Time Is Running Out to Take the Annual Renderosity Survey!


Take the Community Survey

How would you like to win a $100 MarketPlace Gift Certificate, all while helping us improve your Renderosity experience? Now is your chance! We are giving away $100 MarketPlace Shopping Sprees to twenty random members who fill out our annual community survey before October 1st!  Plus, every member that participates in our survey will get a vendor sponsored FREEBIE!

What is the Community Survey?

Every year we conduct a site wide survey to get YOUR feedback on what needs to improve in the community as well as the MarketPlace. While we strive everyday to make your visit to Renderosity a great experience, your opinions are crucial to helping maintain that experience.

To help focus on our key areas, we have more than one survey for those whom Renderosity serves a different purpose. We'll have surveys for the Community and the MarketPlace, as well as a separate survey for vendors. There is a chance you are eligible to take more than one. We hope you do, because each different survey you take is another entry to WIN A $100 MARKETPLACE SHOPPING SPREE!

Get Started Now!

Survey must be COMPLETED by October 1st.  Click HERE to begin the survey. Once you have completed the survey you will be given a vendor sponsored freebie and an entry to win one of twenty (20) $100 MarketPlace Gift Certificates. Questions can be directed to admin@renderosity.com

Gift Certificate drawings will take place the first week in October. Winners will be notified by Renderosity. We thank you in advance for helping make Renderosity a better place, for all digital artists. 

Member Opinions:
By: DarkStarRising on 9/1/08
OOooo thank you, did so and keeping fingers crossed!

By: Chere on 9/1/08
This is great!! Thanks so much for the chance to a SHOPPING SPREE....yaaaaaaaH!

By: Dirtylooks on 9/1/08
This would sure give my CC a break. :)
Just happy for the chance.
Thank you.

By: cyberpapy on 9/1/08
I'll play the game because I'd loved your august sale. It was a very funny idea. The rest of my opinion on your site into the survey ;-)

By: shadolady on 9/1/08
Renderosity is one of the best marketplace/communities I haunt frequetly.

By: LBAMagic on 9/1/08
Painlessly simple survey. Thanks for the Freebie and the opportunity to provide my "suggestions".

By: ForbiddenWhispers on 9/1/08
Thank you. I took the survey.

By: Goldenthrush on 9/1/08
Yay! I like taking surveys anyhow, this just makes it cooler. :D

By: Khrys on 9/1/08
Easy, fast. Thanks to the merchants who donated! :)

By: Suncat1 on 9/1/08
Quick and easy to do. And thank you to the merchants who've donated items!

By: ajmarti on 9/1/08
It's always fun and an honor to help Rendo! With or without gifts!.

By: amirapsp on 9/1/08
Great idea. Thanx.

By: Angelsfury2004 on 9/1/08
Great survey, it is good to get feed back from your customers. Thank you to the sponser for the freebie, snagged mine and will use it lots!

By: MikeMGermany on 9/1/08
Thanks for the nice freebie!
You rock!

By: rasputina on 9/1/08
That's wicked cool, nice choice of Freebies as well.

By: SndCastie on 9/1/08
Thanks to all the merchants who contributed for this and the survey was great as always.:O)

By: CptKrunch on 9/1/08
Very generous – many thanks.

By: sweetypeteypie on 9/1/08
I never win anything, sitting with my fingers crossed again.
Thank you for the chance!

By: ZeornWarlock on 9/1/08
Thanks for the opportunity.


By: Vaizaado on 9/1/08
Thank you! Great survey, lovely products!

By: Wattsww on 9/1/08
I love this site always have. I love it even more now that I know how to create FREEBIE to give back to all those that are here.

By: vaia on 9/1/08
Thanks very much for the freebie! Very quick and simple survey :)

By: SahaFashion on 9/1/08
Thank you for this great gift and the possibibilty to tell our opinion :)

By: AnIronButterfly on 9/1/08
Thanks for listening to us, and for offering a
selection of goodies to choose from. Very thoughtful and generous!

By: nikitanights on 9/1/08
What a great way to get ideas and opinons. Thanks for the freebie.

By: Anglu on 9/1/08
100 Dollars? Seriously? Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

By: leehilliard on 9/1/08

By: foxy13 on 9/1/08
by:foxy13 on9.1.08
thanks for the gift and for listening to us

By: Whikadsista on 9/1/08
gosh this was fun survey...thanks

By: DreamersWish on 9/1/08
Thank you for the allowing me to give my opinion and for working so hard to make it a wonderful place to browse images, make friends, and check out some of the coolest items! Thank you to the vendors for the generous gift (it was a hard choice)!

