The First Contest of the Year: A Decade of Change

This year marks the 10th anniversary
of the Renderosity community,
and we're getting the party started with
our first contest of 2008!

Renderosity and the computer graphics world have seen a lot of changes in the last 10 years. The theme of this contest is "a decade of change" and you may interpret that theme as you see fit. Entries can be a Renderosity birthday celebration or any representation of the last 10 years as you choose.

We have over $30,000 in prizes for you to win in one of the following two categories:
3D/Animation & 2D/Photography.

You have until Monday, June 30th to get your artwork submitted. Read the contest page for a full list of rules.

Check out the contest page for general rules, submission guidelines and other important information!

Be sure to visit our contest sponsors to get the tools you need to win the Grand Prize!


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Member Opinions:
By: matrix03 on 6/2/08
awesome! I may just participate in this one!

By: PaganArtist on 6/2/08
Very cool!! This is going to be great!

By: Cosme..D..Churruca on 6/2/08
Great! Me too.

By: Daidalos on 6/2/08
Ten years. Wow what a milestone! Here's to another twenty after that!

By: Digital_Mischief on 6/4/08
Did I miss the size guidelines or is just not posted yet?

By: StaceyG on 6/4/08
Yes the size info is posted on the contest pages (under "upcoming contests").
If you click the link (the word contest page is the link) on this front page article that says

"Check out the contest page for general rules, submission guidelines and other important information"

By: DRAKELOT on 6/4/08
Sounds very cool ... Congrats on 10 !!!

By: FutureFantasyDesign on 6/5/08
WooHoo! I'm going to do this one! ;)A whole decade old! Hmmmm.... pretty soon it'll reach that quarter century mark! All the best!

By: vaia on 6/5/08
Congrats on 10 years!!! :D

By: stardust on 6/6/08
Does anyone know what the prizes are?

By: OpenMindDesign on 6/6/08
I cannot seem to be able to find the actual submission guidelines. I clicked the link and there is no information on the page that tells me what the actual image/animation sizes are.

Unless of course something is just not working here??

By: gattone_blu on 6/6/08
I ask excuse for the banal question.
But I am not very good with the English language.
How does the registration happen to the contest?
It needs to fill a form?
I would like to participate
Thanks: -)

By: Jumpstartme2 on 6/6/08
If you click on the contest link, you will scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the words
"Additional Specifications for Animation Files:"

By: Jumpstartme2 on 6/6/08

The contest starts on June 16th, you will need to check back then and you will see that you are able to enter.

By: shanpoo on 6/6/08
Congrats on 10 Years!!!

By: OpenMindDesign on 6/6/08
Thankyou - found it :) and Happy Tenth Anniversary!

By: stardust on 6/7/08
Still don't know what the prizes are - anybody, anybody?

By: criss on 6/9/08
IMHO, "The winners will be selected by the community" means "friendly votes are allowed". :( I wondering if it's not possible to have a jury?

By: DarwinsMishap on 6/10/08
I agree-I'd rather have a non-member judgement than a group vote. From the other contests I've seen around here---too many tend to lean for the artist's popularity instead of their talent. Not my work, but I believed in a few contests that other's work should have won other than the one voted most for. For talent, concept, everything. Just my opinion.

By: BAR-CODE on 6/11/08
Nice contest ... but whats 1st 2nd 3th prize ??? i cant find that info

And the members vote the winner...
thats more who got the most friend then whats the best image voting ..

a Jury like "RO staff"
is much more fair..

By: StaceyG on 6/11/08
The prizes will be listed soon with the start of the contest, coming soon.... There are some great prizes so Good Luck everyone.

We have systems in place during Community voting that will help deter some of the things you all are concerned about. The contests used to always be voted by the Community and we got away from that for awhile but decided during the Holiday Contest and our new tools in place we would put it back in the hands of the Community. The contests are for the Community and they should be able to vote the winners.

By: gattone_blu on 6/12/08
what is the precise day of the anniversary?
where I can find the images and the 1998 site logo?

By: scottl on 6/15/08
Is that 3d or animation or is it 3d animation?

By: Naunet on 6/26/08
Is there a coupon associated with the contest? If so, where do I find the coupon code? Thanks!

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