What's The Deal Wednesday | April 13th

What's The Deal Wednesdays at Renderosity!

Often times not knowing what to expect can leave a person feeling a little uneasy and anxious as to what's to come. We're confident, however, that there's no need to stress - just sit back and enjoy the great deals you'll find every Wednesday during the month of April here at Renderosity!

Each Wednesday, beginning on April 6th, we'll announce the 'deal' that's available during that day (and that day only). Each of these special offers will be valid from 12am (cdt) on the respective Wednesday through 11:45pm (cdt) on that same Wednesday. 

You'll want to check back here to find out what the deal is for any given Wednesday.

This Wednesday's deal is to receive a FREE RPublishing product with your next purchase of $5 or more! This Grab Bag item will be taken randomly from the complete RPublishing library of products.

Simply add the product thumb (seen below) to your cart and proceed as normal through checkout. Upon completion of checkout, visit the 'My Account' page to claim your product.

*You can click the icon below to be taken directly to the product page

RPublishing Grab Bag!

*Buyer must add the Grab Bag product to cart before checkout to receive.

*No limit on the number of purchases made to receive the free Grab Bag item.

*Please do not use this promotion to gift products to other members. The recipient will not be able to receive the free grab bag product.

*Also know that during this 24 hour period, the Renderosity System Flag to check if a buyer has previously purchased a product has been disabled. This is to allow for multiple purchases to receive multiple Grab Bag items. If you question whether or not you've purchased something in the past, please click 'My Account' and use the 'Search Purchases' field. You can watch a video on viewing your Purchase History HERE.

Below are some HOT products in the MarketPlace right now

Member Opinions:
By: gwp on 4/13/11
In my opinion going for a grab bag is like playing the lottery - you have a 1 in a million chance of winning something (or in this case getting something you actually want or even can consider using). Like a fool I again tried getting a grab bag this morning and the result was a product that requires a 3D software package that I do not own. I had already sworn off grab bags based on past experience, but I thought that perhaps my luck was about to change. I guess I never learn! It would be nice if there were a way to trade or even give away useless items that we get in grab bags. I have a number of items from grab bags that I never even downloaded because they are useless to me.

By: deni67 on 4/13/11
This is excellent but i don't have Vue and the product i got is no good for Poser.
Don't mean to complain though.

By: Natolii on 4/13/11
I would not recommend this is you already have a number of Rhiannon, Vanishing point or Ratracer's products. Which I have... I received a product I already own.

By: Granny_E on 4/13/11
I agree that this a great thing to do, but like others, I don't have Vue. I would absolutely love to have the Poser version of what I got (I checked, there is one).
Please consider, letting your consumers trade items.

By: renecyberdoc on 4/13/11
well i give it a try i have a lot of rpublishing and the new packages are mostly with poser/daz and vue content .lets see if im lucky lol.

By: ideaman on 4/13/11
Exactly right. A product for Vue when you are shopping for Poser and don't use Vue. hmmmm.

By: renecyberdoc on 4/13/11
i got lucky on this one got me the chic restaurant goes well with my night and day cafe also from RPub.

thank you very much.

By: Madbat on 4/13/11
Odd...It seems everyone is getting Vue stuff. It was the same with me.

By: PAnn on 4/13/11
Nice thought but I was just gifted a product for a Vue program I don't even own as well. Guess I won't fall for this Wednesday offer again.

By: Belladzines on 4/13/11
I was given the Mansion (poser and vue) .... suffice to say its nothing something i would ever use ... its not in my genre.

By: GhostWolf on 4/13/11
I got the Space Shuttle Orbiter (Poser and OBJ) so I guess this is not so bad at all, I guess I will try my luck again next week.

By: Malid on 4/13/11
I can't seem to access the bags. I have them listed in my items under My Account, but I have no idea how to claim them/access them or anything.

By: RodS on 4/13/11
Cyberdoc, you just must be living right! I got a Firebat Assault Skiff for Vue, and - guess what - I don't own Vue (I'd like to but, $$$$$$$$$$$$!! LOL!)

Hmmmmmm.... Firebat...... Is that anything like a Madbat??? Hehehehe

Oh well.... I scored pretty well on an earlier grab bag... :-D

By: StaceyG on 4/13/11

Please email store@renderosity.com for help.

By: singanprayisme on 4/13/11
I will sit this one out. I don't like grab bags because I seldom get anything I will use. And I only use Poser at the moment so getting something for Vue is useless for me.

By: goldie on 4/14/11
why give out a Vue product? have no use for it. last time i use this grab bag thing--not once did i get something i really liked...

By: maraich on 4/14/11
I have quite a bit of RPublishing stuff. What happens if I get a duplicate? Do I have any recourse?

By: MyCleverName on 4/14/11
Of course, if they had the time and will, Renderosity coders could add radio buttons/drop menu for the recipient to indicate what programs they own, limiting results to those particulars. Or perhaps they could create a series of Grab Bag "products" specific to program type, i.e. VUE Grab Bag, Poser Grab Bag, Bryce Grab Bag....and so forth. Or maybe the results could be automatically cross-referenced among the previous purchases made by each customer. "beep boop beep...product previously purchased...results nullified...goto next random product...boop beep boop"

Nonetheless, getting a bonus item for free sounds like a pretty good deal. If you don't like it, return it and get nothing back :)

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