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Sometimes it is difficult to decide what you want your username to be. When you first visit a new website, you don't know if you're going to like it or not. So you come up with a name "off the top of your head".

Now, that you have been here awhile and are feeling at home, you realize this name is not exactly what you want and that perhaps the name "dungbeetle23" no longer represents you the way it once did. Well, we have a solution for you. Next week, you will have the option to be able to correct that with our new Username Change Service...

If you would like a different member/username, now you can have it. All you have to do is sign-up for the Username Change Service. Starting today, for only $10.00, you can recreate history and have the name you've always wanted! Your new name will post throughout the site replacing all the old posts and uploads that you have made. Your new name will also reflect on your purchase history and the vendor sales records.

If you have always dreamed of changing your name at Renderosity, now your dreams can come true!

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Member Opinions:
By: MoxieGraphix on 11/6/06
Awesome! I'd actually love to be able to change my user name without having to reupload my entire gallery and only keep my old name so I don't lose my store purchase history. Looking forward to this.

By: gellenburg on 11/6/06
What a total rip-off.

$25 to programmatically change a field in a database?

Are you kidding me?

This should be FREE. After all, you're only talking about changing one value that a primary key points to.

What a rip-off.

By: DRAKELOT on 11/6/06
Fantastic new option guys !!!

By: MKeyes on 11/6/06
Oh please tell me this is for all members as well? Your cutomers? You know, us buyers and gallery artist? Oh I hope so!

By: stonemason on 11/6/06
eh?..24$ to change a username?! I missing something other sites all I do is IM a mod or change it in profile settings..& you guys are charging for that?

By: Thom1965 on 11/6/06
$24.95 for 25 seconds of IT work ... hmmmm

By: tonyhag on 11/7/06
Fantastic option at $24.95, nah do not think so, unless of course you have money to burn.

By: lundqvist on 11/7/06
Weeeell, at the risk of seeming a little negative...

Making the assumption that the user names are held on one database table and that all the others in the database reference it via a foreign key (you have normalized throughout, right?) what you would be charging ("only $24.95"?) for is the time taken for someone to update one field? That does seem a bit steep for a basic administration task.

Of course the database might be a real organizational nightmare and maybe it really does take dedicated work to sort it all out for each user name.

Not a design flaw, but a commercial opportunity, eh?

By: Irish on 11/7/06
I think it's a very good option but way overpriced!

By: MikeJ on 11/7/06
Can I reserve dungbeetle23 for my change?

By: Lucie on 11/7/06
25$ ???? Ouch!!!

By: -BrandyE- on 11/7/06
wow...nice option and service to be sure....but sounds like a REALLY steep charge for a one time service....

By: Elsina on 11/7/06
Would love to change, but can't afford such an incredible high fee for it :-(

By: Anniebel on 11/7/06
A basic feature I would have expected to exist anyway, amazed to hear it is only being introduced now & WE have to pay for it???

By: Penguinisto on 11/7/06
You. Must. Be. Kidding. Me.

By: pdxjims on 11/7/06
$24.95 for a name change? You've got to be kidding. It's a nice idea, but charging for what should be a free service, especially $24.95, is a bit excessive.

By: ziggie on 11/7/06
Great idea... now I can change mine to something meaningful... like 32aV3pF17fe

By: Mea on 11/7/06
$25 for a name change? Ouch!

By: rockets on 11/7/06
LMAO!!! I think I'll keep the old name if it's going to cost me $24.95...thanks, but no thanks!!!!

By: lemur01 on 11/7/06
So just how do you justify the $25 price tag? Seems a bit steep to change a single data entry.

By: DarkStarRising on 11/7/06
$24.95, you have got to be kiddin right!! what the hell, thats an outragious price to pay just to change a name, where you can join any other site and ask them nicely taht you made a mistake and they do it FREE! this has to be the most ridiculas this i have ever heard! what the hell rosity, what the hell!

By: sd012q on 11/7/06
great idea it would be nice to do that

By: EllPro on 11/7/06
I know this won't be posted, but here's my opinion anyway:

$24.95 to change my name.

