Trick or Treat!

Special thanks to Danie and marforno for letting us use
Once Upon a Time, and to Andi3d for Screamin' Sid the Skelli!

Another Halloween is creeping up on us! Do you have your goodie bags ready? Thanks to some of our MarketPlace Vendors, we have a spooky assortment of free content for our members!

You do not want to miss these items, for you only have until October 31st, Halloween at 11:59pm CST system time before these freebies vanish into the night!


It's Renderosity Trick or Treat!


Alrinn's Closet

Vicinity for Antique House

The Dance Studio

The Secret's Out (1 of 2)

The Secret's Out (2 of 2)

Seasonal Freebies

Grunge Textures








So True Materials Vol1

TheBeauty N Texture_Holiday

IroHair for Punk Hair


Halloween Pack1 for CLOTHER Hybrid

Mock's Flying Lisard

Dark Elfin Free








Resurrection of the Witch

BCA Fabric and Paper Pack (1 of 2)

BCA Fabric and Paper Pack (2 of 2)

Mystikel Brush Sampler

Pretty Maid for V4/A4

Party Dress for V4 Elite

Halloween Pack2 for CLOTHER








Oskarsson's Brainsurgery

Mouse with Pad

Horny Devils


Monster Pack1 for MASKER

Flirty Girl for Bobbie25's ClubWear (1 of 2)

Flirty Girl for Bobbie25's ClubWear (2 of 2)


Black Rain






Monster Pack1 for EYER


Keihan's Helloween Gazebo

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! for Miki 2

Halloween Stuf for Sadie

Hair Textures (Merchant Resource) (1 of 2)

Hair Textures (Merchant Resource) (2 of 2)








BCA Elements Pack (1 of 2)

BCA Elements Pack (2 of 2)

Lizzard Creature

Macropolis New Worlds: Darwin Whale (Leviathan Low-Res)

Witchy for V4/A4 (1 of 2)

Witchy for V4/A4 (2 of 2)

Monster Pack1 for CLOTHIM








Halloween Pack1 for CLOTHIM

OLE for 2 Pumps & Socks for V4

Psycho House


WaterColors for BeatZarre Hair

X-Top, Skirt and Poses

BK Fantasyhat








Creature Making Kit - Preliminary Version

Dynamic Halloween Costume-v4

Halloween Stuff for Kiki

*arcebus: A Clockwork Heiress

10 Spooky Atmospheres

Trash Cans for Vue

Metal textures








Magical Glyphs - Backgrounds and Spell Symbols

Free_Old Celtic Cross

Mini Temple

WD Freeware V4

BK Free Jacket for "Teo"

I_JustWant TheCandy









Halloween Stuff for NearMe

TrickorTreat for Spider Hair

Segmented Tech


Monster Pack1 for CLOTHER

BCA Patchwork Alpha (1 of 2)

BCA Patchwork Alpha (2 of 2)








BCA PinkGold Alpha (1 of 2)

BCA PinkGold Alpha (2 of 2)


The Apprentice Wizard

Whitch Hat

Halloween Pack1 for CLOTHER

Wild & Romantic Backgrounds








Zai's Romanzia Gothic Mini Texturing Set


Haunted Haywagon

The Ball Man

Rosemary's Baby Carriage/Bassinet

Varnayrah's "Renaissance Lost" for MiddleAges Dress

Lil's Trick or Treat








Nabia Jewels for V4

Fantasy Mirror

High Society for Society V4







Black Rain



Member Opinions:
By: grylin on 10/20/08
oh cool, but i see some things r like 5 usd?? are the trests* free stuff and *tricks* really low priced stuff?:) lovely things ,so thanx!!!!

By: grylin on 10/20/08
ohhhh nevver mind .lol :P iz alll freee, and im sooo thankful :D

By: Ravenlady on 10/20/08
It´s splendid!!!! All the free products are fantastic! :D Thanks to all the vendors and yeah a Rendo

By: Shadow_Fyre on 10/20/08
Thank you so much for all the great content. I really like the check out system as if we had purchased these items, what a great idea. Thank you!

