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Member Opinions:
By: Chris on 6/27/03
I didn't know him but he was one of the people which impressed me with their art. He was one of the reason to begin modeling with Cinema 4D.

He will live in my mind and I will remeber him every day.

What a big lost


By: Spike on 6/27/03
You will be missed my friend..

By: kromekat on 6/27/03
Thanks for doing this - it was awful to see his gallery removed.
If you're watching Dano - you have always had my greatest respect as an artist, and as I was getting to know you via the forum and the occasional IM, I came to know you as a really nice, helpful person. I for one will miss your insight and your art greatly.

Rest in peace my friend.


By: Spearhead on 6/27/03

By: Lon Chaney on 6/27/03
Alway was a fan of Dan's art. Him and his art will be missed.

By: audity on 6/27/03
thanks for your support, your humor and your talent ! We'll keep you in our hearts.

By: fdb on 6/27/03
I'm glad this small selection of images has been put back online, Dans creations gave me a wealth of ideas and new techniques to try and i think that others should be able to have the same privalige to be able to view his works.
We only ever spoke a few times so i cant say i knew him well but i do respect him for the help and friendship he gave to so many here and will always admire his work.

Thank you Dan, and Rest in peace

By: Thierry_HL on 6/27/03
you will be be missed, and your images too

By: marinke on 6/27/03
What a big loss...

Rest in peace, friend.


By: miketche on 6/27/03
You were a great friend. You'll be missed.

By: rollmops on 6/27/03
We got a bit more in discussion during the last
weeks.I experienced Dano as a person, who pointed
out the positiv things combined with that certain
brilliance,not everybody has.
Life is not fair...

By: Alfons on 6/27/03
We will miss you.

By: Rintrah on 6/27/03
Im glad to see his work back, though it wont be the same as having Dan here. He will be missed immensely.
Rest in Peace

By: strata on 6/27/03
He really lived 3D, he had a genuine feel for the media, and a big portion of fantasy. As said before, life aint fair sometimes. I hope you smile up there someware Dano. Strata

By: Shademaster on 6/27/03
You where a very kind, generous and always eager to learn person and above all a great artist. I will miss you thoroughly Dan.

May you rest in peace.


By: DeZ on 6/27/03

I wish that I had known you in real life, beyond the boundaries of a user name. You were a wonderful 3d artist with a warm heart and a great sense of humour.

I will never forget you...

Peter C.

By: Bleze on 6/27/03
rest in peace...yes...what a more words...


By: ladynimue on 6/27/03
His artistic soul lives-on "within" each of us who viewed his works!


By: streetdog on 6/27/03
Really makes you look at life in a different perspective. It could've been any one of us...

I'll miss you mate.

By: mickymouse on 6/27/03
Anytime I ever asked for any help, Dan was great at providing help and being supportive. He was always kind and nice even when my questions were simple and sometimes stupid. His art provided some of the most photorealistic work I had seen. I will miss him and the Renderosity community will surly miss him.

Thanks Dan-o, may you rest in peace.
God Bless

By: linkinpark on 6/27/03
You will never be forgotten..we will always keep you in our hearts!!!!You gave us so much!!!Thanks for it our friend.

Good bye Dano..We MISS you!!!

Rest in peace..

By: jgeorge on 6/28/03
I've lost my words...
You'll be missed... and never forgotten...

By: Richy-Rich on 6/28/03
A great loss. I will miss you......



By: Dash on 6/28/03
One of my favorite artist, he was always there to help even to a newbie like me
we will miss you and your art so much.

By: mwa on 6/28/03
Dan, you and your art work will always be remembered.

By: JustinBoyd on 6/28/03
Dan, was a great man who pushed the boundries of the 3D modeling world with his creative imagination. He will always be remembered as one of the 21st C greatest 3D artists.

Thanks for your inspiration always,


By: Lynne on 6/28/03
Sorry I could not have talked to you more when I had the chance. Greatly missed.

By: Gurel1 on 6/28/03
I haven't contributed to this (C4D) forum for a long time
with regards to uploading images or comments.
Upon my return, this is the worst possible news one could
be confronted with.
I'm still in a state of shock.
Although I never met Dan, we exchanged IM messages and
suggestions for each others work.
He was always very supportive and generous in his appraisal of other peoples work.
He will be missed and my thoughts go out to his family.
Goodbye Dan...


By: HackerTheQuick on 6/28/03
Dan's death is a terible loss to not only the C4D community but also to the art community as a whole! May GOD be with your family, Dan, through this time of need!

By: Dutch_Wally on 6/28/03
you're gonna be missed.