$00.00 to make a new account.

If you can actually con people into doing this, more power to 'ya.

By: TwoPynts on 11/7/06
Great option, I just wish it was a service rather than a paid option.

By: LillianH on 11/7/06
We understand that $24.95 to change your username at Renderosity may seem like a lot. However, there were several factors taken into account before setting this as a service and determining what it would cost.

The first consideration was the fact that we have almost half a million users on our site and it is a manual process to change user names. Because the process is not automated, there is administrative time that will be involved in processing each request.

The price was set to cover our costs and serve as a mild deterrent so that people will not abuse the service. Yes, people can create a new account for nothing. However, the new account will not have any of their gallery images, Free Stuff, Tutorials, blogs, SiteMails, LinkShare, purchase history, etc. This service will carry that valuable data with it.

Because we are a community built on relationships that are connected with a username, we do think it is important that members take care when choosing a name or changing their names.

By: Irish on 11/7/06
Well Lillian, I am thinking in reserve about the time I had to spend after your technician or whatever his title is, went and changed the script for the gallery and I could not see any comments. I spend a fair amount of time trying to get it right time is valuable too!


By: LillianH on 11/7/06
Hi Irish,

We certainly value your time, the other members time, and our own.


By: tonyhag on 11/7/06
£24.95 a mild deterrent, must be the under statement of the year.

By: Ardiva on 11/7/06
Sheesh! How about $10.00??

By: Doc000 on 11/7/06
There's a fine line between making money and screwing your customers...this crosses that line.

Why on earth would anyone shell out even the slightest amount of cash to change a username when creating a new account is free? Unless you're planning on charging people to sign up as well.

By: Belladzines on 11/7/06
Lillian maybe the deterrant is that you can change your username say.... after a year or two years of being a member at Renderosity?....
I understand the manual work involved but $25 is a high price to pay.......
Great option but way overpriced.

By: Natolii on 11/7/06

PHPbb's Administration panel does offer a search option to find existing User names. It is not as time consuming as it being made out to be.

That is unless this format is customized to the degree where that option has been removed?

I did not realize that Renderosity and Electronic Arts were the same company. Why do I say this? Ultima Online's Name Change Service... Change your MMORPG Character name for $24.95... Now when EA Games says that the service is more involved, I believe them based on the coding and the "paid" accounts there.

There is a major different between a name change in a MMORPG and in a PHP site, and you are still thinking of charging $24.95?

By: Khai on 11/7/06
hang on. it's not september!

By: DaemonAlchemist on 11/7/06
Well, if it's such an administrative hassle to manually change a username, then automate it. Put it on the user profile page, like stonemason said.

If this feature isn't already a part of the core Bondware software, then I think you need some new programmers. Even knowing nothing about the Bondware software, I am certain that I could write the function in 15-30 minutes. Here. I'll even write the SQL statement for you:

$query="UPDATE user_table SET user_name=".$new_name." WHERE user_id=".$user_id

Just add that into the edit profile function, add a field on the edit profile page, and you're done.

There really isn't any excuse for not having this as a free service, especially given that Renderosity has spent the last YEAR completely rebuilding the website from scratch. All that work, and you can't spare half an hour for this feature?

By: DaemonAlchemist on 11/7/06
Oh, and if you're concerned about people abusing the service, then just limit the number of times that they can change their username.

By: pdxjims on 11/7/06

If your computer people can't write a script to change a user name in your database, then you haven't got very good programmers. And the programming time to make such a script is minimal on any well designed database.

By: chimera46 on 11/7/06
Some people are bashing this idea based on the price. I agree with them in that regard, but I'll find something else to complain about, like the concept itself. Quite frankly, the idea of going back into a database that should be treated like a historical archive of art and changing or deleting that record smacks of revisionist history. Stalin had his people do the same thing to offical and unoffical documents, media and images when they decided to "liquidate" someone, which they did quite frequently. In that vien, I will keep my "46", because I oppose Stalinism! That said, I'd consider it for $10 Canadian if I got a marketplace coupon with it, or if it came free with some other service, like getting the e-mail service, file-locker or upgrading to a pay account. Seriously, there's no reason why a slight deterrent can't be coupled with good marketing. It's called "bundling", you may want to consider looking up the concept.

