The Winners of Our 'Carnival of Evil' Halloween Contest!
Carnival of Evil

The votes have been tabulated, and now it is time to announce the winners! Below you'll find the winners for each category.

3D/Animation Category winners

2D/ Photography Category winners

Writing Category winners

We congratulate all the winners, and would like to thank all of the following sponsors for helping us put together another awesome Halloween Contest here at Renderosity:


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Member Opinions:
By: sparrownightmare on 9/15/08
I wish they would do away with that image resolution limit. I mean it only makes about a 20K size difference and I don't know of anyone who actually has their screen resolution that low anymore... at 800x800 it is impossible to show any decent amount of detail without getting the fuzzies. To make matters worse, you have to use .jpg which is lossy to begin width.And as further annoyance, the 72dpi rule is just silly. Who thinks this stuff up? Eegads, it's almost not worth bothering. You can spend weeks doing a few really nice detailed models and these arbitrary file size rules make the image look like a 5th. grader did them.

By: mikeerson on 9/15/08
I have entered in the past two contests,
I look forward to the Halloween contest every year to view the contest entries and place an entry I hope that is worthy of a prize.
I would love to see in the future, if not this year, a pie graph stating which enties are getting the most votes... I think as artists it is important to know where we stand with the compitition. It also would add to the excitement and help the ones with the better art get greater recognition.
I look forward to seeing all the great pieces of art that the top artists on the site take the time to submit.
CARNIVAL OF EVIL will be a scream - I'm sure! - hopefully a scream of sure happiness for creating a piece worthy to be in your winning entries.
Thank you Renderosity for keeping the Annual Halloween Contest tradition alive!

By: calum5 on 9/15/08
The biggest contest in history!WOW!!Goodluck everyone,Im off to my basement for a few weeks he he he hahahaha *burp*trump*ooops!

By: calum5 on 9/15/08
ps: Im very proud to see my image being used advertising this contest:)Thanks renderosity:)

By: Digital_Mischief on 9/15/08
Oh, yummy, I love this contests. Brings all the creeps out. LOL

By: spm91g on 9/15/08
Going to have to bring my A+++++ GAME with Calcum5 in the basement for a few weeks!! Good luck to all!!!

By: mikeerson on 9/16/08
calum5 isn't in the basement yet, He took some time and commented on a few of my pictures, so if you hurry, you might make it to the basement before he does and hide his computer he he he hahahaha *burp*trump* ooops! I hope this isn't contageous - lol ... but really, thanks Cal for stopping over at my gallery today, it means a lot and you did deserve last year.

By: Whimsical on 9/16/08
Ohhh goodie, goodie, goodie *said whilst dancing around clapping hands with a creepy grin*

Even if I don't get a chance to enter I still look forward to this every year and seeing everyone's submissions!!

By: mixart on 9/16/08
Awesome !
I love Halloween. October 15th happens to be my birthday, LOL.
Good Luck To All ! ! ! !

By: ag_tn on 9/16/08
I can't wait to see what everyone come up with
I Love Hallween!!!!
Gook Luck everyone!!!

By: P3D-Art on 9/16/08
Wow ... Cal deserves and is one of the greatest artist I have seen!! Can I compete to that? Is my mind twisted enough? We will see!! Good luck everyone and happy creating!!

By: vaia on 9/16/08
Excellent contest!! Can't wait to see the entries this year!

By: zai on 9/17/08
So....3D & Animation..that's flat images that are rendered AND animation? And 2D is NOT rendered, but fully handpainted plus photography?

I'm not getting why these were combined since they are so different from each other?

By: RedPhantom on 9/17/08
I'm looking forward to this one. I love doing the contests here even though I've never won. It's good practise. I'm wondering how many will rent "Something Wicked This Way Comes" to get ideas. I'd consider it if I didn't have an idea already.

By: BluEcho on 9/17/08
I may enter.
Not going for the grand prize, don't think I'd beat out Calum on that. :)

But for Vue 6, I'd accept honorable mention.

By: jandunne on 9/17/08
I'd love to see a Halloween where mundane, even benign, things or animals run amok!

By: rikomortis on 9/17/08
Kinda like a kid waiting on christmas.

By: Porthos on 9/18/08
Calum's entry last year raised the bar a few notches, I'll keep trying though! :)

By: danial0321 on 9/19/08
is this limited to just computer renders because i paint

By: grylin on 9/19/08
oh im entering tooo. and is postwork allowed for the 3d contest????

By: sissywoods on 9/21/08
Now I've got that ELP song, Karn Evil 9 stuck in my head.. lol.