By: didda on 9/1/08
Thank you :)

By: TheKatster on 9/1/08
ooooo free gifts.. always nice... glad I could help.. TK

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 9/1/08
Thanks. :)

By: Countess on 9/2/08
Wonderful Idea! :)

By: Tashar59 on 9/2/08
I think you should have added buying video tutorials to the classes attended question or even an extra question for that. I have spent quite a bit of money and time to Modo tutorials and I'm sure others could say the same about other software. Thanks for the gifts.

By: summer1412 on 9/2/08
This is so neat! Thanks so much for actually LISTENING to your members, instead of some communities who just do whatever works for the big wigs! We love you guys.

Keep up the amazing work, and thanks to the vendors for the freebies!

By: Sa_raneth on 9/2/08
Thanks to the Vendors for the freebies and thanks to R'osity for this great community keep up the good work

By: 3DFineries on 9/2/08
Had a blast with the sale! Love my gift! Crossing my fingers.
Renderosity Rocks!

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 9/2/08
Thank you for this opportunity to make them know what personalmenete thinks of Renderosity, and also of being able to express me before you.

By: VRG on 9/2/08
Thank you! This site rocks, and is quite generous!

By: Aral3D on 9/2/08
Thank you for giving us the chance of tell you our opinion on the market place, and for giving also us the chance to win a prize like that!

By: pixeluna on 9/2/08
Thanks so much for the free gifts. Renderosity is ALWAYS the best place to go---LOVE your products, website layout and your sale!

By: astralrod on 9/2/08
I wish win, i have a few things in my wish list, and i wish that items in my runtime.

Good luck to all!

By: Bossie_Boots on 9/2/08
Thank you for the chance to air our views and for the freebies and money off coupan that came in handy hugs lou x

By: LadyEmmy on 9/2/08
thnxxxxxxxx, how super!!! so grateful!

By: Faemike55 on 9/2/08
Great site and wonderful members! great tutorials to help us new people get on the right path!

By: ladyduece on 9/2/08
Yet another reason why this is my favorite place to shop. Thank you for listening to us as always!

By: twingo on 9/2/08
Thanks for the chance to give our opinion, Renderosity is a great place for all artists

By: fractalartist01 on 9/2/08
The fact that you ask both your customers AND your vendors for their opinions says it all! The growth at this site is just amazing.

By: Darkscar13 on 9/2/08
I could use the spree...lol..im always broke!
And im here everyday!!

By: originalkitten on 9/2/08
Great incentive :O)

By: scifibabe on 9/2/08
Thanks for asking the users for their input. I appreciate you guys! Renderosity is a great site and thanks for the freebie and coupon too! :)

By: Antonio57 on 9/2/08
Bonne idée que celle-ci!!

By: RnRWoman on 9/2/08
Thanks for the survey and asking members what their opinions are about Renderosity and the various areas of Renderosity! It's great to be able to get a chance to share our opinions on it. Take care and GBU! :)

By: roni190 on 9/2/08
Love the site! I've learned alot ghosting around the forums and downloaded some absolutely fantastic freebies, so taking the survey is my pleasure.


By: corinthianscori on 9/2/08
Lets all agree that we need product-related links in the Market Place. Add-ons, expansions, tutorials, forums...all those related links to every product.

By: nightsong on 9/2/08
Many thanks to the kind merchants who donated items!

By: fabiana on 9/2/08
thanks for the interst in our oppinions :)

By: Karth on 9/3/08
Done ! And thanks for the freebie :-)

By: Valentin3D on 9/3/08
Thank you very much,great survey and thanks to the merchants who donated items!Done !!!

By: JeffersonAF on 9/3/08
Great opportunity, excellent Renderosity.

By: spm91g on 9/3/08
Thanks for giving us a voice!! Thanks for the freebie as well!!

By: dawolfe42 on 9/3/08
great thanks guys !!!!

By: flaviok on 9/4/08
Excelente, fazer feed-back é sempre algo de extrema importancia, assim como procurar a opinião daqueles que aqui estão quase que diariamente. Parabéns.
Excellent, to do feed-back is always something of extreme importance, as well as seeking the opinion of those that here are almost that daily. Congratulations.