By: max- on 11/7/06
"dungbeetle23".... Hehehehe...LOL... falling off the chair laffin'.... that's almost as bad as "xena72qz83". But seriously, having an option is always better than no option.

By: MaydaMason on 11/8/06
finally!!!!! i've never loved the "142" after my nick!

By: renapd on 11/8/06
I won't comment on the price but something far more essential for Vendors!
Have you considered the fact that this way there won't be an accurate follow-up of who's bought what and will increase warez use on this site?
Now when somebody requests a bonus, or claims support for a product we are able to track him in our accounts, verify his purchase and proceed to all the help or links he needs... if he claims he's changed his username how on earth will we be able to do that? Even worse...we might see our products in their gallery images although the name will be one we haven't heard before but we won't be able to do a thing about it privately to you or be careful of what he posts next and how rightfully he owns or not those products of ours he/she uses!
I have a few names in my list of people who have asked me for bonus files or redownloads with strange excuses they thought they could get away with as they have no idea we can track our accounts for their purchases. It was easy to catch them and ask for verification they couldn't offer so their game stops there...but if you do this they'll just get away with it! :(
I won't object to this username id change or the price you charge (that's none of my business) if only you provide at least for Vendors the option to know his previous login name as well. It's the only way this could work RIGHT without very unpleasant side effects!
I've spoken my mind honestly and I've given you a few things to consider seriously I hope..

By: harpoon on 11/8/06
Hmmm...namechange or a wild night with a ....errrmmm, I think my old name will do for now! :P

By: aikofan12 on 11/8/06
speaking for someone who has just created a new account (one I share with my husband), I do see what LillianH is saying but...under my old username I would get at least 300-400 the first day having only 10, I think, people who listed me under their favorite artist, I've posted once under my husband's account and it hasn't hit 100. My point, people recognize names and for the most part click on someone they are familiar with more than what is actually being posted. So when you change your username, you change how most view you, so the gallery behind the name won't matter to most, it's the name. Just as LillianH stated. Now if you want to lose your "fanbase" and start from scratch, you can change your username for 25 bucks or you can get a new account for free. The only thing that hurt me about losing my password (during a big move where I changed internet provider and email account) was I lost the stuff I had purchased, lucky me that my husband saved it all on disc, besides that small incovience, I like the fact that my husband and I have a gallery together, do I miss looking at big numbers when it comes to views...a small part of me does, but for the most part. No. If you have 25 bucks to waste, I have a wishlist and since I'm 8 months now, money is tight, waste it on that. :)

By: darth_poserus on 11/8/06
I agree. Its outrageous to charge that amount of money for something as simple as allowing a user to change their nic.

By: faveral on 11/8/06

By: kodewarrior1 on 11/8/06
Changing the name is a good option. But 25$ is too much.

Obviously doing it manually is long, and i understand ur time is a cost (like mine in my company) but I think you can create a query for changing every occurence of the name in the tables of ur db. Maybe you can spend 2 hours or more to create this query, but then u'll need 5 seconds to running it.
If ur db can't let u doing this... well... maybe it's the time for design a better db.

So, for now, i'll take my actual username.

By: Silgrin on 11/8/06
"mild deterrent"... Hmmm...

I also think it should be free. OK, your database is manually operated... But we`re not guilty for your technical problems. It`s the matter of your choice of the software, and I don`t think many people would appreciate paying for that you seem to realize the choice could be a wrong one... :0 I understand your problem, but it in no way makes me more willing to pay the fee:P

I`m afraid it will be way more than a *mild* deterrent...

By: ianliddle on 11/8/06
$24.95 for a username change??

Steep aint the word for it...

Mountainous I'd say!

I asked about name changes months back, never thought theyd charge that much for them.