By: enigmaticredfrog on 9/21/08
I'm not going to be able to enter this year, I've just got too much going on. I'm hoping in future contests animation and 3D aren't combined. I think it puts your animation entries at a disadvantage. One it's like comparing apples and oranges. Plus, ppl with dial up aren't going to look at all the animations and will only vote on stills, not to mention ppl who are just to busy to look at everything. Just my personal opinion.

By: drewt333 on 9/22/08
sissywoods: "Greatest Show on Heaven, Hell or Earth!" Heh, heh. Me too.
enigmaticredfrog: I agree, without tighter categories the individual work doesn't get seen for what it is.

By: Davader on 9/22/08
Need to fix submit image input form for Carnival of Evil! image input it says
1024 x 1024 and the max size of the contest rules is 800 x 800 an bit misleading.
Thanks for having this wonderful contest.

By: fastburn on 9/22/08
I thought about entering the contest, but i know a regular joe like myself has no chance of ever winning. With the pros around here it seems to me just a waste of time. So i'll just say "congrats" the winners now!...i'm sure it will be the same group that always wins anyways!

By: warewullf on 9/23/08
Very true, Fastburn. Maybe there should be a Pro and non-pro section with seperate prizes?

By: electroglyph on 9/23/08
I think a word should be said about commercial content. Last year I got booted for using Cylons and other free content based on TV shows. There isn't a word about it this year.

By: calum5 on 9/23/08
As last years winner~I'd like to disagree with the comments by fastburn and warewullf.
Im an regular Joe and won last year.Ive no training in any software ,just taught myself in the last 6 years.I plug away at my images and try to make people and myself like what I do through hours and hours of trials and errors.****ANYONE 'CAN' WIN****.Just put your best effort in like I do:)Spend time with your work.Ive never won a contest before so Im not in the 'same group that always win'? I had to add my pennys worth.Dont feel put off as its not a waste of time.Geniunly goodluck to everyone:)))))cal

By: XxDarkMessiahxX on 9/24/08
Well spoken Calum. An artist of your caliber is not always someone who goes to some high priced art school. I recall picking up ZBrush around the same time as you, and seeing you learn as you went along. In your case, you picked up on the program fast. Probably only because you spent a rediculous amount of time using it. Enough to make some of us wonder if you have a life outside of ZBrush, hehe. I believe your work & the winnings from last years contest were well deserved. Anyone willing to put the time and effort that you put into your work is in my opinion more deserving of a win than someone who preloads a texture into a posed model and simply clicks render.

Those are my two cents. And with that being said, I've been working on a little something myself and intend on giving you a little competition this year. I dont know if I can hold a candle to your entry from last year, but Im going to give it a go.

And another thing... the theme is Carnival of Evil right? How come there are only about 2 entries that kind of have a little to do with a carnival?

By: ravenous on 9/27/08
The actual contest confuses me a bit. It says "The spookiest of submissions will win...". Is it all about who makes the scariest scene, rather than render quality, art, detail or whatever we otherwise would judge a picture by?

I mean, take a look at last years 1st place picture (by StealthWorks). That is one kickass render, and the shaders are awesome. But it's not very scary. Actually most submissions seem to be more beautiful in favor of "spookiness". I think I might have an idea of a scary nightmare scenario for my submission. But that scene would be very dark and lack details. Maybe I should go with the flow instead and go for a neat artistic render.

By: renderola on 9/28/08
Okay, Something is not working right. I entered the 3-d contest and got ain instruction that I not only had to send the photos, but also had to send a file. I then sent the main photo also as a file. Then I got a message that my entry did not comply with the thumbnail rule. (I'm sure the thumbnail was okay) and would be submitted for review without the files.
What does one have to do to enter this contest? Please help !!


By: calum5 on 9/28/08
Oh I forgot to mention I cant ever enter a rendo contest again because I've won one!Thats the rules.;) I will still play and create a picture for the hell of it if and put it in my gallery :)
XxDarkMessiahxX :I work a six day normally but sacrifice my sleep often:))

By: GoofyFoot on 9/30/08
That's a shame calum. I understand why they do that, but I don't think they should exclude past winners.

By: calum5 on 10/2/08
Hi Goofyfoot,its a shame the rules changed this year!I was looking forward to participating all year lol.Goodluck everyone:)

By: Noctra7 on 10/2/08
very sweet looking forward to being part of the carnival of Evil

By: lobbot on 10/4/08
I have the same "add a file problem"... When submitting the image and thumbnail, I've receive an error message which says I have to upload a file too...

That means I have to include the original file, not just the final rendered image???