By: Kerya on 9/4/08
Fun - and thanks to the merchants for the freebies (it was hard to choose).
And an additional thank you for the coupon.

By: rawdodb on 9/4/08
Nice to be able to give feedback and that your interested enough to run the survey.
Thank you to the Vendors for the freebie's, Definitly took a while to make a choice.
Also thanks to the staff for the coupon.. Looking forward to using it too.

By: nexxus on 9/4/08
Rendo does it again :) Thanks for everything you do for us!!!!

By: Auchanti on 9/4/08
OMG!! Yayyy!!
Don't cha just know we love it.
It's not often we are offered the opportunity to voice our opinions, not only that, but to be offered so much by the merchants here, and most of the time for free. Thank you all♥
Taking this survey is indeed my pleasure. *Renderosity R.O.C.K.S*

By: ShariaAsen on 9/4/08
This is probably the first survey I've ever done where I actually GOT the car! LOL! Thanks!

By: jmherve on 9/4/08
Thanks for freebies !

By: Lyonene on 9/4/08
I love Renderosity, however my bank account gets rather peeved at it when I go shopping :-)

By: cipher_X on 9/4/08
A pleasure to take the survey. And many thanks to the vendors for donating their superb work.

By: npauling on 9/4/08
Thank you for the chance and feed back is always a good thing. Thank you to the merchants who donated items.

By: tiggerypum on 9/4/08
Thank you, nice survey, gifts, and a discount coupon to boot :)

By: masha on 9/4/08
My pleasure and thanks for the goodies to boot :)

By: moonglade on 9/5/08
Thank you for the nice gifts and a chance to take the survey. Renderosity Rocks!

By: delbeke on 9/5/08
Thanks for the chance for feedback and the great freebie, coupon and chance to win! :o)

By: schonee on 9/5/08
Thank you for the gifts & coupons and the great vendors who donated Thank you so much...

By: barryjeffer on 9/5/08
Great survey, and wonderful goodies! fingers are crossed here for sure.

By: Habatchii on 9/6/08
Good campaign; hope you reach your goals...

By: Ironhelix on 9/6/08
Thanks for the gift. I saw you guys at Siggraph in Los Angeles. Good stuff.

By: ArtByMivan on 9/6/08
Great idea. I forgot to add one thing in the survey. It would be a help if the case issues in marketplace search were resolved. An example: A search for (A)rchitecture brings up models that do not appear in a search for (a)rchitecture. Had I not been in the habit of capitilizing many good items would have been missed and not purchased.

By: wawadave on 9/7/08
i,d be more likely to catch a yeti playing poker with bigfoot,then to win.

but they say you are more likely to get struck by lightning 3x then win a lotto!
only 1 more time to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Fylbrigge on 9/7/08
I already spent the coupon! :D Thanks.

By: Lledeline on 9/7/08
Thanks for the coupon and freebie

By: terrye634 on 9/7/08
Thanks for the freebie, although the file I downloaded was corrupted and couldn't be opened. Thanks anyway, for the coupon!

By: tigertim on 9/7/08
great survey, and appreciate the chance to give you my feedback. Thanks for the voucher, and thanks you to the vendors for the freebies, very very much appreciated.

By: manti on 9/8/08
the best option for me for such a long time

By: Rodma_Hu on 9/8/08

By: Jagdtiger2 on 9/8/08
Thankyou venders for the freebies,Thankyou renderosity for letting me have my say,.

By: ruby_dragon on 9/8/08
OMG you guys are so nice :) Thank you for this oppertunity ;) My Wishlist could use a cleaning!! *hugs* You guys rule!!!

By: Sebby5 on 9/8/08
This is such a generous site. You're the best!!!

By: DOAServices on 9/9/08
Can't wait. Love doing Halloween stuff more than anything else.

By: fluffgirl on 9/9/08
i have spend the coupon ..thank you so much

By: averroes on 9/10/08
Thank you for the nice gifts and a chance to take the survey .You're the best!!!

By: blueknot on 9/10/08
Coupon says it is "valid through September 30, 2008"???

By: Seaview123 on 9/10/08
Thank you for asking for our opinion. That is one of the reasons I enjoy my time on the site. We appreciate your taking the time to cater to our needs.

