of months ago money is tight, and income tax money all gone. Now I can go shopping!!!

By: KimberlyC on 5/12/09
Congrats to all!

By: fivecat on 5/12/09
Congratulations to the winners! Darn, I wanted this one bad. :)

By: goldie on 5/12/09
yahoo! all that near-blinding exploration paid off ;) thanks rosity!

By: musicat on 5/12/09
congrats winners!

By: myquad on 5/12/09
Can we have the links to all the flowers? I'm really curious where they all were.
Big Congrats to the winners!

By: StaceyG on 5/12/09
If you click on each set of flowers above it will take you to the page where they are. I havent' removed them yet so you will see them on the page they have been on all week.

Thanks and Congrats to the winners!

By: myquad on 5/12/09
Thanks, Stacey. This was a lot of fun!

By: Acadia on 5/12/09
The purple spiky flower is in a "news" area of the site.

Where on this site do you click in order to get to the archived "News" area where that article is posted?

Yes I know you can search out "chat" in the site search, but these flowers were supposed to be able to be found by clicking links found on the site. I do not see any area that has archived news articles.

By: Revelation-23 on 5/12/09
RE: Acadia's comment about finding #9

A comment by Musicat was the first clue for me, although it took a while to get there. I assumed renewal meant refresh, and I figured that a banner would hold the clue, if not the image itself (which was the case in a former hunt). The banner leading to the page didn't appear to me until it was nearing midnight.

Congrats to the winners - and anyone who mangaged to find most or all of these. Stacey's gotten better at hiding some of these, which might not be a good thing, depending on how you look at it.

By: cybermuses on 5/12/09
May I ask where or how a person is able to get to the link provided via the flower.

I'm trying to find where to find archived announcements. And when I click on chat, the only thing that pops up is the chat module.

I'd like to know so that I know where to search in the future. LOL

By: Liz4 on 5/12/09
Congrats to all the winners - and those that came this >< close ;)

By: geechy72 on 5/12/09
Grats to all the winners!

By: myquad on 5/12/09
Great question cybermuses, I had the same issue.

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