Welcome Bobbie25 to the Renderosity Staff!

Renderosity is excited to announce the newest addition to our team, Bobbie25!

Anyone who knows Bobbie will understand why we are so excited to have her modeling for Renderosity. She has been an active and respected part of the 3D community since early 2002. As her love for 3D modeling and her skill set has grown, so has her desire to give back to the community and helps mentor others. Bobbie is well known by her online family and friends as energetic; someone who speaks her mind and at times can be a bit "typing impaired." We got to know Bobbie better when she visited our offices recently and we're sharing what we learned about her below. We hope you will all help us welcome her as she starts to settle into her new staff position here at Renderosity!



Bobbie25 was born in Dayton, OH as Barbara Brundon, but goes by "Bobbie" in real life. She admits to being lazy at times, and happened to be 25 when she created her username. She is the proud mother of three lovely (and evil) children, whos ages are 3, 9 and 16. She dates her love of computers, technology and comuter graphics back to the first computer she ever touched - a Mac. She was only 10 then, but learned fast and fell in love with the art programs.

Preppy Girl 2 by Propschick

Her Start in 3D

Like many artist at Renderosity, Bobbie hasn't had any traditional art training, but has been self-taught and learned through many artist here and their tutorials. She started in Poser and thought (like others), "Wow, I can model clothing in Poser", Bobbie says. Well, like the others, she found out fast that she couldn't. She bugged a lot of the top people that made Poser clothing and hair about how to make those models. She found that very few really knew how to do it. She would send clothing designs to some of the top sellers at the time and would get back emails encouraging her to learn how to model for herself.

Bobbie thought, "Well maybe it might not be hard to model," and started working the models backwards, and learned what makes the model conform first. She spent time messing around with cr2's and UV-mapping. Then, when she was ready to model, everyone was doing box modeling. Box modeling just never worked for her. One day while she was in chat, someone had said "if you can't box model, why don't you just poly/point model." Bobbie looked up tutorials, but she said, "I have the attention span of a gnat on crack, so I was looking around and found some speed modeling tutorials." And well, that was about it. From then on, she learned a lot about how to speed model. She watched a ton of speed modeling tutorials, and that's how she models to this day. So, if you ever want to start modeling, Bobbie suggests to learn the cr2 rigging and UV-mapping first, since that will help you better understand how to model for poser.

So lonely by Igolochka

Her Software and Equipment

Bobbie works mostly in Z-Brush, Cinema4D, UV Layout, and Photoshop. Though she works in several other types of software, she prefers these because they are easy to learn and use. And, she loves her Wacom tablet!

Her Best Work & Inspiration

For Bobbie, it's hard to decide what her best models have been because she has done so many pieces that she's enjoyed doing. Her favorite pieces have been the ones that have created new fashions or trends. She watches a lot of cartoons, and she stressed that she means, "a lot...like all day long. Not because I have to, but because I really love cartoons. And, well, I'm powered by Starbucks and cartoons. I love my Xbox!"

Come Get Me Boys by ryuslilangle

Her Creation Process

Bobbie makes up a 2d design for each outfit, and then models from her 2d creation. She admits that sometimes she will have a design in her head and rolls with it, without making it in 2d first. It's just whatever she feels like at the time.

Her Views on Renderosity

Bobbie loves to see what people do with the models that she makes. To her, that is the best part of her work. She has met some really cool people at Renderosity, and she still talks to many of them daily, even after 8 years. Bobbie has many friends here, and says that, "I'm happy to call them friends. My friends list is huge and I make new friends everyday." She is known for popping into chat ocassionally to teach others or help members out whenever she can. She loves to push people to advance their skills and teach them how to do new things. She encourages people and tells them, "You never know what you can do until you try doing something new. I think the best thing I can tell people is to never over-think what they are doing. Take it in small steps, or in one huge leap, and you will get where you want to be in no time. Don't stop bugging, nagging or asking people how something is done just because one person might blow you off or not email you back. Keep asking for help and you will find someone that will be happy to teach you, tell you or take you under there wing. I enjoy being able to mentor others and watch their skills grow. I love talking shop."

"I'm sure people are going to asking why am I not working with DAZ anymore, and think something bad happened. It's quite the contrary. I enjoyed working with DAZ and learned a lot. I'm just ready to make some changes in my life, work in a place where I feel like I can make a difference, and hey, having insurance isn't bad either."

Saladina V4 & A4

Steampunk for V4, A4, G4 & GND4

Summertime Clothing for V4/A4/G4

Some of Bobbie25's clothes

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About Bobbie25

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Member Opinions:
By: B4ttous4i on 4/28/10
Welcome :)

By: hotlilme74 on 4/28/10

Congrats!!! thats so Awesome for u!!


