The Temperature is Rising in the Renderosity MarketPlace!

Summer isn't the only thing heating up, the Renderosity MarketPlace has some of the hottest products around! To help keep you cool, we are randomly giving away coupons and product discounts for the rest of the month!

From now until 11:59 System Time (CST) on August 31st, we will be offering a coupon or product discount at random times FOR random amounts of time using the new Announcements tool below the header of each page on Renderosity! One hour, one day or one week - don't miss out by letting these deals burn up! How much will the coupon be, and which products will be in this promotion? It's all random, so make sure you are here to find out!




These deals are time sensitive. Expiration times will be explicitly stated for each coupon/product. Checkout MUST be completed before a specific deal's expiration time, or no discounts will be applied. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Coupon not valid toward the purchase of Magazines, some shippable items, Tutorials, Gift Certificates and Software. Coupon valid at the time of checkout only. Promotion expires at 11:59 System Time (CST) on August 31st, 2008.

CLICK HERE FOR THE CURRENT COUPON! and HERE for the Current Product offering! GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT!!

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Member Opinions:
By: Propschick on 8/18/08
Ooooh coool (literally lol )

By: WyndWalker on 8/18/08
This is cool, BUT, make sure you copy down the coupon code or open a new window because the *announcement* with the code disappears.

I had a 15% coupon good until 2pm today and presto it is now gone. It should at least stay up in your annoucnements until the time *ends*.

By: Whimsical on 8/18/08
Pity I clicked on the link to read the more info on this page and have now lost the annoucement with the code for the 15% off that was good till 2pm rendo server time.


By: Debbie M. on 8/18/08
Thanks WyndWalker and Whimsical for bringing this to our attention! We're going to edit the article with each new site announcement to state the current special going on. The coupon code will appear at the bottom of the article while it's valid.

Thanks again!

By: Peggy_Walters on 8/18/08
Thank you! Snapped up the first coupon.

By: efron_241 on 8/18/08
It's a cold summer .. sadly

By: DrMcQuark on 8/18/08
My wife is going to kill me. LOL!

By: scooby37 on 8/18/08
I hope Whimsical and WyndWalker were compensated for missing out on the coupon because of the error! They did everybody a favour, by pointing it out.

By: Debbie M. on 8/18/08
Hi scooby37, the coupon code was posted here in the article within minutes of the reporting. Thanks again to everyone for your support!

By: paganeagle2001 on 8/19/08
Hello the coupon for today for 12% has gone of the info line. It'ssupposed to be until 11.59pm.

the clock shows 12.11pm, so it still has a way to go.

All the best.


By: BTERFLY2U on 8/19/08
omg went to get the code an it dissappeared..:)y was that posted or left

By: Debbie M. on 8/19/08

The code can be found below the message above in the "Click Here" link :) Thank you for your support!

By: Debbie M. on 8/19/08
Hi Richard,

The code is still good as orders are still being placed using it right now. Please let me know the exact error message you're getting.

Thank you for your support!

By: BTERFLY2U on 8/19/08
thanku debbie thought i clicked on it..

By: Caelyn on 8/20/08
Absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much.^^

By: shg0816 on 8/21/08
You guys are KILLING my credit card :P

The deals are too good to pass up. I find myself whittling down my wishlist

By: rebelmommy on 8/22/08
ummm please that is enough.. my poor bank is going to think someone stole my card with how often I used it here this week! LOL

By: the3dgm on 8/22/08
So did Render take your advise RM and quit?

By: gypsyangel on 8/22/08
Amy, put that credit card DOWN!!! Control yourself, woman!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to cram a few more things into my cart! ;)

By: rbaker1956 on 8/23/08
C'mon Guys! Really really make this a deal impossible to pass up.! I've checked back periodically throughout the week and you've never gone above 20% off. Daz did at least 29% in August. On the 1st day of " Temp rising" I bought damn near everything I even thought i wanted from Ratracer's store. It is supposed to be Temperature rising. I dare you to go above 30% and make me do something truly foolish. Who knows? Maybe you could make August 08 go down in the book as the best sales date ever!

By: jakiblue on 8/24/08
i've kinda been thinking what rbaker1956 is saying out loud. i was hoping for something REALLY spectacular for this sale - something that would make me spend up big and have to eat toast for dinner for the rest of the week. I'll take up rbaker's dare and double-dog-dare you to go above 30% on a coupon and have me broke for the next two weeks! :)So far, the sale is kinda.....luke-warm.

By: paganeagle2001 on 8/24/08
I just wish you could use the coiupon on Vue 6!!!

All the best.


By: deni67 on 8/24/08
I'd like to see a coupon that doesn't say you have to spend a certain amount to be able to use it..The latest one says you have to spend $30+ to use it and there's a lot of people who can't afford that including me!!

By: RavynGyrl on 8/24/08
I wish I could use the coupon on ANY order...even one lower priced than $30.

