View 3D and CGI related videos in the new and improved Video Center!

Renderosity is relaunching its new and improved Video Center!

As part of Renderosity's on-going effort to provide an unrivaled resource to CG artists, we are happy to announce the re-launch of our updated Video Center! New features include higher video quality and the ability to share across different Social Networking applications.

Starting immediately, all videos uploaded will be in a much larger 640x480 resolution, with the option to view videos full screen. And with the Share This! application integrated into the Video Center, it is easier than ever to share your Renderosity videos with others throughout the world! Time restrictions have also been removed, opening the way for those wishing to upload videos longer than ten minutes.

What kind of videos are we looking for in the Video Center?

  • Video tutorials and walk-throughs for all CG related applications
  • Show reels, demo reels and portfolios
  • Software and product demonstrations related to the 3D/CGI community
  • MarketPlace product presentations
  • Industry related video podcasts
  • Animated films and shorts
  • Visual Effects Videos
  • ...and much more that is involved with 3D modeling and CGI!
Files must be uploaded in Flash Video Format (.flv), and will be bound to the terms of service listed in the Video Center.

Want to see a video through the updated Video Center? Then check this out:

We also have the ability to add relevant "pre-roll" advertising in front of all videos. If you would like to know more about video advertising, please contact Renderosity Marketing at

This is an opportunity for you to host your 3D/CGI related videos online for free and share them with other digital artists! The Video Center is open for business - so get your videos uploaded today!

Member Opinions:
By: flaviok on 8/11/09
Excelente, grande inciativa, parabéns

By: adh3d on 8/11/09
Fantastic, thank you for the new things.

By: masha on 8/11/09
This will be excellent. Thank you!

By: MarkBremmer on 8/12/09

By: GLM on 8/12/09

By: flaviok on 8/12/09
Falta ainda, informar quando um video é colocado se foi realizado com sucesso. Ficamos sem saber se houve algum problema no carregamento.
Still, tell when a video is placed if it was done successfully. We do not know if there was a problem in loading.

By: Lakotariver on 8/12/09
And the Academy Award goes too, Renderosity for best New and Improved Video Center.
It just keeps getting better and better. Thanks

By: drewradley on 8/12/09
Glad to hear! Always thought it strange that animation went in the freestuff.

By: StaceyG on 8/13/09

We have made the necessary changes to add a message upon upload to know it was successful. The videos always still go in a pending status for review by admin before being approved.

Thank you for the suggestion

By: davlin on 8/15/09
Fantastic to have our own proper cgi /animation page instead of the unusual free area.

By: DreamWarrior on 8/17/09
Great! Thank you!

By: Won-Tolla on 8/22/09
Great news, boring video. ;-)

By: keiron on 8/26/09

Here are a few observations that you may like to do to improve things.

The upload process needs a marker to show you how far its got.

A link from this page to the video's would be helpful.

Go for 16.9 format as well as 4.3, I have uploaded some 16.9 videos in low res 120k bit rate to try, but they have automatically been reformatted to 640 x 480 loosing the wide screen effect.

What Audio and Video bit rate would you recommend, so as to keep the quality good and the bandwidth for most users acceptable.

By: Kimberly.3D on 8/28/09
What a nice idea!

By: davlin on 8/31/09
Keiron says..

"Go for 16.9 format as well as 4.3, I have uploaded some 16.9 videos in low res 120k bit rate to try, but they have automatically been reformatted to 640 x 480 loosing the wide screen effect."
Please...please have this sorted is very disappointing to see months of work and carefully composed shots look like they were
caught in a closing door.
Please give it your best shot as I'm sure most members in this section do not work in 4:3....crikey who does anyway.

Thanks..that's my only moan.....

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