The New Artist Pages Are Here!

New Artist Homepages

Your New Artist Page Experience

The Renderosity Team is always looking for ways to make our community more interactive and user friendly while allowing for input from our members. With that in mind, we feel as though the changes that have been made to our Artist Homepage's will excite those avid users! We're hoping you take some time to experiment with all of the new features and give us feedback as to how we can continue to make this experience even better. Please know that the Artist Bio will remain a part of this new design - users willl still be able to provide a picture and bio of themselves as they have in the past.

By default, each of the new homepages will have a series of links along the left-hand side (see below). This 'Content Slider Tutorial' will help step a new user through the process of getting their page set-up.

Please be sure to view this tutorial before getting started

(below is a screenshot of what the homepage will look like)

The idea was to give our members the tools and flexibility they desire in managing the identity of their own unique place within the Renderosity Community. To do this, we've provided a variety of 'elements' that will give the artist freedom to customize the tools that are important specifically to them.

Elements included (as of right now) are: Recent Activity, Display Friends, FreeStuff, Show Blog, Favorite Images, Recent Images, Featured Image, Favorite Artist, User Tutorials and Filelocker Files.

The way that users currently see their friends is via a lenghty list at the bottom of their page. Through the 'Display Friends' element, that can be dragged onto the content slider, users can now also search for friends and have friend suggestions provided to them.

With the help of the elements listed above, you can customize your homepage for the look and feel you desire!

(below is a shot of how you can drag and drop elements from the left sidebar onto one of your pages)

Not only can you choose which elements you want to dispay on your homepage, but you can also choose the overall color scheme and functionality of your page.

(Here's a shot of how you can customize the overall color scheme and appearance of your homepage).

We hope to continue to add features that will make this a more useful tool for you and to enhance your overall user experience while visiting the Renderosity Community.

*Please know that we've identified a few minor quirks across varying browsers. We are working to clean these up and should have them resolved in the very near future. If you would like, please report anything you're seeing to If you're using IE8, please make sure you're in compatibility mode.