Trick Or Treat Grab Bag
Trick Or Treat Grab Bag


Renderosity's Trick Or Treat Grab Bag Is Here!

This is not a trick! Renderosity would like to offer you a nice treat by including a FREE product with your next purchase of $5 or more. All you have to do is add the 'Grab Bag' product (seen below) to your cart and proceed, as normal, through the checkout process. Once the transaction has been completed, you can visit the 'My Account' page and claim your product.

( Click Here To Be Taken Directly To The Above Grab Bag Product )

This Grab Bag product will be randomly selected from the twenty-five (25) great products you see below. Renderosity's software will check an individual's buying history to ensure that the product added as the free product is not already owned by the buyer.

If you took part in the last Renderosity Grab Bag event you may recall that we limited this promotion to only one free product per customer. For this Trick Or Treat special you can make as many transactions as you wish and receive all the Grab Bag products available! You will only be allowed, however, to checkout with one (1) free Grab Bag item at a time.

You Only Have 3 Days!

The free Grab Bag product promotion will only be available from Friday, October 29th through Halloween on Sunday, October 31st at 11:59pm (cst).

Please do not use this promotion to gift products to other members. The recipient will not be able to receive the free grab bag product.

Special Thanks to these participating Vendors for making this promotion possible!

Le Mistral Dolls
Girl Play
Undead Carl
Background Mini-Pack 02: Curiosities
Meshbox Bonehollow Backgrounds Vol. 1
Little Wizard Outfit for Mavka
Bride 2010 for Victoria 4
Steampunk: Mechanical Doll Wings V4
Custom Banjo
Pegasus Hoverbus
Garden Retreat: Deck Swing
Uranus Hair
JK Saxon Graveyard
Aircraft 737 (for poser)
French Aid for V4/G4/Aiko4/Elite
FR Simone
The Vampire Cradle
HC1 - Horror Classics - The Zombie Morgue
Amazing Coat for V4
Luz de Imagen
Tavern - Extended Saloon Full

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Member Opinions:
By: Pierrot_Lunaire on 10/29/10

By: OonaTheWild on 10/29/10
It is a great idea ! However I got a morgue last and i got one again lol.

By: StormSyren on 10/29/10
Woo hoo! I got Uranus Hair.. which is another one I was going to buy XD Grab bags are so much fun.

By: FrozenStar on 10/29/10
I got Fabiana's lights and Sveva's backgrounds and couldn't be happier with these products! Thank you so much!

By: SSAfam1 on 10/29/10
Ok I got the Steampunk Wings and it's a cool freebie, but I really, really want FR Simone. Also, a couple of these products use Poser 7 dynamics and I'm a Daz Studio user. I hope to not get those. Maybe next year we can pick our freebies?

By: JeniferC on 10/29/10
Hi Erin, the morgues should be different.

SSAfam1, thanks for the feedback. Did you know you can check-out again with the Grab Bag to get another freebie? Of course, you still may not get the FR Simone, but you're more than welcome to keep trying. You'd eventually get it. ; )

By: vyktohria on 10/29/10
I got Sveva's mini-backgrounds, too. YES!

By: jakiblue on 10/29/10
these grab bag promotions are absolutely addictive. I LOVE them. Particularly now that we can get it more than once. Bit worried tho that I'll end up with one of the Poser ONLY products tho, seeing as I'm a DS user. My first order was pleased to get the Saloon, second order was absolutely THRILLED to get Tessen!!! Please, rendo, MORE grab bag promotions - they are so much fun!!!

By: MrSynnerster on 10/29/10
Just call me Charlie Brown, b/c I got a rock. lol. aka Le Mistral Dolls. It's not a bad product, but since I don't own Mistral, Le Mistral's about as useful as a rock. lol.

By: dragonmuse on 10/30/10
I will be trying this, but only once.. and being a DS user, I am a bit concerned that I will most likely get something I can't use.

Cool idea though.. I just wish we could pick.. there is only a couple of items here I would actually use.

By: epocalypse2 on 10/30/10
Just got my Prize. The 2010 Bride outfit. Unfortunately it's a dynamic poser outfit and won't work in Daz Studio, my preferred medium.

Still nothing lost, nothing gained. Nice offer.

By: DestinysGarden on 10/30/10
Yeah, I got the same rock as MrSynnerster. It figures that out of the 25 items, there are exactly 2 that would be of no use to me at all, and I get one of them, lol. I like the promotion but it seems to me that instead of buying a bunch of $5 "lottery tickets" it would be less expensive to just buy the item you wanted in the first place.
Congrats to those getting items they really wanted. I'm happy for you.

By: twingo on 10/30/10
Really stretching my bank account to the limit with this, but my wishlist is getting shorter by the minute LOL

By: goodguy67 on 10/30/10
The grab bag idea is great but we should be allowed to pick our own prize not random.

By: LaQuiet on 10/30/10
I also got something I'll never use. A choice would have been great. Great idea though. Thanks.

By: Mommazon on 10/30/10
Thought it was a great idea too...unfortunately it became available as I was making a purchase ...I kid you not...I was at the home page, went to check out, got my stuff started DL'ing, back to the homepage and there it was...UGH!! I'm SOL. No grab bag goodie for me...

By: infinity10 on 10/30/10
Jumping for Joy ! I got the Vampire Cradle freebie ! Plus, I used the 30% discount coupon. Thank you, Renderosity and Happy Hallowee-eeen !

By: BionicRooster on 10/30/10
I think one way to thank the vendors would be to leave a product review if it's quality. Especially if it is something that you can use.

By: YngPhoenix on 10/30/10
First time trying the grab bag and love the idea. I got MBAY'S Lady C. It would be nice to have a choice of either Poser Grab Bag or Daz Studio Grab Bag so everyone could get a usefull item.