By: shg0816 on 10/20/08
How awesome is this!!!

I picked up a bunch of stuff for nada!!

Thanks to everyone whom contributed to this deal!!

By: FLDesign on 10/20/08
So wonderwonderwonderful!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to all Vendors to give this amazing things to us.
Thank you so much!

By: Mea on 10/20/08
thanks guy! Great promotion!

By: Avari on 10/20/08
Wow! Thanks to all the vendors who most generously contributed! ^_^

By: Lzy724 on 10/20/08
this is loading slower than molasses, but page 1 looks awesome! many thanks!

By: snowbug on 10/20/08
Really great freebies,
Many thanks to the vendors :)

By: darman42 on 10/20/08
very nice. loved all of the products.

By: Suncat1 on 10/20/08
Thankyou for such wonderful freebies! Thank you to all the artists who have donated too!

By: lonar on 10/20/08
Thank you very much to Rendo and all the venders for these amazing gifts.

By: Shalimar-Cherie on 10/20/08
To bad , the Picture link dont work !

By: DemonMage on 10/20/08
I'm looking through the offerings and I'm completely blown away by the everyone's generosity.

By: Jjudes on 10/20/08
Thank you to all the venders, much appeciated.

By: B4ttous4i on 10/20/08
Many thanks to all the vendors. Really great stuff!

By: oldhippie100 on 10/20/08
awesome guys,thanks a bunch,tried to checkout..browser crashed

By: Suzie09 on 10/20/08
Nice stuff. Thanks to all vendors ^_^

By: rty on 10/20/08
Great stuff, thanks a lot!

By: abadboy101 on 10/20/08
Great treats, but is anyone having trouble checking out on the $0 total and getting an error?

By: Martian_Law on 10/20/08
Huzzah! Thanks guys!

By: tequila4clc on 10/20/08
Thanks so much! Very nice. Happy Halloween!

By: DarkStarRising on 10/20/08
well, this would be fantastic, thank you very much, but i get nothing but a blank page, either that or its so slow in loading *alomst 28k loading times WOW* i get to see nothing.

By: SissyB on 10/20/08

By: Fanci on 10/20/08
I cant wait to get in and see.. but I am getting Fatal error: MySQL error: Too many connections in /sv1/renderosity/public_html/classes/class.bw_Database.php on line 91

By: Dannidill on 10/20/08
Thanks so much for the tasty treats!

By: posfan on 10/20/08
reload Fanci - it works, but is darn slow

Thanks for all the stuff!!

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 10/20/08
Thank you to all creators :)

By: piep on 10/20/08
Thank you =)

By: Samsung12z on 10/20/08
Thank you to all of the creators. We appreciate for all you've done.

By: mikeerson on 10/20/08
so far so good... haven't made it in there yet, still standing in line. This should of been offered before the Carnival of the Dead Halloween contest... I bet it would of inspired those artists that didn't enter.... as far as the contest, I think Trick or Treat should be the theme next year - If the entry doesn't have ANYTHING to do with trick or treat, it should be placed in a catagory that does not compete.

By: Brandi on 10/20/08
Darn. I can't get the page to open to save my life. :/

By: jeanne_50 on 10/20/08
WOW! This looks great! Thank you so much. :)
Love, Jeanne

By: chud on 10/20/08
Thank you everyone!

By: destinycole on 10/20/08
Thanks to everyone for their generous treats, I didn't even have to go calling at their houses yay.

By: dbrv6 on 10/20/08
Very nice batch of Tricks and Treats. Thank you!

By: freak69 on 10/20/08
wow there fab! thank you to the vendors!!

By: cheba70 on 10/20/08
Great!!! Thanks to Rendo and the artists for their hard work and generosity!!

By: sweetypeteypie on 10/21/08
Thank you very much to the artists, and Rendo for these great gifts.

By: JZArt3DSteel on 10/21/08
Awesome! I need to buy $5 items anyhowz since I am near broke, and the freebies are Cool - Thanks! ;-)

By: Ghostpanther on 10/21/08
Whoa ! What a great gift :) But my wishlist is already soooooooooooooooooooo long, that I still need time to choose, which item(s) I take to reach the 5$ minimum.

