The Competition is On in the WISH BOWL!

We Have Our Winner!

The Tournament of Wishlists has completed, and we now have a winner! But the real winner is you - because you can now find ALL of the Wish Bowl products on sale anywhere from 30-75% off this weekend. Find out which products advanced to the higher percentages by checking out the results below!

Thanks to everyone who participated - and we look forward to seeing you at Wish Bowl II!

And now the winner of the first ever Wish Bowl:

Here's how it works:

First Round - Completed

Below you will find four polls - one for each of the four matchups you see above. You get to vote for four products that you want to see advance to the next round. After the first round is over, the products that do not advance go on sale immediately at 30% Off through Sunday! Voting will run Monday through Tuesday at 9am CST Renderosity System Time.

Get These 4 Products at 30% OFF Through Sunday!

M.O.M Crowd generator

FRAD-Lexi V4

Badlands Landscape Props

RMTH Adrinna V4

Second round - Completed

On Tuesday, the second round of voting begins. Vote for the two products that you want to see advance. The remaining products that do not advance will go on sale immediately at 40% Off through Sunday! Voting will run through Wednesday at 9am CST Renderosity System Time.

Get These 2 Products at 40% OFF Through Sunday!

Magnolia Hair

Brooke Hair

Final Round - Completed

On Wednesday, the final two products will be put to vote. The product that wins will go on sale for 75% OFF through Sunday! The remaining product will be on sale at 50% Off through Sunday. The winner will be announced on Thursday morning at 9am CST Renderosity System time.

Get This Product at 50% OFF Through Sunday!

Steampunk for V4, A4, G4 & GND4

All products are now on sale through Sunday - so make sure you get to the MarketPlace today!

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Member Opinions:
By: JasonK on 11/23/09
The voting issue is fixed - you should be able to vote and have it registered this time.

By: ArthurOPodd on 11/23/09
Can we rally support for MOM crowd generator? And then ask for an Undead supplement? Rah! Rah! Rah!

By: EltonJ on 11/23/09
Go, Steampunk!

By: Sylvia on 11/23/09
Fantastic!!! So much Fun... Thanks!!! Magica Day to Everybody :-}

By: Cimaira on 11/23/09
This is a wonderful idea, unfortunatly, for me, I already have all the items I want, rofl

By: andolaurina on 11/23/09
Cool idea! Thanks for doing this. :-)

By: Drkwlf92 on 11/23/09
Oh man.....I likes this!!!! I am so hoping Steampunk Wins!!!

By: foxylady1 on 11/23/09
Good luck to Magnolia Hair.

By: freekmunkee on 11/23/09
This is a fun way to do things... I have 3 of the items already, cuz 2 of them were on sale this week!! But it's still cool...

By: FutureFantasyDesign on 11/23/09
This looks like a lot of fun!
I love "Games of Chance"!

'Vote Badlands!'

By: foxylady1 on 11/23/09
Fun, and some great items.

By: Barbara1337 on 11/23/09
Vote for Badlands.

By: moonbunnie on 11/23/09
Awesome stuff !:)

By: geechy72 on 11/23/09
this has got to be the BEST you guys have ever did!!

By: Azhrarn on 11/23/09
Very cool. Go Badlands!

By: ariasparkle on 11/23/09
I got voted! Yahoo! May the best one win.

By: hamstergirl4444 on 11/23/09
I just luuuuvvvv voting sales! Go Steampunk, but also Go TwinFairHair!!

By: donnena on 11/23/09
Says I'm not logged on.

By: Acadia on 11/23/09
I love this!! I placed my votes. Unfortunately I had some of the items listed, so I voted on the ones that I didn't have.

I hope to see more fun things like this!!

By: Dave-So on 11/23/09 usual, my wishes are different than most ... all 4 I voted for are behind in the voting.

By: DestinysGarden on 11/23/09
Go Badlands!

By: Daidalos on 11/23/09
Go MOM Crowd Generator!

By: gloomy_liv on 11/23/09
I've voted...gotta say, it was hard to pick out of each pair... :)

By: Kerya on 11/23/09
Fun! Go Badlands! :)

By: Zicke_Buffy on 11/24/09
Good luck to Steampunk!

By: ArthurOPodd on 11/24/09
Anyone remember the "Lisa Lionheart" episode of "The Simpsons"?

"But...She's got a new hat!"

But...We've got Hair! (Quietly bangs head on desk seeing that 3/4 of the winners are hair. Plots to pour Nair into Vicky's shampoo).

By: snowcrow1 on 11/24/09
Great idea, should do this at least twice a year :>

By: DarkRider on 11/24/09
There is TWO vote buttons.

I only press ONE?

By: JasonK on 11/24/09
You get to cast one vote on both of today's polls.

By: DisparateDreamer on 11/24/09
Er wasn't that braid hair previously at 3D commune, but called Twin flair? Because I have it, and that's what it's called... And I was bummed out that it's not available anymore... it's here now?

By: foxylady1 on 11/24/09
Go Magnolia Hair. I am watching you ArthurOPodd, no Nair in the Hair!

By: Seaview123 on 11/24/09
Cool idea! Vote Magnolia hair!

By: Savage_dragon on 11/24/09
Great idea!

By: gryshnak on 11/24/09
So the winners of the first round were Steampunk, hair, hair, and hair?