By: Faemike55 on 10/5/08
Okay, mikeerson has been buggin' me to enter this contest. Well I just finished my first render in DAZ and considering how awful it looks, it just might win! hahahaha

By: Trigue on 10/14/08
Yeah, Renderola and Lobbot I also got the 'add a file problem' I've never entered one of these before. do they want project file?? if so which one for me Vue 6,Poser6, or CS2....couldn't find rules on this. Hope I can beat the deadline with this snag. good luck everyone anyway :)

By: 3drunner on 10/15/08
I agree with Goofyfoot, The contest should be judged upon quality and design. If this means that someone like calum5 were to win again, then it would be so, based upon his skills and he would have earned the right to win once again. I could understand if you were blocked for a single year, or something on that order, but not permanently. I have an entry in, and I really don't expect to win because there are a lot of good ones in the group. But it would make me try harder the next time around. You all have a nice holiday. Calum5, your entry last year was really good, and your win well desearved.

By: mikeerson on 10/15/08
I haven't been to this page in a while... faemike55 you crack me up... The faes are going to catch up to you soon, because you are looking for them - coming soon to a gallery - I think it's coming to my gallery - lol ...Now as far as calum5 not being eligable, it's disapointing. He should be eligable! I think next year, maybe there should be a winners only entry spot. Only past winners should be aloud in this entree - all winners (1st,2nd,3rd, Honorable) should have to be placed in here... they win something that could be like a $100 gift card - something... I feel the great artest should be seen in the contest, NOT DETOURED AWAY. That's my opinion and I'm stick'n to it - LOL

By: lobbot on 10/16/08
Ok, I'm new on this, now since the voting has started... what happens next?

By: calum5 on 10/16/08
Thanks guys,Id suggest previous winners may enter but not be eligable for any of the main prizes.Then us old winners wouldnt feel excluded from the fun.Perhaps an honerable mention if the work deserved it.
Thanks again and goodluck everyone!Some great entries Ive just

By: mikeerson on 10/16/08
Now that the contest is in voteing and all has been done... this contest seems to have changed since the last two years. I have lots of favorite artists from fantasy to reality to 3D to 2D to photography to... anyway, this year the catagories seemed all MIXED up. I'm looking at the 2D-Photography entrees and seeing tons of 3D work... It's not fair to the drawing/painting artists to have to watch a 3D image picture win... It's not fair to our great photographers we have here on this site either. I love Renderosity, I love the contest in general - but something happened between this year and the previous two.
I'm suggesting in the future you have these catagorys:
1. 3D art - poser,bryce,vue...etc...
2. 2D art - painted,drawn
3. animation - there doesn't seem to be a big demand for this and I had troubles with viewing the submitted... some I could not see... however, it should stay in the contest... I'm hoping, as well as others, to get into animation in the future.
5. MIXED MEDIA - this entree you can do what ever your little creative mind desires.
6. Writing.

Now I can't think of any other catagories, but it's a start to think of for next year.
I'm also thinking there should be 3 winners from each catagory...these 3 winners from each catagory are then displayed on the home page as "Contest Vote off entrees" call it 3 days of vote off - kinda like survivor... the GOOD ONES REMAIN While day after day for 3 days the ones with the least votes disappear.


(if you think this is straight forward, you should see my comments - lol)

No way am I knocking Renderosity, I love this site and community... I just see some areas in this contest that could use some change and I hope the right people look at this and say - YOU GOT A POINT!

By: electroglyph on 10/17/08
So The voting started yesterday???
I click on the front page and get this page. This page tells me to click on the contest page. I click on that link and there's nothing on the contest page because it's going to the "open contests" page. I finally realize this is a "contests in voting" and click on that link. I get the entry page now but in the paragraph that talks about connumity voting there is still no link to still another page about where to find the other three pages set up to deal with the voting for 3D, animation, and writing contests. Or will it be a single page that requests us to attach a file with our votes or tells us we have an error because we decide not to vote for one of the three?
Guys! how about updating these links, or better yet, just a single link accessable from the front page?

By: chombeaux on 10/17/08
To be honest, I do agree with mikerson about how things are mixed up this year.

Most of the images in the 2D/photography section are in fact 3D images with some retouches in photoshop...same as most of the participants in the 3D section... So, if it is a 2D contest, large use of 3D resources to produce the image it's allowed? Following that reasoning, all images are 2D, since everybody uploaded a flat jpg image, not a 3D archive.

And most of the images are not related to carnival. How important it's the theme? Last year, the winners stick to the contest's theme, but this year most of the participants are not carnival themed.