By: StaceyG on 4/28/10
We are so excited to have you with us at Renderosity Bobbie!! I can't wait for you and your family to be here in the 'boro!

By: Propschick on 4/28/10
Congrats girl- this is the one who taught me modeling =)

By: Belladzines on 4/28/10
congrats!! and welcome!!

By: Carlazzo on 4/28/10
Congratulations and welcome!

By: ryverthorn on 4/28/10
Congrats Bobbie! :)

By: jennblake on 4/28/10
So happy to have you here. I look forward to learning from you myself. I've been a fan of your work for a long time. It's going to be a real treat to be working with you!!

By: umblefugly on 4/28/10
Well deserved Bobbie, bout time! :P

By: Sveva on 4/28/10
Yay Bobbie! =)

By: fractalartist01 on 4/28/10
Congratulations, Bobbie! :D

By: IgnisSerpentus on 4/28/10
Congrats Bobbie!

By: hamstergirl4444 on 4/28/10
A "gnat on crack"?!...girl, I loved you for your clothes - now I've fallen in love with the rest of you, LOL, a woman after my own heart! Congratulations hon!

By: Virtual_World on 4/28/10
Hi Bobbie, nice to see you here! I always admire your talent and creations! Congratulations!

By: brycek on 4/28/10
Congratulations and welcome!!

By: callad on 4/28/10
Congrats Bobbie25! :)

By: rebelmommy on 4/28/10
Congrats hun!!!

By: witchdidi on 4/28/10
Congrats Bobbie! :O)

By: Biscuits on 4/28/10
Congratulations and thumbs UP!

By: RG19 on 4/28/10
Bienvenido!!! And welcome back too :)

By: LeChatDesigns on 4/28/10
Way to go, Bobbie!

By: Lillaanya on 4/28/10

By: romanceworks on 4/28/10
Congrats Bobbie!

By: Zaimless on 4/28/10
Very Impressed with your work and talent.. Congrats on joining the team, I think you can only make whats wonderful even more amazing..

By: Ethereal_Shine on 4/28/10
Congrats Bobbie !

By: Angelsfury2004 on 4/28/10
congrats Bobbie25!!!

By: LukeA on 4/28/10
Couldn't get a better addition to the team!

By: EddyMI on 4/28/10

By: FreeBass on 4/28/10
Bobbie....I hates to break this to ya, but someone seems to be impersonatin' ya up there^^^. All them quotes & stuff was all perfectly legible 0.o

Congrats & hugses & stuff :D

By: Elliandra on 4/28/10
Congrats Bobbie!!


By: StudioArtVartanian on 4/28/10
fantastic person,and always here to help others!!!!
im glad for that!!!

By: jeanne_50 on 4/28/10
Congratulations! Keep up on doing the good things and most of all: keep up on doing the things you like to do. :)

Love, Jeanne

By: Bossie_Boots on 4/28/10
Congrats i love your products big time welcome !!

By: PiXeLCandy on 4/28/10
Congrats thats awesome!

By: Anagord on 4/28/10
You just give me courage to move on learning in Poser.Thank you!Of Course WELCOME.

By: Madbat on 4/28/10
Aha! So you're the one filling up my wishlist! Welcome! (And nice to see I'm not the only one wearing out the backspace button heh heh)

By: Savage_dragon on 4/28/10
Congratz & welcome! ")

By: Bobbie25 on 4/28/10
LMAO A Free I know right lol but dont get use to it :P.
TY all of you for the warm wishes I know I'll bring all my spazzy cool and odd stuff along like I always

By: kjherstin on 4/28/10
Oh wow! Congratulations. I am actually learning how to model myself but I cannot for the life of me understand UV Mapping. lol

By: raburii on 4/28/10
Congratulations! I've been a big fan for a long time.

By: Lakotariver on 4/28/10
Hello and Welcome Bobbie,
Congrads, I know you are going to love it at Renderosity. I was bless with the chance to meet some of the Rendo staff at SigGraph 2010 in New Orleans and know your will be working with a wonderful group of Artist.
Smiles to you and Happy Renders

By: davidoblad on 4/28/10
Big thumbs up Bobbie and congrats. Hope everything works out for you. Hugs.. Dave :^)

By: Iceshark39 on 4/28/10
Congrats to Bobbie and to Rendro for adding such a great talent to your team!
For Bobbie - love her products, love her work and love the fact that she loves cartoons!!! :-)

By: MarciaGomes on 4/28/10
Congratulação Bobbie!!