By: Dirtylooks on 11/24/09
Twin Fair for all to share.

By: bcrathburn on 11/24/09
this is wonderful i have already bought some of the idems while they were on sale,but i still love a bargin.

By: jeanne_50 on 11/24/09
Ooohh, totally forgot it was monday YESTERDAY!
Well, today I voted... love the twinhair and the magnoliahair. :)

By: ArthurOPodd on 11/24/09
No Nair in the Hair?
No Lox on the Fox?
I'll pur Nair on the Bear
and Sox on the Fox.

Ya HADDA remind me of Dr. Seuss, din'cha?

And yes, the first round was won by
and hair
and more hair
and clothes.

Could we just get coupons for 30%, 50% and 75% off the wishlist products of our choice next time? So we don't have to deal with someone else's stuff?

By: glddragon on 11/24/09
Twinhair, Awesome!!

By: FahQuad on 11/24/09
Oh well, everything I voted for yesterday lost, and the two I want to vote for today are up against each other. lol

By: mikeerson on 11/25/09
I wish you would do the voting for your HALLOWEEN AND CHRISTMAS CONTESTS this way... I wish we would have more than one vote on the contests too... as an artist, we should automatically get one vote from ourselves and 3 votes to the ones we like the best - it would really ADD MORE EXCITEMENT to the contests.

By: Fauvist on 11/25/09
I don't understand. I don't understand the contest, or what's going on. Is there some simple way to just see what's on sale and where?

By: Wryter on 11/25/09
Steam Punk & Brooke Hair...WHOOOAAAAAA, Steam Punk rocks..cant wait

By: Drkwlf92 on 11/25/09
OH MAN!!!! I want Steampunk to win...Not the Pippy Longstocking hair!!! ROFL!!!!

By: Barbara1337 on 11/25/09
I really like what ArthurOPodd said. The only thing I liked was Badlands. Was a good idea to get everyone gathered around tho.

By: nikkis on 11/25/09
Definitely Steam Punk!!!!!

By: geechy72 on 11/25/09
MORE STEAMPUNK VOTES!!! I can bribe with cookies =p

By: FahQuad on 11/25/09
I agree with Arthur's idea or even just one 75% off coupon to use on what we want. Being short on funds for 'toys' and with the stuff I was most interested in, losing in the first round, a lot of the fun left. But, I will admit, if what I vote for today wins, I'll probably buy it.

By: Thaispookie on 11/25/09
Twinhair is very welcome :-)

By: ArthurOPodd on 11/26/09
I LOVE the idea of a sale geared toward the wishlists. You know from the start that people want these items. But if you can't do a 75% coupon for anything on the list, please match similar items in the voting elimination, so something besides hair or clothes makes it beyond first round. Lexi could have been paired vs Adrinna, M.O.M vs Badlands, Steampunk vs Hair and Hair vs Hair as an example. Watching people buy Hair has been like watching Imelda Marcos buy shoes and the stuff I wanted was eliminated in the first round.

By: goldie on 11/26/09
well, looks like twinfairhair wins, which pleases me very much :)

By: Cdlzt on 11/26/09
Nice idea, the only problem with it is that considering you chose to put 3 hairs in the mix there isn't much variety and with only 8 choices overall there will be people who like me don't think much of any of the choices you have put in

By: jeanne_50 on 11/26/09
YES! Thank you! Finally I can get me the twinhair. This is one of the few ways I have for affording something created by Fabiana.
Thank you all for voting for this one. :)

By: FutureFantasyDesign on 11/26/09
Whoa! Score!!! :D

By: Kitt_24 on 11/26/09
This was awesome...finally I can get Twin Hair...many thanks for the Wishbowl, thanks to the vendors! Perks like this is what keeps me coming back to Rendo...

By: foxylady1 on 11/26/09
Awesome. Thank you Renderosity and vendors.

By: FSMCDesigns on 11/26/09
Great idea and execution, thanks for the interaction (and the deals!!)

By: magicmoondesigns on 11/26/09
ArthurOPodd makes a good point -- if you can't do a 75% off coupon for any one item that we want (none of the items in this were items I would have bought), at least match up similar items for the voting.

By: LeChatDesigns on 11/26/09
Thank you for the wonderful, fun sale! Now that cute Twin Hair is finally mine. Yay! :)

By: foxylady1 on 11/26/09
I am anxiously awaiting the next time.

By: ArthurOPodd on 11/26/09
I've just decided to get one item. The 30% for the first round losers is enough like a regular coupon, that I'll just wait for a coupon to get the other item I wanted. Maybe the next Wish Bowl could start with a bigger discount like 40% to make it "bigger" than your best coupons.

But I'd still like to see a 75% (at least 50%) coupon good toward those wishlist items that just NEVER seem to go on sale. At least not enough that I can get them. Maybe even a Christmas Coupon for 75% off your cart. As broke as we'll be by Christmas, you couldn't lose too much money.

By: fabiana on 11/28/09
thanks to everyone on the votes.
was really fun...
cheers to everybody :)

By: artsavant on 3/3/10
I really like the idea and think the discounts are generous. But I can't figure out how to vote, since by Wed 03MAR at 11:45 am the 75% category had been announced, although that vote was said to run until the 5th. Maybe I'm disenfranchised?

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