By: Pat1976 on 6/29/03
This is a great gesture, Dano would really appreciate this. I was shocked to hear the news, now that i've seen his images once again... i'm shocked again. I will miss his great sence of humor and his wonderful tips he shared with me thrue IM. rest in peace dan, bless you and thanks for your inspirational artwork. Just as Rollmops said: life just isn't fair...

God Bless.

By: L8RDAZE on 6/29/03
Even though I didn't know him personally, Dan's 3d stuff was truely an inspiration to me.
His advice & comments to others, were always helpful!



By: Carles_P on 6/29/03
I have been speachless when I've seen the Linkinpark tribute to Dano. I can't believe it because I spoken Dano just on last week, but when I realised is not any joke (as usual in Dano), then my tears have fallen onto my keyboard.
I really feel we have lost a good artist and a better friend. Dano, we'll always miss you.
Have a good trip to eternity.

Your friend,


By: turx on 6/29/03
I've seen the tribute of Linkinpark to Dano a half hour ago. I thought that he leaved computer arts for a while when i saw that tribute. But just wanted to know the reason of leaving us and searched cgtalk about this news. And i read the shocking news with tears on my eyes.

He was a great friend. We shared lots of things on this community since we've met long ago.
I'll miss your comments, jokes and critiques Dano!
I'll miss your inspirational art..
and i'll miss You with all of my heart my dear friend!

hope to meet in heaven..

By: TOXE on 6/30/03
Hi Dano... I'll never forget you.

By: b-a-r on 6/30/03
It's such a great loss..
You will be missed but always remembered Dan...

My condolences to his family and friends....

By: ivo-k on 6/30/03
It was a shock when I saw Martin's last post.Couldn't belive it.Still can't.
So long ,Dano, be well up there

By: shockwaveflash on 6/30/03
I have not posted here in Years but his work is well known regardless.
With a rememberance like this noone ever dies. His work will live on vicariously through all of us.

By: Orio on 6/30/03
I have just found out about this sad news... I knew the work of this great 3D artist. This is very sad and a loss for the whole community. Best respect, and condoleances to the family and friends.

By: jeweldragon on 6/30/03
i will never forget you ! my condolences to all that loved and cherished this special person

By: CptPlanet on 6/30/03
This is unbelievable. I never knew dan at all aside from posting comments in his gallery and admiring the work he did. I can't believe he won't be around anymore. We are a poorer community in his absence.

By: DreamWarrior on 7/1/03
I didn't know him or even spoke to him, but his art is such a wonderful inspiration. He left his mark, that's for sure.

By: pmermino on 7/1/03
Une grande perte pour tous. Une bien triste nouvelle... Condoléances...

By: racin-jason on 7/1/03
This tragedy only enforces the worst about this planet and the senseless ways in which our all to human frailties can be stricken and dealt a blow of utter devastation. I first met Dano about a year ago when he wrote me a letter of concern over a missing friend whom he had noticed had been a friend of mine. We kept in touch periodically since then, and it was that experience that taught me Dano had a caring heart. We exchanged comments and e-mails, and I so respected him and his amazing art using Cinema4D, and some pretty amazing postwork. We've lost a very intelligent, warm hearted community member, and as sad as I know many of us are over his untimely departure - we need to include Dano's family and personal friends in our prayers and thoughts. If we are thus saddened, Dano's family must be suffering deeply. I grieve and sympathize with both the community and his dear family.


By: XET_Stormy on 7/1/03
He has left us a wealth immeasurable. Peace.

By: LCGuy on 7/1/03
I considered it an honor to call Dan Davis my friend.

He was encouraging, isnpirational, caring, and unselfish. And, despite his prowess with his own art, he was a humble man; likely, his more profound trait.

I can't tell you how many IM's passed between he and I here on Renderosity, way too many to count, but, given this most tragic news, I certainly would give a fortune to have had many, many more.

They say truly great people are never really forgotten- rather, they are always remembered in our hearts; this saying, indeed, will provide Dan the immortality he truly deserves- this, I am sure of.

Dear Dan;

Dan, the stars are shining a little brighter now that you are among them. Thankyou for making my life that much better by beign a part of it...

Forever your friend,

By: mqshocker on 7/1/03
I will miss Da alot ...Good person to share things with art related or not of the most caring individuals out there ....If you needed something he would help you find it,me and Dan have talked many of times ..him in cinma4d and me over in the amapi forum..We lost a great guy, partner and fellow artist but thru him his insperational work and key insite to how to do things will never go unnoticed.I will miss you dear friend...Rest in Peace ..your a artist that will all cherish for years to come -MQ

By: Curious on 7/1/03
Dan helped me alot with my 3d work, it really sucks knowing that he is not around anymore. He was a really great artist. R.I.P.

