Those Sneaky Little Elves!
Speed, speed, all you want for Christmas is faster site speed?!

Image used with permission by: Carol Dahl [rockets]

Well, Santa heard you loud and clear. So, he and the Renderosity Elves snuck out in the wee hours of Monday morning and installed a new database server. We thought it would make the perfect gift to share with all the Renderosity matter how naughty or nice...

This is just one of the things we have been planning to bring better performance to Renderosity. We still have a couple more items on our task list to work through, but we are hoping you can already feel the improvement.

We have replaced our old IBM database server. It was a quad P4 processor with 16GB ram...not a bad box, but just could not handle the load anymore. Now that the old database server has retired, it will likely do some remedial tasks while it watches the new boxes around it play and grow.

The new database server has Quad Dual Core Opteron processors with 32GB ram. So, it has about twice the ability of older one. This new server will handle the load coming in from the front-end boxes a lot easier. Basically what I'm trying to say, is it plays well with others : )

You should be noticing site speed improvements in most areas of the site. The only place right now that is not as noticeable is the Marketplace. We will be working in the Marketplace next.

We hope this gift of hardware will make your seasons bright as you come to Renderosity, morning, noon and night!

May your holiday season be filled with with joy, and fantastic works of art!

- Mortimer Kringle - Senior Elf and the Renderosity Team

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Member Opinions:
By: 3DLadyinRed on 12/20/06
It is delightfully better! Thank YOU!!!! We NOTICE!!!!

By: Radlafx on 12/20/06
Thanks for the speed update. :o)
What do you mean by"Quad Dual Core"? does that mean there are "FOUR" dual core processors or just 2 two-core processors? (I'm guessing the former).

By: dlfurman on 12/20/06
Can I have the old box? :)

By: Raeven on 12/20/06

By: TwoPynts on 12/20/06
I have noticed a slight increase...and here I though I was imagining things! ;']

By: Webmistres on 12/20/06
Thank you!!!

By: Unicornst on 12/20/06
So that's why I didn't have time to go get me a cup of coffee in between pages loading. *grin* Awesome job, everyone!

By: TerraDreamer on 12/20/06
I agree, the performance is way better from work now, where I shouldn't be surfing to Rendo from anyway :) From home, it's significantly faster. Thanks, Rendo!

By: rockets on 12/20/06
I don't understand all that, but if the site's faster than YIPEEEE!!! Thanks so much!
Btw, nice looking elf you have there! LOL

By: pdblake on 12/20/06
Unfortunatly he also put the marketplace on the front page.

By: DarkStarRising on 12/20/06
is it faster havent noticed at all!
and erm, why is the store page on the front page now???

By: LillianH on 12/20/06
Momentary situation...just to see if you were all paying attention ;-)

I tell you gotta watch those sneaky little elves!!

Things should be back in place now.

By: gillbrooks on 12/20/06
I noticed it's faster - thank ye :-)

By: CandeeKis on 12/20/06
Very cool!!

By: danob on 12/20/06
Certainly seems quicker to me..Well done

By: ARTWITHIN on 12/20/06
Thank you very much! Have a wonderful holiday!

By: kuroyume0161 on 12/20/06
I have a home for that retired IBM database server if you ever want to give up for adoption - you guys are based in Africa, right? ;)

Site feels much smoother, thank you!

By: Midnite_Designer on 12/20/06
Christmas did come early this year!

By: Valerie-Ducom on 12/20/06
Fantastic and thanks ;)

By: fastburn on 12/20/06
A big "Thank You"! The site is so much more enjoyable now that things move a little faster! Really makes surfing the galleries fun again! Thanks and all you working at Rosity have yourselfs a very Merry Christmas!

By: liquidanime on 12/20/06
It has made a difference. Thank you! :)

Happy holidays.

By: Ardiva on 12/20/06
I noticed the difference right off. Thank you very much!

By: Richardphotos on 12/20/06
I have noticed faster loading since Monday. it is an awesome present and will give Renderosity an edge on the competition

By: MRC1 on 12/20/06
We certainly have come along way in the last 30 years or more in computer technology. I remeber NCR 250 which had core memory at 64 kilobites and tubes, and used cards and paper and magnetic tape. Clock speed was under 1 mHz and there was no internet and the modem work at 8600 bauds. Teletypes were used for input of data and printing output. ADM 3 Teminal and 8 inch floppy disks was high tech then. And 5 megabyte hard drive was in the developement stage. It was 5 ft wide and under 50 feet long. Noisey and hot. I am glad we have advance to where we are now. The site really work well with your up grade.

By: ringbearer on 12/20/06
Thank you!! Just what I wanted!

By: MoonGraphics11 on 12/20/06

By: Thorwald on 12/20/06
immediatly could tell something was different THANKS!!!

By: kansas on 12/20/06
Thanks and it makes a difference already.
Merry Christmas to the Renderosity team.

By: phoenixwaller on 12/20/06

By: hewee on 12/20/06
Last night I seen it was faster and said wow how nice but there was also less people so I said oh nothing new.
But now the speed is fast and there are a lot more people were it was always so slow and pages are loading fast. Thank you so very much all you Little Elves.