By: quinta1 on 10/21/08
Thank you very much to the artists,

for these great gifts

By: Marque on 10/21/08
Too many of these are addons for other products. Will wait on my opinion until I see the other products you say are on the way but for now will skip it. Thank you though for the thought.

By: SAMS3D on 10/21/08
I am glad to be able to participate again in this offer to the community, we worked really hard to get these items ready.I

I do wish there was a little more patience when things like this go a little crazy....tempers flare and the result is not always good.

Renderosity has always made good for our community and we should give them the benefit of the doubt before we start threating. Just food for thought.

By: BecSchm on 10/21/08
Lots of great stuff here - Thank you all!

By: Francemi on 10/21/08
Thank you to all! Happy Halloween!

By: ThunderStone on 10/21/08
Glad you made good, R'odsity... Thanks!

By: ThunderStone on 10/21/08
My biggest thanks and gratefulness is to the vendors/merchants who put together their wonderful wares to share with us.


By: FlyByNight on 10/21/08
Thank you Merchants & Rendo!

By: Revelation-23 on 10/21/08
Wow! It's like Christmas a couple months early. Thanks to everyone who put this together.

Oh, my poor hard drives...

By: bobbystahr on 10/21/08
Thanks again to all contributing vendors and also to the Admin for their speed in getting this page up...Well Done folks...some times it just takes 2 tries, heh heh heh.. ...

By: DdraigGraphics on 10/21/08
Thanks very much to Renderosity and especially to all the vendors.

By: bryqn on 10/21/08
These are all wonderful and we love you!

By: ArthurOPodd on 10/21/08
Thank you very much. This came when all bills we have are due at once, so I could not have made the $5 minimum.

By: matrix03 on 10/21/08
AWESOME! Just picked up a few that I missed yesterday. thanks to all the vendors! :-D

By: Shari123 on 10/21/08
Oh boy! Christmas in October! Many thanks to everyone!

By: zil2008 on 10/21/08
Spooktacular!!! Thankx to the vendors for these wonderful freebies. Happy Halloween!

By: dazza101 on 10/21/08
Thank you all so much for these great gifts!

By: annaglog on 10/21/08
Thank you, so much to try and see what is done!

By: Ghostpanther on 10/21/08
That's, why I like rendo so much ;)

By: Fanci on 10/21/08
Thank you very much! Lovely things to play with.. Thank you to the vendors and to Rendo.. Happy Halloween.

By: DreamersWish on 10/21/08
Thank you to all who gave so freely to the community! I appreciate it very much.

By: Strixowl on 10/21/08
Vendors thank you for the wonderful treats , but I think I got the trick. I loaded up my cart, went through checkout and BINGO! I got the trick $5.00 I don't have :-( But hey I didn't have the stuff before......

By: infinity10 on 10/22/08
Thanks to all the creators for all the freebies here. Much appreciated. Have a happy Halloween holiday. ( I am not in nor from the USA. )

By: sapat on 10/22/08
Thanks vendors, you guys rock!!!

By: CatlinaDances on 10/22/08
Thank you for all the wonderful FREE goodies. :)

By: samsiahaija on 10/22/08
Thanks for having them back on, at no additional cost.
Lots of nice stuff.
Still, I have the idea some of the original freebees are missing - whatever happened to Pappy's oil lamps, for instance?

By: annika_marie on 10/22/08
Thanks so so very much!!!

By: Iceshark39 on 10/22/08
Thanks so much to all the wonderful artist and vendors who so generously donated to this special treat for us all. All the items you've offered are wonderful!! Thank you Renderosity, thank you fellow artists, and thank you generous vendors. A treat indeed and here's to wishing you all a very Happy Halloween and a Joyous Samhain!

By: RetroDevil on 10/22/08
thanks everyone!! awesome freebies :D

By: TheKatster on 10/22/08
Thanks again to the vendors and to Renderosity for these great giveaways. Glad everything has been sorted out and I'm busy downloading.. may take me a couple of days but I thank you (but I don't think my straining hard drive does... lol).. TK

By: SueStine on 10/22/08
Awesome!! Thank you so much guys!