By: infinity10 on 4/28/10
This is good news.

By: AlexandersGrandma on 4/28/10
Welcome Bobbie. Glad to meet you

By: KimberlyC on 4/28/10
Congrats Bobbie! Welcome!

By: Adiene on 4/28/10
Awesome!! Grats Bobbie and rendo. I loved the "typing impaired." comment lol

By: mauk on 4/29/10
Congrats Bobbie!!

By: KnightWolverine on 4/29/10
Congrats to you and welcome aboard !

By: ThunderStone on 4/29/10
First time I ever posted in here, welcoming someone... Sooooo


By: Debbie M. on 4/29/10
I just have one question...... ARE YOU PACKED YET??? well maybe two..... ARE YOU HERE YET???? Can't even begin to say how excited I am to have you joining us Bobbie!!

By: Drkwlf92 on 4/29/10

By: kittystavern on 4/29/10
Wonderful news! I love Bobbie's products and can't wait to see what she comes up with for Rendo. Congratulations!

By: flaviok on 4/29/10
Parabéns a você e a RR.

By: umblefugly on 4/29/10
LOL her...pack?...Ill end up doing the packing..LOL! :P *DUCK*

By: Debbie M. on 4/29/10
Well get busy umble!! you're talking too dang long :)

By: DemonicaEvilius on 4/29/10
Congrats Bobbie :D

By: DarwinsMishap on 4/29/10
Congrats!!! I, too, am looking forward to seeing what she comes up with. Love her clothing, can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

By: Dragonluna1 on 4/29/10
Welcome to the Asylum, sweetie!!! HUGz!!

By: WildDesigns on 4/29/10
Hey, welcome aboard! Glad to see you're at Rendo. I see Debbie is happy! :)

By: 3-DArena on 4/29/10
YaY Bobbie! And Rendo for on staff modeler!

By: Johnnyh3571 on 4/29/10
Hello Bobbie! Nice to see you here, congrats!

By: summer1412 on 4/29/10
Congratulations, hon, that is SO awesome!! I'm glad to hear you're doing well, and am so happy for you. =)


By: Tempesta3d on 4/30/10
Welcome from us too and tons of hugs!!!

By: -BrandyE- on 4/30/10
congrats, my friend!

By: jascorpio on 4/30/10

this is lovely, congrats Bobbie :)

By: Digital_Mischief on 4/30/10
What interesting bio! It's nice to read how other artist and how they got to where the are. Change is often good, so best of luck Bobbie!

By: jartz on 5/1/10
Congrats to you Bobbie and wish you luck. You have blossomed into a 3d artist/designer.



By: Dotthy on 5/1/10
Congratulations and welcome!!!!

By: iyere on 5/1/10
Welcome girl! Renderosity is full of self schooled artist; I'm one too. Now I've produced 5 short movies and working on my 90mins feature. Couldn't have done it without my renderosity family. I LOVE U ALL.... FROM NIGERIA

By: LilMz on 5/1/10
Congratulations Bobbie! Loved reading about you! Can't wait to see where you go from here :)

By: sean123 on 5/2/10
Bobbie is my favorite !! she makes very good

By: quietrob on 5/2/10
Good Luck, Bobbie! I know that Rendo made a great choice!!

By: mermaid on 5/2/10
Congrats Bobbie and welcome...smile.. and all the best to you for this new challenge..

By: doarte on 5/3/10
Congratulations, and hope you the best.

By: LocusSolus on 5/4/10
Félicitations! et bienvenüe à bord. :)

By: FWDesign on 5/4/10

By: Alyarie on 5/5/10
Congrats Bobbie!

By: BombyBarb on 5/8/10
Wow cool beans, wtg Bobbie, your work is awesome.. your rock gal. gl with your new job. :)

By: Moebius87 on 5/9/10
Love your work, Bobbie! All the very best on this new adventure.

By: hongyu on 5/9/10
I am shocked to see you here Bobbie, 100% welcome!

By: theYayas on 5/10/10
Nice 1.!... great to see :)

By: MGCJerry on 5/11/10
Congrats Bobbie...

By: KnightWolverine on 5/13/10
After seeing what you create it's no wonder why you were chosen.Congrats to you in everything you do.

By: debb6425 on 5/15/10
Congrats Bobbie!

By: XENOPHONZ on 5/18/10
Welcome aboard, Bobbie! :-)

By: VuliaTSoni on 5/18/10
Congratulations. Have the best of luck and wishes for you and the future. :)

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