By: Punaguy on 12/21/06
I noticed the difference, but I didn't think it would last...but I was wrong!! It's been great, thanks Santa!! I for one appreciate the speed...Rock on!! Aloha~

By: Lyne on 12/21/06
I saw this...and then I saw that there are over 2000 folks on line and so I zipped over to TEST it out on the galleries (my prefs give me FULL SIZE on all images right off) and all I can say is WOWOW! I NEVER got around so fast with this many on line at a time before!! THANK YOU GUYS AND DOLLS!!!

It will be cool when the store goes faster too... (just hope still it's search engine can get some medical attention too! ;)

Happy Holidays!!

By: ladydawg on 12/21/06
Even I noticed the difference and I have cable.

Now that's what I call a gift that lasts all year round!

By: NekhbetSun on 12/21/06

Thank you !!!!!

By: Indoda on 12/21/06
Thanks to those Elves - I noticed the speed increase and hope it'll last.
Merry Christmas to all the Renderosity Team and a big thank you for all their hard work.

By: X-PaX on 12/21/06
Thanks to Santa and his Elves.
Happy christmas time to the whole Renderosity team and to all other members.

By: ligt on 12/21/06
oh, thank you, never got anything like this for x-mas, never got anything at all for x-mas, but that is something different.

By: Pankaj on 12/21/06
AHHH slow down!!I'm running to mashine's.
Now I'm really in trouble.
Honestly... Thanks it makes it much easier.

By: schonee on 12/21/06
Thank You And Happy Holidays to all.

By: Robotmonster on 12/21/06
Cool! Merry christmas to you guys (and gals of course :)

By: ashokscape on 12/21/06
Big thank you, love and Merry Christmas to the proactive team at my favourite place!

By: BonBonish on 12/21/06
Thank you! And Happy Holidays!

By: Shardz on 12/21/06
Amen! This will be a present that will be used for some time to come! Now if I could only get those elves to fix up my machines! LOL! Great news all around!

By: Thelby on 12/22/06
I Noticed quicker render times!!!! ................Oh wait, that's because of my 2 New Dualcores, Hehehehe!!! Thanks Guys, will put in a good word for ya with the bug Guy ;^)

By: shadow_dancer on 12/22/06
yehaw finally i can load here without sitting and waiting 10 minutes:)

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 12/22/06
Good. Thank you. :)

By: shaigirl on 12/22/06
Very cool! Thank you!

By: laztspark on 12/22/06
I had noticed. My DSL works better now.
I thank You.

By: dpanzee on 12/22/06
I definitely noticed...the pages are loading really fast...thxs bunches. :o)

By: kdraper on 12/22/06
Thank you...Thank you....!!!

And a Happy Holidays to you all..

By: TallPockets on 12/23/06
MUCH thanks and appreciated! T.P.

By: Quidnunc on 12/23/06
Great works. The speed (or lack of) was very noticeable compared to other sites. The improvement is most welcome and appreciated.


By: DennisReed on 12/23/06
The site speed is most noticable! YEAH!

By: JLyons on 12/23/06
Much faster and much appreciated!!

By: imagemaker on 12/23/06
The perfect gift for all thanks!
Happy and Safe Holiday to everyone!

By: drawbridgep on 12/23/06
And here's me thinking it was my shiny new 10mbps connection.

By: PsychaDurmont on 12/23/06
I certainly noticed! Wonderful news! Very appreciated!

By: maraich on 12/24/06
The upgrade has made a vast improvement. Thanks a bunch!

By: GARNETROSE on 12/24/06
yep I noticed :-]) thankyou

By: Jennyfnf on 12/24/06
Thankyou kindly. Just what we wanted for Christmas:-))

By: Gini on 12/24/06
Thats just great. Seasons Greetings to 'Rosity staff !

By: romanceworks on 12/24/06
Yes, much faster! Thanks and Merry Christmas to all!

By: Biffowitz on 12/24/06
Now that you mention it, I have'nt noticed any hang ups as of late!
Good work elves!!!

By: paradigm on 12/24/06
OMG the speed! it's dazzling!
Thank you so much darling elves!
Now hurry up and help santa with those last minute presents! quick! quick!

By: 4udreamcatcher on 12/24/06
Way to go!!! Merry Christmas ;)

By: arat on 12/25/06
At last!!! THX!!!!

By: GraphicMaster on 12/25/06
Great! now I don't have to shave while I wait for a page to load!

By: lemur01 on 12/26/06
Much better. Damn, i'll have to find something else to moan about now... it's always the same, you get a good moan going, climb up on ya hobby horse... and then they go and fix it.

By: Lucca on 12/26/06
Thank you! Renderosity does load much more easily now. I hope you had very merry Christmas! :D

By: A_Sunbeam on 12/26/06
Noticed the increase in loading speed today.

By: raspberry33 on 1/1/07
I was whining to a friend just this morning about how slow your site was, and how long it had been since I felt like slogging through to see some new stuff. Got on a little bit ago and was amazed at the improvement! Then I saw this article - aha! I'll be back a lot more often now! You've restored my faith. 2nd-best present I got this year! (Sorry - diamonds from my man beat you out.)

By: beowlar on 1/3/07
Thank you! It is such a pleasure now to navigate your site.

By: Scandaleyes on 1/15/07
Thank you! I noticed immediately.

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