The Renderosity Wiki Is Now Online!


Access Another Resource for Digital Artists in the Renderosity Wiki

With over half a million members, the community at Renderosity is a vast pool of knowledge and experience within the discipline of digital art. We now want to introduce a new way for you to tap into this resource - the Renderosity Wiki!

Those of you that are familiar with Wikipedia know that a Wiki allows for simple creation and editing of interlinked web pages. The best part about a Wiki is that you own the content! Every Renderosity member is able to create and edit pages on topics they know! For the Renderosity Wiki to grow and flourish into a robust information hub, it is important for as many of us as possible to add and edit content on all things 3D and 2D related. Software applications, companies, terminology, faces of the industry and file extensions are just some of the industry relevant topics that can be addressed within the Wiki.

Creating and editing a Wiki page is easy! HTML knowledge is helpful, but not required. All that it takes to create a new entry is just a few sentences about the topic for which you are creating a page. We have also included some helpful tips within the Wiki to help acclimate you to the formatting and structure of the Wiki system.

Several topics are already covered in the Wiki, including:

While the pages above are a sampling of the library of pages we have already created, there are still other topics that are waiting for you to jump in and get started! Click on the links below and begin creating and editing the content for these topics immediately:

In addition, you will also be able to personalize your Wiki experience! On the top of the Wiki page you will see your username. This is a customizable page where you can add some personal information about yourself! Store links, gallery images, personal bio and more can be added to add a little personality to your Wiki presence. The Renderosity Wiki is free to use, and is open for editing to any logged in member. The Wiki will be covered under the standard Terms of Service of the site.

Since this is a resource for all digital artists, we encourage you to share Wiki links in your own web space! Share the links on blogs, Facebook pages, personal website, Twitter feeds or any other place online where you think a particular Renderosity Wiki link would be helpful. The more you help spread the word about the Wiki, the more people will be coming back to contribute their own expertise!

There is a help link on the Wiki homepage to help get you started within the Wiki. If you have any questions, you can email

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