By: OOh Betty on 10/22/08
Thank you Vendors and Renderosity for your generosity!

By: LadySythe on 10/22/08
yay!! Freebies!! You guys rock! :)

By: Miret on 10/22/08
It'd be nice if it didn't all seem to be PC only? I tried 4 different things and they were exe files that my MAC doesn't read. Thanks anyway?

By: kdraper on 10/22/08
Thank you..Thank you..Thank you..:)

By: amirapsp on 10/22/08
Glad all is sorted out.
Thanx Rendo. Hugs

By: Kitt_24 on 10/22/08
Huge thanx these are wonderful and happily waiting to enter my runtime(s)! The generosity is always appreciated :)

By: macdubhgal on 10/22/08
Thanks so much for getting this sorted out Renderosity Staff and Vendors! Great offerings and a great way to celebrate the Season!

By: ghost13 on 10/22/08
thank you for your generosity
and renderosity for the bandwidth
happy halloween

By: guppyaddict on 10/22/08
Still haven't gotten anything but I can't wait to get started picking and choosing! I love this idea! Keep up the great work Rendo!

By: Eganko on 10/22/08
thanks so much to the vendors and rero.
great stuff. so much appreciated!

By: dragonmuse on 10/22/08
Thank you for the wonderful gifts.
I'm glad you changed the system to straight downloads.. much easier.

By: Strixowl on 10/22/08
Thanks soooooo much for fixing the $5.00 mess. Now I'm in to.

By: virginiese on 10/22/08
thank you very much. Happy Halloween to all

By: SpazRaven on 10/22/08
Thankyou very much, very cool of Renderosity :)

By: Calistra on 10/22/08
Thanks to all artists and all helping hands that gives us such nice helloween-presents

By: brynna on 10/22/08
Much better! We Freebie addicts are now in heaven! Thanks to the all the wonderful vendors who donated their time and effort to bring us Halloween treats! :-)

By: laztspark on 10/22/08
I do sincerely Thank all the vendor for their lovely or scarey as the case maybe gifts I for one can't make them and buy a lot but can't as much as I would like.

By: calum5 on 10/22/08
Thanks to all the kind people who donated their gifts!cal

By: floey on 10/22/08
Thank you :3!
uhm...1 question, how do you open .zip.part files :S?

By: floey on 10/22/08
ooooh nvm stupid me XD!

By: jadewolf on 10/22/08
WOW A monstrous thank you to all the contributors, should have fun with these

By: TimelessGem on 10/22/08
Thank you to all for the goodies :D
Timeless Gem

By: jadewolf on 10/22/08
WOW A monstrous thank you to all the contributors, should have fun with these

By: pokeydots on 10/22/08
Thank you all very much for your generosity! Happy Halloween!

By: FragmentedFortunes on 10/22/08
Thanks so much to all the contributing vendors, a great selection of goodies, thanks for your generosity and time taken to produce the gifts.

By: novelist999 on 10/22/08
Wow! A lot of very cool stuff! Thanks!

By: dementias_child on 10/23/08
Thank you all, this is great :}

By: Dafunkn on 10/23/08
To all who created these items, I want to say THANKS! There are way more Treats than Tricks here! I absolutely love this site and respect and admire all who continue to contribute to the Renderosity community. Keep it real, and keep it going and growing!


By: MCC27 on 10/23/08
Thankyou for getting this back on track. These are great. Thanks to all the PA's for their generosity.

By: bellydancer on 10/23/08
Everything I tried to install, just give me the next message: unknown format or damaged? What a pity!!!!!!!!!!

By: DarkRider on 10/23/08
Thank you! I came tonight to look for a car to use Tabala's Car Cult on, bought because I saw it and had used a lot of their freebies... Now I need a car.

By: Claywoman on 10/23/08
Wow thank you very much for all of the goodies!

By: Amalaswinta on 10/23/08
all this??? for free????

