Tuesday Treats - April 10th

Tuesday's are Terrific during the month of April!

Every Tuesday during the month of April, Renderosity will provide tantilizing treats sure to delight all those that shop and expect nothing but outstanding quality content within the MarketPlace.

Be sure to mark it on your calendar and check back every Tuesday to ensure you receive your special Treat this month!

Tuesday, April 10th

This Tuesday's deal is to receive a FREE RPublishing product with your next purchase of $5 or more! This Grab Bag item will be chosen randomly from a collection of carefully selected RPublishing products. The complete list can be seen via the thumbnail images below.

Simply add the product thumb (seen below) to your cart and proceed as normal through checkout. Upon completion of checkout, visit the 'My Account' page to claim your product.

*You can click the icon below to be taken directly to the product page


Fairy Wings Dress V4/A4/G4/Elite

Dark Cemetery

Mogul Fantasy

Raine Character & Clothes

Magic Gazebo

Mushroom Fairy House

Onryo's Vengeance

Breeze Lingerie & High Heels

Gypsy Tent

Star Enchantress Outfit

Sand Heiress Clothing

Steampunk for V4, A4, G4 & GND4

Helena Dress (V4, A4, G4)

Garden Gloriette

Lady Gaia Outfit V4/A4/G4

Sissy Le Beaux

Capri Soiree

Old Patio

Egyptian Fantasy

Secret Corner

The Sultan's Pool

Tudor House (Poser & OBJ)

Everyday Spring Fun Clothes

Black Rose (V4, A4, G4)

Kindred for M4

Kiddies Poses & Expressions for Kids4

The Muse Clothing for V4, A4 & G4

Sexy Savage Armor (V4, A4 & G4)

Flapper Dancer Dress V4, A4, G4

SteamPunk Burlesque V4, A4, G4, Elite & Mavka

Film Noir Detective Office (Poser & Vue)

Dirty Police Station (Poser, Vue & OBJ)

Dusty Attic (Poser, VUE & OBJ)

Urban Buildings Set (Poser & OBJ)

Bauhaus Hotel Lobby (Poser, Vue & OBJ)

Modern Apartment (Poser & Vue)

Cafe Day & Night (Poser, 3DS, Vue & OBJ)

Old Style Building (Poser, Vue & OBJ)

Decaying Alley (Poser, Vue & OBJ)

V4's Jewelry Box

Luxury Office (Poser, Obj & 3DS)

Dark Corridors for Poser

Chic Restaurant (Poser, Vue & OBJ)

Old Factory (Poser, Vue & OBJ)

Deluxe Motel (Poser, Vue & OBJ)

Kindred Clothing V4, A4, S4

Victress Hair V4/A4/G4

Falling Star Outfit V4 & A4

Column Hall & Patio (Poser,OBJ,Vue & 3DS)

City Building (Poser, OBJ & Vue)


*Buyer must add the Grab Bag product to cart before checkout to receive.

*No limit on the number of purchases made to receive the free Grab Bag item.

*Please do not use this promotion to gift products to other members. The recipient will not be able to receive the free grab bag product.

*Also know that during this 24 hour period, the Renderosity System Flag to check if a buyer has previously purchased a product has been disabled. This is to allow for multiple purchases to receive multiple Grab Bag items. If you question whether or not you've purchased something in the past, please click 'My Account' and use the 'Search Purchases' field.

*If you have previously purchased 1 or more of the above RPublishing products, that product(s) will then be excluded from the item you receive as a Grab Bag gift. At the time in which all 50 of the available products have been added to a users account history, there will be no more grab bag items rewarded.


If you have any questions, please send them to store@renderosity.com

Member Opinions:
By: silvia365 on 4/10/12
Wooow I love the tuesday in april :)
Thank you !

By: nakatoni on 4/10/12
That. IS. Awesome!

By: lunchlady on 4/10/12
YAY!! I love Grab Bags!! Thanks!!

By: TheOwl68 on 4/10/12
Tuesday treats are totally tasty =)

By: belladaz1955 on 4/10/12
I got burned on the last grab bag...... Love the idea of a free item, just figure I have so many of the products, I probably would get something I already have.

By: PandaB5 on 4/10/12
Thanks Renderosity - this is a fun way to entice us to shop ... I always fall for it!

By: cclesue on 4/10/12
Tried it but got something for VUE. . . I don't have VUE so how do I get my money back??

By: FLDesign on 4/10/12
As much as i like this idea, but to take the risk to get a character or cloth for V4 i don't need cause i don't use this girl is just too high.
So thanks a lot for the grab bag, but i'll pass it.

By: Faerydae on 4/10/12
Lots of fun, but always seems to happen after I place an order lol.

By: Rhyull on 4/10/12
I love these random lucky dip promotions you have from time to time. Nothing specially compelling I want but they're all well made and whatever I get will be there in the future when it may be just what I need for a scene.

It's always a pity to see the whingers who can't treat it as fun trying to ruin the mood though.

By: Penname on 4/10/12
I love getting something I perhaps would not have normally bought and finding potential in it - keeps me from getting in a rut. Or just save them for a future need. I love grab bags.

By: FLDesign on 4/10/12
Ok, i needed to buy something and so i thought, why not, take the risk.
And *yeah* got the Column hall and Pation :)
Thanks a thousand times, it is great!

By: generalxanos on 4/10/12
I don't often get a $% off coupon, and because I don't often check my mail before I buy, I miss the limited timeframe.
I buy a lot of stuff, from a lot of vendors, so there's a decent chance I'll get something I already have, or something I didn't want.

I vote for a straight-up Buy $x of stuff, get a %y coupon on next purchase or maybe even to the current one.

I'm not a fan of living by coupon expiration dates or random free stuff, no offense to whichever vendor is featured.

My $0.02

By: singanprayisme on 4/10/12
I pass on the grab bag deals. I always get things I don't want or can't use. I'm sure it works well for others.

I have already commented but removed the comment, have taken the plunge and tried out the Tuesday Grab Bag Treat and got a DUPLICATE! lol

No problem, because within half a day (I live in UK so that is impressive because of the time difference) Tina, replaced the product with a very fine replacement.

It makes Tuesdays that much more fun and is a good way to entice us to buy (even though I already had two items on my wish list)

Well done Tina!
Steve :)

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