By: TL1 on 8/24/08
I was hoping for a nice coupon without a minimum spend amount.....

By: Shalimar-Cherie on 8/25/08
Thank for the Sale , i got some heartwishes filled this time ;-).

By: LindaB on 8/25/08
Great sale, picked up a lot of stuff - Thanks!

By: WarmFuzzies on 8/25/08
I agree with the minimum amount you have to spend before you can use a discount coupon. I very rarely take advantage of them because of that.

BTW ... I did not receive any announcement about this sale in email. I just happened to come across a post on DAZ Commons about it today, so missed out on a lot of the sales. :(

By: -Wolfie- on 8/25/08
I also didn't get the message about it, as WarmFuzzies said. A friend of mine asked if I got the newest HOT item, and I had no idea what she was referring too... So I missed everything up until today's Sleeky Hair. *pout* :-)

I also agree about the coupons.. although I missed them all so far, but I rarely take advantage of the 'regular' ones either due to the restriction... you're not really saving when you're forced to spend so much in order to save a couple bucks... Nice gesture though!

Although if they produced a 'Save 50% off on orders of $30 or more' I would use it in a second! hee hee!!

By: MagnoliaMoonElf on 8/25/08
Now my question is where and how do I find the coupon

By: pixeluna on 8/25/08
This is such a GREAT DEAL! I really love your hair and character products here. PLEASE include them in your good deals more often. I've been watching your market place several times a day, it's so addicting!

By: freekmunkee on 8/25/08
Um... What "click here" link? Unless I'm just retarded, I don't see it anymore...

By: bowiefan on 8/25/08
i'm with wolfie on this one what did we miss up until sleeky hair beside discount coupons? ooo a 50% off would be cool too!

By: SMILEYDEE on 8/26/08
I agree , where's the real coupon without the strings attached?

By: paganeagle2001 on 8/26/08
Will anything be appearing today, no coupon or item since Sleeky Hair?

By: summer1412 on 8/26/08
I agree, Wolfie. That's why I was so surprised to have saved over $10 on the Sleeky Hair.

It is a very, very nice thought though.

By: Georgie-o on 8/26/08
I like sale...the sleeky hair was a great deal...but has happened to the rest of the sale??? Just seems to have disappeared??? Any more item forthcoming???

By: the_tdog on 8/26/08
Apparently, things would appear to be "cooling down". Heh.

By: Chere on 8/26/08
I am enjoying what I can from the sale as it is not my place to issue any commands on this sale or the price of the items. Like the most of you I'm not rich either, But I will take advantage of the most I can get from it. It may be sometime before we have these advantages again. I'm grateful for what I have now !! Thank You Renderosity !!

By: MagnoliaMoonElf on 8/26/08
I am with you all I haven't seen a link either for the coupons. Happy to know I was not the only one having this issue

By: bowiefan on 8/26/08
concerns. yes. but the headline does say
temps rising. maybe we have something special in store by the 31st. the magical coupon? buckle up maybe they have something special in store for us.

By: LadyMari on 8/27/08
What happened to the daily coupons? Just curious.

By: goldie on 8/27/08
this has been lots of fun but how about a nice juicy coupon, please :D ?

By: Atomica on 8/28/08
bye bye wishlist and hello runtime :-) thank you

By: jeanne_50 on 8/29/08
Well, sofar I got the Dianahair, Selenehair and the Sleekyhair for a very nice price! Thank you Renderosity for this sale. :)

Love, Jeanne

By: jeanne_50 on 8/29/08
But... with a 50% coupon before 31-8 I could also get me Arcebus Maymee and Ipanema Queenie.... LOL

Love, Jeanne

By: bitplayer on 8/29/08
Not my idea of a good sale. Cute. But not worth my time unless I trip over it. Let me know when you decide to have a real sale.

By: anitalee on 8/29/08
Loving the sales! Ok, I have stuff in my cart and I am ready to buy, ready for today's coupon. :-)

By: 3DFineries on 8/29/08
Yeah, me too!

By: masamonkey on 8/29/08
Well. The timetable for these coupons isn't working very well for people on a late schedule in the US or, I assume, outside of US time zones. otherwise, they've been great, but I shop on-line in the first place because I don't need to be held to specific windows of opportunity during the day.

By: deni67 on 8/29/08
Pity us Aussies miss out on some stuff because we're asleep when something goes on sale!!!

By: masamonkey on 8/29/08
Oh, nice; the M3 maharaja outfit is on sale until 7AM CST now. Thanks for spreading the love over the ocean of time.

By: OKCRandy on 8/30/08
Today's coupon does not seem to work for me.

Is there ever going to be a coupon to include software?

By: RBB2 on 8/30/08
Great!!Works Fine!!

One more great deal for us!!!
My credit card died today!!!!But died happy ;-)

Thank you to the Staff!!

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