By: aurel71 on 10/23/08
Thank you for the wonderful gifts.
Happy Halloween to all...

By: MoonG01 on 10/23/08
To all of the Vendors and Renderosity thank you so much for all of the wonderful Halloween freebies.

By: Pajama on 10/23/08
Thank you :)

By: kangor on 10/23/08
thank you so much! to the vendors for these great halloween treats. I hope that by next year I will be able to participate in giving something back, for all of the generosity that you have given us. Thanks!

By: byteline on 10/23/08
Thank you to all creators. Is`s wonderful.

By: Andrew_C on 10/23/08
Thanks to all the contributers :)

@floey: a .part file extension means it didn't finish downloading, try downloading the item again.

By: Mavelle on 10/23/08

By: Amigo968 on 10/23/08
Thanks to the contributin vendors for all the goodies

By: yorkshire_pud on 10/23/08
Thank you so much for the kindness of the vendors who have donated to this event. Wonderful things to choose from. :O)

By: rwwolf on 10/23/08
Thanks you very much to all the vendors.

By: Sonia000 on 10/23/08
Very great content.Thanks so much.

By: spirittina on 10/23/08
thankyou thankyou this is so cool and very generous of the vendors

By: DeathTwister on 10/23/08
Very nice of you guys, maybe cannot use all at first, but I promise to have some hella good time fun with them, WTG guys.

By: Whikadsista on 10/23/08
Thanks so much to all the talented vendors...your work is greatly appreciated

By: tom271 on 10/23/08
great content.. thank you for your gifts

By: AnnieD on 10/23/08
Thanks to e'one who made this possible!!

By: tom271 on 10/23/08
great content.. thank you for your gifts

By: Grangehearts on 10/23/08
Oooh!! I don't get the marketplace effect :(
I liked that but my own pc packed in after I started to use it (must have been the excitement of all the great items.)
Thank you to the vendors they look good, but I might not be able to download any of them (network security at work), but it's the thought that counts

By: Snake_fan_Solid on 10/23/08
Fantastic, thanks to all the great vendors.
These work are really appreciated

By: edodaino on 10/23/08
Un grazie di cuore a tutti i venditori per questo grande regalo!!
Felice halloween a tutti!!!

By: TheGiver on 10/23/08
Excellent stuff here,thank you all for these freebies !

By: summer1412 on 10/23/08
Thank you so much to the vendors who gave us all the treats this year! Great stuff, can't wait to put it all to good use!

By: fastburn on 10/23/08
A big Thank You to all the vendors for all the gifts! You all "Rock"!!

By: mazzam on 10/23/08
Many thanks. Some really nice gifts here!

By: johnl3dx on 10/23/08
Thanks something for everyone

By: ShadowWind on 10/23/08
Thanks for the cool stuff and hope you have a great halloween!

By: satinroses on 10/23/08
One thing...PLEASE make clear what one is downloading? PLEASE. I STILL must pay for ALL downloads on my connection, if I get something I cannot use I am in trouble :-(

By: emay68 on 10/24/08
Thank you, vendors! Really wonderful gifts here! :o)

By: anitalee on 10/24/08
Thanks so very much!! Happy Halloween

By: Magick_Lady on 10/24/08
Thanks everyone for all this wonderful stuff i can play with now :)))))))))))

By: Kurti on 10/24/08
A mega-big thank you - you are the greatest!

By: Aquariante7 on 10/24/08
Thanks for all the Stuff ;)

By: Anthony Appleyard on 10/24/08
The trick part of it is on the users. Accessing Renderosity has got SSSSSLLLLOOOOWWWWW.

By: RedPhantom on 10/24/08
Thanks to everyone who donated gifts. Very generous.

By: matrix03 on 10/24/08
Awesome! keep them coming! ;-D

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 10/24/08
Thak you for this wonderful material.....!!!!!

By: QUEST-CHRONICLER on 10/25/08
Now THAT is a ton of FREE stuff! Thanks for being so generous!