Finally, why there's no "come and vote" announcement? Or in the newsletter? The mainlink to the contest it's now at the bottom of the main page, where nobody can see it, but there's no mention about voting. If you do not promote the vote, each artist will receive only one vote (his own ;-))

By: LynLinz on 10/20/08
I suppose these is old idea and I'm a Noob! but voting is ... dag-burn tough! I'd feel a lot better if I had the 1-5 rating for each images. Yah, I'd still agree to find the ONE to RULE the others, but at least then I'd feel I was being a bit more fair! I could rate those good ones as 5, those who didn't seem to try 1 and so one. Plus people like me who are going to win this year (maybe next year, yah!) could perhaps see their image get a 4.2 out of 5 as consolation.

By: mikeerson on 10/21/08
The voting is a mystery... as the contestants, We'd like to be more involved and seeing the voting process. I would love to see the votes and which entrys people really like. I think we could have some fun with this. If the entrys were broken up to 25 images on a page, and out of that 25, you voted for 3 images... 1st place 3pts. 2 place 2 pts. 3rd one point..
the entrys would be devided by 25 per page, so if you have 150 entrys, you'd have 6 pages. each page you look for the 3 best. Each page takes it's top 3 and place with the other entrys. now on the winning entrys are together and 3 entrys x 6 pages = 18... out of those 18, now people would have to vote for who wins the prizes.... so, even if you didn't win a prize, you got to see where you made it in the voting... I'm very curious where the voting is going right now.
I'm just trying to suggest some things. I love Games. I love compitition. I LOVE INVOLVEMENT... Some of our best artist are not competing, some feel they are not "good" enough... Maybe if we all got involved with a vote down system, it would create more involvement, more art, more excitement... Waiting to see who winds is like watching paint dry - lol... Let's make Halloween that much more fun - INVOLVEMENT IS THE ANSWER.

By: gryshnak on 10/23/08
Umm... exactly HOW do you vote in this contest? Where's the link to the voting page?

By: Tammy on 10/23/08
I didn't have time to enter this year but just wanted to say that I enjoyed browsing the entries. Everyone did a great job and I had a really hard time choosing just one in each category. Looking forward to see who wins this year.

By: StaceyG on 10/23/08

Please go to the link below (Contest Voting) link and click on the category you want to place a vote in and that will show you each entry, the "vote for this image" button is under each full image.

You can place votes in each of the two Halloween categories.

By: summer1412 on 10/24/08
I think it's good that the voting is mysterious. Then the community votes based on who they think did the best job, not on personal artist favourtism. I think it's neat, and quite fair as well. =)

Good luck to everyone who entered this year, there are some WONDERFUL entries!!

By: gryshnak on 10/24/08
Thanks, got it now. I was so busy looking at the images that I didn't see the button!

By: GoofyFoot on 10/24/08
I'm still of the opinion that past winners shouldn't be excluded at all. I think they should be eligible for any and all prizes. I enter the contests not just for the prizes, but also for the opportunity to compete against all the terrific artists here. Excluding those who have proven themselves the best of the best takes away something from all of us. It makes the competition feel a little....hollow. :(

By: MangeyDesigner on 10/25/08
I don't like the way the voting works here for this comp at all.... so many images and my head was spinning after looking through the first couple of pages so how do the images in the later pages get a fair go... and I guess everyone votes for themselves and then what happens... It would be good to see how many votes an image gets... but I suspect my image will only get my vote and that is not anything to do with quality of image... my apologies to those of you who do look at every entry and then try to work out which one you liked and then go back and vote for it... but I think you are really in a minority... and just a quick comment about the theme... when I first read about the comp it wasn't very obvious what the theme was and it wasn't until after I had done my image and was viewing some of the others that I started to get a feel for the fact that the theme was carnival of evil... and I did actually look for the them when I first read all of the rules and stuff... I guess I must have missed it so no need to point me to where it was... but my point is it was not very obvious as I did try to find it. I will just stick to comps where it is very clear what is expected from entries in regards to content and themes and where the site holding the comp provides a panel of judges who spend the time looking at every entry and giving prizes to those that have the most artistic merit... this all feels just too arbitrary for me... sorry to be negative and I had fun but this is just my opinion.

By: Mazinxy on 10/26/08
Thats what Thumbnails are for... So you get a glance at the image and then if your drawn to it you look... I am sure its what we all do, and then wittle it down to your favourite and vote... Its not that hard.

I am an honourable artist and would never vote for myself cheating never gets you anywhere in life, and if you have voted for your own entry I think your very sad indeed!!

