Winners of Renderosity Birthday Trivia

As 2008 comes to a close, we are wrapping up ten fantastic years here at Renderosity. We want to thank everyone who submitted answers to our Renderosity Birthday Trivia event. We had lots of correct submissions. So without further delay, here is the list of winners randomly selected from the pool of correct entries:

iPod Shuffle Winners:
  • Tas-Chana
  • Revelation-23

Wacom Bamboo Tablet Winners:
  • Loopydee1
  • Naunet
Digital Camera Winners:
  • Kerya
  • Zagora
  • Elsina

Digital Photo Frame Winners:
  • stamate_filip
  • LadyFae
  • hecate61

All winners will be contacted by Renderosity. Winners that have any questions/issues can contact us at

The answers to all eleven questions could be found on Renderosity - either through the Search function or within a particular section on the site. The questions with answers are listed below.



1. What artist was the winner of the first Renderosity graphic logo contest in 2001?

ToxicAngel created this winning logo:

2. What artist created the cover image for issue #1 of Renderosity Magazine in 2002?

Kromekat was on the cover of issue 1.

3. What month AND year did the Renderosity Galleries reach the 1 million images mark?

July 2005

4. Name the artist that has the oldest image still actively displayed in the Renderosity gallery.


5. What is the subject AND author of the first POST ever made in the Photography forum when it opened in 2000?

Something I have been waiting for a long time... by ARADTech on Oct 2, 2000

6. What six languages are supported in the Renderosity Marketplace?

English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian. All six language options can bee seen on the MarketPlace homepage.

7. Which Renderosity Admin created the first ever blog on the site?

DebbieM was the first, but we will also accept KarenJ since she also is now an admin

8. Name two items Renderosity member Amor purchased during his spending spree with the $1000 MarketPlace Gift Certificate he won with his 1st place entry in the “Spring Fever” contest in 2004.

There were five different items Amor purchased: Cinema 4D Release 8, XFrog, NaturalElements complete set, Loop'N Loops CD, The Best of Renderosity 2003

9. The phrase “Turn Clicks…Into Cash!” refers to what recently launched program at Renderosity?

The Renderosity Affiliate Program.

10. Name the only Renderosity vendor to win the “Vendor of the Year” title for three consecutive years.

- 2005, 2006 & 2007.



Bonus Question:

To find the answer, search for: clintnewsham

Take a look at the above image CAREFULLY. Where was it featured in July of 2007?

clintnewsham's image was featured in Times Square, New York.

Member Opinions:
By: AngelWeb58 on 12/30/08
Congrats to the winners of the trivia Boy was I totally out! I only got 6 correct. But I had fun trying to find them...maybe a little headache or two:) (Smile)

Happy Birthday Rederosity

Big Hugs!

By: Naunet on 12/30/08
Congrats to everyone! And thanks so much!!

By: Revelation-23 on 12/30/08
Congrats to everyone who won and again I want to wish Rendo a happy tenth anniversary. I wonder what's going to happen at twenty?

By: Tas-Chana on 12/30/08
Thaaaaank you, I won something ^^

By: Drkwlf92 on 12/30/08
GRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS. I know I would not have known the answers. lol

By: Zagora on 12/30/08
Congrats to the other winners! Thanks rendo and here's to another 10 great years! :)

By: Kerya on 12/31/08
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Congrats to the other winners!

By: vaia on 12/31/08
Congrats to the winners!! :D

By: steveb333 on 12/31/08
And there's me thinking that the oldest image in the Renderosity Gallery, (Question 4.) was the actual Logo, congrats to the winners, and happy birthday and a happy new year

By: hecate61 on 12/31/08
Congrats to Rendo on 10 years and to the other winners!

Wow! I actually won something in a contest here!

By: dhama on 1/2/09
Wow, I can see the questions now. Congrats to the winners, they are exceptionally clever anticipating questions that couldn't be seen LOL!

By: LadyFae on 1/3/09
Congrats other winners !! That was fun...

Here's to another 10 Renderosity !!!

By: missykia on 1/4/09
Congrats to the winners. This was so much fun to watch. May Rendo have many more B/D's :)

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