By: jeanne_50 on 10/30/10
Thank you! I got the Steampunk Wings! One of the things I really would love to find in the grab bag!!
Thanks again! Keep up on doing these nice things. :)

By: hamstergirl4444 on 10/30/10
Wish me luck guys - I'm about to try out for mine LOL! I love grab bags, but perhaps in the future, textures for an outfit might not be the best idea - i.e. MrSynnerster's rock - chances are most people won't have the base outfit...YngPhoenix has a good idea - a choice of a Poser or DS3 bag. Usefulness is important when people are spending $$ in order to participate. Oh, okay - yes, I'm stalling...I never have good luck LOL ;)

By: pointblank on 10/30/10
Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this. @jakiblue, I'm glad that she was one that you wanted and recieved. I do hope you enjoy her and would love to see what you do with her :)

By: kiwicouple on 10/30/10
I'm not even going to say what I got, I just want to say THANKS!! a free product is a great way to say thanks to us the customers.

SO thanks! lol

By: Nathrai on 10/31/10
First of all, thank you for this fun little game!
(I can now add "gambling" to my list of 3D-induced addictions :D)

But, to echo some of the other comments: If you decide to do something like this again (please do, this was a lot of fun!), maybe you could add some way for people to eliminate "won't use" items?

Not like actually choosing your freebie (that would take all the fun out of it), but simply a way to tell the system which items one doesn't want at all, probably mainly because it has unmet requirements (like the dynamic dress or the texture set).

Something like "Choose 5 items you don't want and the system will award you any one of the remaining 20".

Anyway, thanks again, I've had a lot of fun and got a couple of new items that I'm really looking forward to using!

By: Anniebel on 10/31/10
I had much more fun this year than last, much better idea allowing more than 1 try, thank you.

By: GhostWolf on 10/31/10
I got Tessen for my purchase, very nice grab I may say.

Wish this sale would last a bit more longer.

By: pdq1234 on 10/31/10
I have to say two things.

First off, its free! Say thanks! and don't complain!

But there is the other side of me that has to say.

It really would be nice if vendors made products for both Poser and Daz, it really isn't that hard as a lot of vendors already do it.

I also think that limiting freebies to just Poser/Daz studio is a bit limiting, Render supports a ton of other progies, what about the users of them, what about the photographers and the classical artists (ya know pen and paper), or the 2D clip art users, or the photo-shop artists or the many other varied users of this site.

It seems that dollar signs have kina put blinders on the staff and they are now running down one path only.

It is a serious flaw that has made the site less than it once was.

And being able to choose is part of what makes my country great and what Render should be.

I understand that if people choose then someones feelings mite get hurt as their product mite not be picked, but thats the breaks, it may not mean its a bad product, hell it could even be that everyone already has it and doesn't need it again, or it could be a good product, but priced better than one of the other freebies, so people save it to buy and get the more expensive item free.

By: singanprayisme on 10/31/10
Thanks but I got two things I didn't want. There was only a couple of choices I would have made anyway. Still, a choice would have been nicer. I didn't even bother with my last purchase. I did love the 31% discount on my last purchase & I thank you for that.

By: ABL on 10/31/10
I love surprises like this! I got Ferendir, the Zombie Morgue and Goth Fashion, all great items I am glad to have. A big Thank You to the generous artists!

By: screencraft on 10/31/10
Great idea and I love freebies, but many of these I would not want in my runtime (I hate ghoulie stuff!) ... but I do love the 31% anyway, so I'll risk the Grab Bag. LOL! THANKS!

By: Antaran on 10/31/10
How do I get the product for the Bag item? I added it to my order, and it shows in "My Account" order record as "Trick-or-Treat Grab Bag" with no download link attached...

By: Cimaira on 10/31/10
Wonderful idea and very, you knew there was a but coming didn't you. I was thrilled to get Simone in my first grab bad,she's beautiful. Not so thrilled to get a background set in my second grab bag, I never use them, but...yep, anohter but. I do want to thank you, it is a fun promotion. I'll probably try for one more before the day is out and keep my fingers crossed it is something I will use ;)

By: ArtOfDreams on 10/31/10
thanks :-) But I have also 2 things I didn't want...:-( Would be great if it gave the possibilty to change with another person...

By: novelist999 on 10/31/10
Please disregard my question. I found the link in my order. I guess it was just taking the database a while to go through my long list of previous purchases. It's great! Thanks! But I suggest that you allow people to select their own treat from the choices next time.

By: Lassie24 on 10/31/10
Thanks to those who have donated a free item,I got sixth sence for m4,dont usaly do guy things but im sure i'll use it with ma hiro toon:),thanks very much :)

By: hmatienzo on 10/31/10
Well, I got Lady C. with my purchase, and I couldn't be happier! Thanks!

By: Silvara63 on 10/31/10
Wow - I LOVE this promotion - great fun. I got among other things - Lady C and the Tavern - which I totally love! Only one thing I got was useless because it required another product to use which I didn't have - which I think was a bit silly - but I was willing to take the chance - and the items I received more than made up for it. So great idea - I have used it maybe a few too many!!!

By: ladyplf on 10/31/10
I don't have any money so I am not gonna play but I think it's a nice gesture. It's also a promotion I think, so anyone who gets a "prize" that requires another product to work is probably encouraged to buy that extra product. I think that's the best way to say thank you to the vendors who participated.

By: shannonsuzanne on 10/31/10
CRY. I got something I can't use at all :( This was a good idea, but I don't have a Mavka and wouldn't know what to do with such or where to get her. The dress I got is cute, but like somebody else said about as useful as a rock. I wish I could trade/give away to someone who would use it. I really wanted a skin texture or something I could use along those lines. Oh well. Maybe next year. I at least got 31% off the order.

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