By: drzorn on 7/1/03
I havent read the "news" about whats happend with dano. but i think it is not good... btw he was great! he was a man with ideas and the magical hand to realise them with Cinema4D. and now,... he is gone.?.?. i hope the place where he is now, is so harmonic and nice like the feeling his pictures gave to me! R.I.P! sorry for my bad english.

By: rollinger on 7/1/03
Thanks for your comments, and hints. We all learned a lot from your art.
we miss you

By: chikken on 7/1/03
I got to know Dano in november last year, when he commented one of my first pieces. Since that time his support in my developement means more to me than I could ever express.

In one message I sent him I mentioned that a mate wondered how he'd done something.
this is from the reply:-

"wasn't too difficult. If your friend would like the file for that, assuming he has C4D, I'd be happy to send it to him. Just let me know.

Take care,


You don't come across that kind of generosity very often.

Dano, you are my friend and you will be sorely missed.


By: Moebius87 on 7/2/03
You will be terribly missed, dano. You really were a very talented artist and a very good friend to us all. Rest in peace. — Möe

By: Nar on 7/2/03
Rest in Peace bud. Your force will live on.

By: frozentissue on 7/2/03
I can't believe it. I will sorely miss your work dano! I have one of your last pieces on my desktop as I read this terrible news. Hope the next world is as cool as the ones you created!

By: Dark_Angel on 7/2/03
I didn;t know Dan himself but I stil admire his art. he will be missed and remembered by all of us,

may the gods look over his soul,
rest in peace

By: foleypro on 7/2/03
As what was said and what was felt you truely are in the folds of the lord...

By: nemirc on 7/2/03
I never had the chance to meet him but still it's a great loss...
May he rest in peace.

By: jory on 7/3/03
What an amazing artist... I only hope that things render much faster in Heaven!

By: robotalk on 7/3/03
His art was an inspiration..and I'm so glad I got to communicate with him via messages here..I'll miss his warmth,talent and humor..this is a tragic loss...I feel deeply saddened by this condolences to his family... he will be remembered with love by all.

By: naveen on 7/4/03
I had seen his talent before, and it is a tragic loss.....but God takes back people he likes the most.. early....may he be the brightest star in the sky.

By: DeathBrain on 7/4/03
I've just found out about this sad news, really really unbelievable, this is very sad and a great loss. very best respect, and my condoleances to the family and friends.

Rest in peace, Dan Davis


By: sabaman on 7/4/03
rest in peace dan,....

By: xzwo on 7/4/03
Rest in Peace Dan Davis !

I will remember you as a great artist and an a great member of the Cinema4D community on Renderosity.

Life is cruel :(

By: Sacred Rose on 7/4/03
My condolences and respects to his loved ones. He was an amazing artist and creator. I know he will be missed by many.

Dan be free and happy.
You are missed.

By: YL on 7/5/03
I'm very shocked, that's a terrible news, will never forget you Dan

By: dtp on 7/5/03
I have never met you but for all the comment I have read thin you mast been very good man wish of some one direct me to some of your work if posted on the web.

By: repelstilskinsk on 7/6/03
Damn, I'll miss him. Life is a difficult thing to handle, we must go on but I will greatly miss him. May he rest in peace and lest never forget.

I will never forget you Dan, my dear dear friend.

Wouter Kallemeijn

By: Cheers on 7/6/03

By: virtuallyhistorical on 7/7/03
I'm sitting here in shock over this news. I haven't been here for a little while and was first elated by linkinpark being nominated AOM then I saw this! Dano gave to everyone, including me. His work and words were inspirational. He won't be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers go to his loved ones. If you're reading this Dano, thank you for for so much.


By: ShadowWind on 7/9/03
I didn't know you very well, but I always enjoyed your work very much Dano. Thanks for sharing it and your wisdom and generosity. RIP...

By: Rochr on 7/9/03
My condoleances.

By: uponseven on 7/9/03
Your echo will always survive !

By: mooncat on 7/9/03
I'm still in shock by this. It doesn't seem fair. My condolences to the family, Dano will truly be missed. He was one who encouraged many of us and his spirit will continue to touch us.

By: Cada on 7/11/03
We are such stuff
As dreams are made on,
And our little life
Is rounded with sleep.

William Shakespere

May you find peace & happiness wherever you are!

By: Tanialmeida on 7/12/03
i will make mine Erika's worlds for they are so true! He was an artist who encouraged many of us and his spirit will continue alive among us!

By: ComplxMind on 7/14/03
It is a sad loss among the artistic community. His life and memories will live on through his art, and how he touched us all. He shall not be forgotten. Peace and happiness, wherever you may be.