By: rebbew on 11/8/06
Can't this process (update-statement(s?), preventing double entries, confirmation, and so on) be automated through a simple form? It's my guess that a php-script that performs the necessary queries based on a user's input shouldn't take longer than an hour or so to write. $25.- is rather steep. Especially for something that shouldn't be done manually in the first place.

By: marforno on 11/8/06
LOL..., what about making this feature available for free to make even this site more appealing and unique...?

By: islandgirdesigns on 11/8/06
I for one would love to change my name. I mis-spelled it and am missing an "l". However, I don't have $24.99 to spend on something so frivolous so I won't be taking advantage of this opportunity. Not sure how successful it will be for ya'll, but good luck.

By: ClintH on 11/8/06
Hi Rena, I can appreciate your concern.

"Have you considered the fact that this way there won't be an accurate follow-up of who's bought what..."

However, the name change will be reflected throughout the site. Art Gallery, Free Stuff, forum posts, purchase history, vendor reports, etc will all reflect the new member name. So you will be able to properly track your customers without any problems.

I hope this helps,

By: Justmel on 11/8/06
Damn, this place is becoming more and more like a bank with each passing day. Fees for this, fees for that, what's next? Fees for posting in the image gallery? Oh wait, you already did that way back when. My bad.

By: pamelafryer on 11/8/06
If it is manually done, I hope there won't be bigger problems arising. There are a lot of similar user names out there and I'd hate to see conflicts from the someone editing the wrong name...

By: Kendra on 11/8/06
So you did decide to hold the annual company barbeque after all. :)
What's next? Members selling their usernames in the marketplace?
...for the low, low price of only $49.94! Heck, some merchants could really cash in on that. :)

*All* you've done is create a deterrent. (mild my arse) Considering the immense number of inactive accounts you already have, you've just guaranteed yourself several times more with this new idea.

By: LillianH on 11/8/06
Hi Justmel,

It is free to post 1 image, per day in the galleries.

If someone wants to post more, then yes, there is the Gallery Plus Service that can be purchased to increase the upload amount.

Renderosity still provides the largest set of free resources to digital artists found anywhere on the net: FREE access to over 13,000 Free Stuff products, tutorials, blogs, galleries, forums, challenges, contest, etc.

I just wanted to mention that.


By: MoonGraphics11 on 11/8/06
Thats a lil high... 5 or 10 bucks would be acceptable.. but 25 is like over the top.. Would be an awesome feature though..

By: Chippsyann on 11/8/06
So LillianH, what do you think Renderosity will do now, after all this uproar?
Do you think that they might reconsider, maybe waving the 24.95 fee, or reducing it to something more palatable, or perhaps just canning the whole name change idea?

Or is it “full steam ahead!”

By: bjergtrold on 11/8/06
Wow, is there no beginning to your generosity?

By: islandgirdesigns on 11/8/06
I can understand ya'll charging for certain services like uploading extra images, banner ads, file locker, and email. But can ya'll honestly say that $24.99 is an honest to goodness DECENT price for a ONE TIME name change? Even if it's done manually, that's just outrageous. I've read the question numerous times and even though I'm not a programmer I wondered the same thing - why can't it be done with an automated program? Would YOU pay that much for a name change? Or will the Renderosity Staff have to pay that same price as well if they wanted to take advantage of this?

By: LillianH on 11/8/06
We want to thank everyone for the invaluable feedback. It's what makes this community so dynamic.

We reviewed all the responses and suggestions regarding the Username Change service and carefully considered the situation.

The original price was not set to make money from this service, but to be a deterrent to excessive name change requests and to cover our administrative time.

Since there appears to be more interest in this service than originally anticipated, and we want to make this service available to those that truly need it, we have decided to change the price to $10.00 to only cover on our estimated cost.

It's through the support of the community that we are able to continue to offer all the free service and resources that we do.

Thanks for your valued time and attention to this new feature.

By: LillianH on 11/8/06
If you wish to post further comments, please visit the Community Center forum thread:

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