By: Raymar3d on 10/25/08
The stuff looks great, but I can't tell what most of it goes to. Which models are they for? Etc. Just for the future, it would be really great to at least also have a link to the readme page for the models so we can classify them as we download. But thank you for all these! --Ken

By: Tigerphoenix on 10/25/08
I think my computer is tired from downloading all this free stuff! Thanks so much!

By: WilberPost on 10/25/08
Awesome selection! Thanks everyone!! :)

By: erso11 on 10/26/08
Wowsers! You never fail to give all kinds of goodie for our treat baggies at the holdiays! Who says trick or treat is for kiddies, or are we kiddies? :):)

By: Zazou on 10/26/08
Thank you for those awesome products !

By: Hioushi on 10/26/08
Where's the "Download All" button??

Hehehe, thank you so much!!

By: BKE on 10/26/08

By: Gini on 10/27/08
Thank you all very much !!

By: jiyu on 10/27/08
Halloween? No, its Christmas!!!! Thank you

By: hoyboy on 10/27/08
Thanks to all the vendors, artists, and creators here at Renderosity, for your generosity. Great stuff.

By: Jetiro on 10/27/08
thanky thanky
your generosity never ceases to fill my.... folders.
*giggles and scurries off to fill her treatee bag"

By: already_taken on 10/27/08
This is a very fine collection of gifts. Many thanks to the vendors and Renderosity.

By: shine40 on 10/27/08

By: midnight_stories on 10/28/08
Excellent stuff people much appreciated

By: Darkwish on 10/28/08
Cool stuff! Thank you very much! ^_^

By: featherwitch on 10/28/08
Thanks muchly for all the gifts everyone! :o)

By: pdq1234 on 10/28/08
I won't write another thank you as everyone has allready said that better than I could; but there are some people who need thanks as much as those who have provied these freebies, and that is all the great people who keep the freebies section stocked with great stuff.

So here's a harty THANK YOU! to all who posted these freebies and to all those who post in the freebies section!

By: angelluciano on 10/28/08
This is really nice... thanx.

By: wereingodshands on 10/28/08
Thank you for a great gifts!

By: Eo7 on 10/29/08
A generous bag of goodies indeed. Thanks to all the vendors and folks who made this avaialble to us.

By: Tenorguy on 10/29/08
Bravi Tutti! This is wonderful stuff!

By: ka06059 on 10/30/08
these shouldt happen!! it worth of hundred dollars of being freebies.. delicious freebies though... ;-d

By: jif3d on 10/30/08
I would like to thank all the vendors for their generosity and I hope they receive some treats themselves...blood, brains and other yummy Halloween goodies...bwahahaha !
Seriously, thanx a million for this smorgasbord of delights !
BIG ~Cheers~

By: Mrsb on 10/30/08
Thank you to all the Vendors! Happy Halloween!

By: Nanstein1523 on 10/30/08

By: JeffersonAF on 10/30/08
Excellent stuff.

By: schowler on 10/30/08
Wow! Great group of assets here! Thank you all for being so generous!!

By: Kyms_Cave on 10/30/08
THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH..this is so awsome..I can't wait to see what I got..feels like Xmas has come early..
To all those wonderful people who have provided all these great free-bees!! what fantastic people you are and so generous...may only great happiness come your way..Happy Halloween...

By: LBJ2 on 10/31/08
Thanks for the nice stuff.
So much content.. so little time to use it.
Happy halloween.

By: nightowl33 on 10/31/08
Totally! Thank you all so very much! Happy Hauntings!


By: zxcv on 10/31/08
Very cool...Happy Samhain!

By: NonasArt on 10/31/08
Thank you all so very much...REALLY AWESOME! ;) Happy Halloween

By: jan_scrapper on 10/31/08
Thank you one and all...wonderful Halloween prezies:)

By: muf on 10/31/08
Thanks so much all for the hard work!

By: IronWolf1966 on 10/31/08
Thx for the pretties and the creepies. :)

By: LunaBaby10 on 10/31/08
thanks so much for all the neat stuff..

By: Breyden on 10/31/08
Thank You All So Much For Your Generosity! Freebies Rule!

By: Heather061 on 11/1/08
Thanks for all the cool goodies!

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