By: Helen on 7/17/03
I have no words... my condolences to family and friends. Sad very sad :(


By: ianross on 7/30/03
What a shock! I have just logged on after some time away...... and I had no idea of any misfortune to Dan. We shared a few 'online banters', and there was no doubting his talent and sincerity.... (and constructive comments).
I'm very saddened to read this news.
RIP to a friend I never met.... Ian R

By: -Klaus on 8/3/03
My condolences to family and friends.

By: nguyen on 8/13/03
Been away to Canada this whole summer, so would somebody kindly tell me why Dan pass away. I don't know him nor his art because i am NEW to renderosity, but got too curious, how can an artist die, they NEVER die.

By: LyndaS on 8/18/03
Just found out today that Dan Davis passed away in June. I'll miss him. When he first started posting to the Cinema 4D gallery he had just started with the software (though had previously modeled in another program.) It was a pleasure to see his dedication and watch his progress.

I was wondering where he went and why his old gallery was inactive. What a sad thing to find his work again, and then find out that his devleopment of art has ended before it's time. I'll miss his enthusiasm and his lovely images. My condolences to Dan's family.

By: LiquiidDesigns on 8/27/03
i didn't know him or of him, however hes a fellow artist, god bless...i hope your painting the sky with your talent dan.

By: ironhart on 9/7/03

By: LQNova on 9/29/03
How sad a loss - and what a lovely gesture to keep his art available to the world.

By: SAMS3D on 10/10/03
This is such a great honor you have given his memory and his family....wonderful.

By: Eugenofrostin on 10/12/03
Ladies and gentlemens

Hat off !

And let we pay a great respect to an great artist, who share with us, since long times, some Wonderfull Masterpieces in Our Common Way of life.

To the familly and friends of Mister Dan Davis, could you please accept, for my humble part and from a foreigner, my sincere condolences for this sad loss and my also sincere wishes Mister Dan will continue to astonish (amaze) us from the Other Dimension.

Yours Truly and friendly

Eugenofrostin, alias Peterboroh

By: mboncher on 10/15/03
The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his countenance to shine upon you, and give you peace.

By: kijker on 10/20/03
My condolances to family and friends.
It's always awful to see deep inspiration come to an end. But the art stays, and with it the spirit of the artist.
May he rest in peace

By: Stevie822 on 2/28/04
He had excellence in his attention to detail.
His passing is a big loss to the graphics community, but I delight in knowing that he found true enjoyment in doing what he found happiness in what he did during his living years. May the next world bring you the same contentment Dan.

By: evielouise on 4/24/04
Do not stand on my grave and weep
I am not there for I do not sleep
I'm the gift of art that flows
In the sunlight you see it glow
In the stars that shine at night
So big, a gift, big and bright
Do not stand on my grave and cry
I'm not there I did not die
from evielouise:, who would have loved to know you:

By: Soring on 6/1/04
tough his body is no more,
his spirit and fantastic artworks remain ever present!

By: HobbyHopper on 6/21/04
Good bye my friend Dano. You gave 24 times of comments to my images from Nov 10, 2002 to Jun 15, 2003. Thank you very much.

By: vjerana on 6/23/04
Rest in Peace!

By: SNAKEY on 6/29/04
An artist may die , his art never does. Thanks to renderosity through which many of the artist will go on living in the virtual world. His work and inspiration will continue to remain here as an example of his excellent talent. Peace!!!

By: ywaters on 4/20/05
Wow...what a loss. I will surely miss him. He was one of the best to me in cinema 4d. He used to always send me things he made. Its awful to come back here and hear that he passed.

My condolescences to his family, from my family.

By: panwarez72 on 8/21/05

By: strata on 8/21/06
Hi Dan, I hope the you are present from above. We had some good conection here at Renderosity. You have been on my mind several time since then, and I actually miss you. You where allways a forward and positive person. You made me go forward with my progress in Cinema 4D. Perhaps we meet some day in the future. Michael (Strata)

By: Delrino on 12/2/06
Oh my God (and i mean you my friend, Dan).
Didn't noticed that you've gone away. Didn't was here since some years. But i've always rememberred the lot of fun we had here together, the mails we send us, the effort of getting better because we started with 3D almost at the same time...but...i never got your skill and talent, Dano.

Today i look around renderositys pages and find your audity. Tears run down. The same kind of tears that ran down my face as my girlfriend died in March 2003. The day i stopped writing and making pictures for more than 3 years.

Kudos to you Dano. I bow down in front of your memory.


By: xpersona on 11/12/09

So for me very unpleasantly.
I am uniting with the family in pain.
I know as large it is pain recently
my Mum walked away .....
I am lighting lights of the memory.


I apologise for English...
I am coming from Poland
and poorly I am writing in English.


By: Delrino on 11/23/14
Dano, you're still be missed..11 years later....still thinking of you my freind.

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