By: amsweitzer on 9/11/08
Thankyou for asking I enjoy this site I however have found some products are cheaper elseware but I like the fact that my purchases are always available for download later if needed. I have noticed some products in the store that are no longer avaible can they be cleaned out so I won't want to try and purchase something that is no longer avaible. The merchants are helpful when there is an issue. The overall experiance is excellant and I continue to shop here.

By: Lazart on 9/11/08
Thanks for the chance to input. You rock!

By: imaga on 9/11/08
Es una gran idea, gracias por tomar en cuenta nuestras opiniones

By: NonasArt on 9/11/08
Thank you for the very nice gift, and Thank you for letting us be a part of you.

By: AscendedSpirit on 9/14/08
This would be a very nice birthday present. My birthday is October 2. I am going to be a old thang. LOL 27

By: gingercakes47 on 9/14/08
This was an easy survey, and thank you for the gift.

By: ratzilla on 9/15/08
Thanks for a chance to participate! and thanks for the neet freebee too! You guys are the best!

By: P3D-Art on 9/17/08
Great thing for listen to us ... Thanks for the freebee!!
You are a cool team and Renderosity is the place to be!!

By: misthemes on 9/17/08
Merci beaucoup pour cette chance !

By: Nick_Jones on 9/18/08
I took the survey, but the 25% off coupon code doesn't show anywhere in my account. What's the deal?

By: grischnakh on 9/20/08
Made the survey to give you some not brown nosing answers from a european

By: spirittina on 9/21/08
thanks i took the survey also

By: tabala on 9/23/08
great idea, once again. Hope we can help to improve our beloved site

By: wlmay33 on 9/23/08
WOW! Looks like I'm one of the last ones to take it. That's what I get for rendering and not checking E-mail. lol As a professional webmaster (I actually get paid for doing what I like), your site is great, the deals excellent. I have to admit, I spend most of my off work time between you and Content Paradise. Layout is very user friendly. 508 compliant. Keep up the good work. Brown nosing? Nope, just good web work.

By: tr1ggaman on 9/24/08
Renderosity is the best to me

By: xpac5896 on 9/24/08
I don't take surveys, but I took this one. Great to see how people care about what they do. And thanks to those who offered up the freebees!

By: mikeerson on 9/26/08
wheres the survey? - lol... I scrolled up, I had to make a uturn... You wanted to go straight, but the sign said: NO YOU TURN.

By: SpringWish on 9/26/08
Took the survey..thanks so much.

By: wickedelf on 9/26/08
It is always nice to know your opinion counts for something. Thanx for the freebie.

By: digitell on 9/26/08
When I click on HERE for taking survey I am taken to a page that give me the coupon code and a thanks for taking the survey..but no survey to be found :?

By: mukund_vineeth on 9/26/08
i always like to survey .this one is interesting

By: Alpharius on 9/26/08
I've looked at many forums for this subject, and NOTHING comes close to Renderosity!

By: Zicke_Buffy on 9/27/08
Renderosity is the best Market for Poser of the World :)

By: gunsan on 9/27/08
Maybe excellent survey, but nothing for us 2D people. I know we are a minority, but also for us it is a great community. After being a member for eight years I can just say: It is my second home.

By: MuonQuark on 9/27/08
Thanks for asking our opinions. There are, I believe, things that can be improved but the fact that you guys try is worth a gold star in my book. Thanks.

By: MCLIONHO on 9/27/08
Thans for the freebies and the wonderfull galleries

By: EternalMemory16 on 9/27/08
Thank you for asking our opinions, i just hope I am lucky enough to win :)

By: WhispersSoft on 9/28/08
I think it's great that we are being asked what we feel or think.

By: Erynn on 9/28/08
Great idea and I hope I'll win one :) Good luck :) Love Renderosity :)

By: neco on 9/28/08
Thanks for the nice freebie!

By: SilverDolphin on 9/30/08
Great Idea ask us whats what!

By: delliopass on 9/30/08
Very good job, many thanks

By: Sonia000 on 9/30/08
I thank Renderosity.Great place is here.

By: wpggal on 9/30/08
Renderosity is the best place to find such Wonderful Talented Artists. I browse and purchase when I can and enjoy everything here. I filled out my survey right at the beginning. Keeping my fingers crossed. ;-))

By: debbees on 10/1/08
Thank you very much...I love this site and all the freebies and inspiration...fingers crossed for a chance to reduce my wishlist

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