I think the voting is fair and if you win you win, if you dont you dont and you can always take part next year :)

I wish everyone in this competition the very best of luck, so many fantastic entries.


By: Aerithflower on 10/27/08
good luck everyone!!

By: mel841 on 10/28/08
I always enjoy this contest! It's great to see all the entries and I don't mind looking at all of them. Best Luck to all entrants!!

By: camtheman on 10/29/08
This is my first digital art contest outside of school. I've won every one ive entered at school, but this time i duking it out with the big boys. So this should be fun.
I cant wait to see what people come up with.
... Now to figure out how to send it in..

By: Wolfmanw on 10/29/08
Hello Everyone, this is the first time I have entered into any contest and in my opinion it is a great way to learn and view others artwork similar to the galleries. One thing I do not understan is the fact that there are 3D Images mixed with Animations. I would think they would be two different Catagories just my opinion. As some of you had mentioned in your comments above that most people did not stay on topic and this is true. Some had put their names on their artwork and others in their animations. I like the idea that your entry is given an Entry Number and you name is not visible.
Just my thoughts and opinion.
Best Regards to Everyone and Good Luck

By: killerpumpkins on 10/29/08
I agree with the fact that there are so many 3-D images in the 2-D section and to mix photography just makes no sense at all to me. I am also guilty of submitting an entry that most might feel does not apply to the theme "Carnival of Evil". I think mine was more magical and fun than carnival. Oh well, I entered not to win but to be part of the fun.
Good luck to all.

By: XxDarkMessiahxX on 10/29/08
@ Mazinxy...

I dont see voting for yourself as cheating. By that logic, John McCain and Barak Obama should vote for each other in the election next week...
Anyway, if you honestly believe that your art is the best of the entries, why wouldnt you vote for yourself? Im not ashamed to admit that I voted for my entry. Only time will tell if mine winds up being the best one.
I saw a couple of entries that the artists said they put a half an hour or so of work into, and unfortunately it shows. Im hoping that the other artists recognize the amount of work that I put into mine, the quality, as well as the fact that I actually followed the "Carnival of Evil" guidelines, as loose as they were, and vote based on that.

If I win, awesome, if not, then so be it.

By: 3drunner on 10/30/08
It's not always easy to find inspiration to a specific theme. Sometime you just have to follow your instincts and create in whatever direction moves you. A lot of us failed at matching the title theme of the contest, but what we missed in theme, we made up for in creativity. Good luck to all...being a part of this contest was fun, win, lose, or draw.

By: GoofyFoot on 10/31/08
Congrats to the winners! :)

By: vaia on 10/31/08
Congratulations to the winners!!

By: Orinoor on 10/31/08
I thought it was a great contest and in fact, I didn't vote for myself. How could I after seeing some of the other awesome submissions? It's all about trying new things and pushing yourself, so we're all winners. Congrats to all!

By: bkhook on 10/31/08
Congratulations to all! Fantastic work!

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 10/31/08
I never participated in a challenge, this year I liked the proposal, and but there that my work didn't win I really enjoyed much of this competition for the splendid entrances that there was.
That that but I liked it was that the name of the authors of the works was not known neither neither the quantity of votes that received each entrance, this is healthy for that they don't polarize the votes in a single artist, and the emotion stays until the end.
My but you are honest congratulations to all the winners....!!! #:O)
Rodolfo Ciminelli

By: Trigue on 11/1/08
Congratulations winners ! It was fun to enter, although not fun to lose. just kidding :) I just wanted to support the suggestions mentioned that:
1) winners from previous years should still be able to compete for fun perhaps just not being eligible for prizes.
2) 3D art contest should be rendered types(Vue, bryce, poser, etc.), while 2D contest should be painted or drawn types. basically I agree with what Mikeerson and Calum5 said above.

Thanx renderosity for the fun contest it was the first image that I'd ever posted anywhere, so was extra special for me. Congrats again winners :)

By: robsfx on 11/1/08
Congratulations to all and thank you to those who voted for my image. I'm just glad that my image was appreciated by other great artists.

By: yakchat on 11/1/08

By: rikomortis on 11/1/08
IT was a fun contest again this year , I think the winners did a great job and deserve to be put out in front. congratulations to all the artist who gave it a shot!

By: calum5 on 11/2/08
Congrats to the winners and well done everyone else who entered.:)cal

By: medunecer on 11/2/08
congratulations to the winners!

By: NekhbetSun on 11/6/08
Big Congrats to ALL the winners and a Big Thanks to all who voted for my story *S*

This was great fun and looking forward to next year !


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