Take the Renderosity Annual Survey

Take the Renderosity Annual Survey to Help Improve the Site for all Digital Artists!

It's time once again for YOU to help improve Renderosity with your feedback! In return for taking your time to provide your input, you will get to choose one of THREE freebies from one of our gracious MarketPlace vendors. Not only that, but each person that completes a survey will be entered to win one of ten $100 Renderosity Gift Certificates!

This Survey pertains to all areas of Renderosity outside of the MarketPlace, including Galleries, Tutorials, Free Stuff, Chat, Forums & elsewhere in the community.

The Renderosity Annual Survey will be running all month long. You have until Wednesday, September 30th to get your completed survey submitted. The survey will only take approximately 5-10 minutes of your time, so get started today!


Please be sure to take each survey for which you are eligible, for each survey you take is another entry to win a gift certificate! So click on the survey links above to get started.

What is the Renderosity Annual Survey?

Every year we conduct a site wide survey to get YOUR feedback on the community as well as the MarketPlace. While we strive every day to make your visit to Renderosity a great experience, your opinions are crucial to helping maintain that experience.

We would like to take a moment to thank the three vendors that provided the freebies for this year's survey:

M.O.M Crowd generator by powerage
M.O.M Crowd generator
Strapped Suit by powerage
Strapped Suit
StrictlyHARD: The Suit (V4, A4, G4) by powerage
StrictlyHARD: The Suit (V4, A4, G4)
Ultimate Bed by powerage
Ultimate Bed

Hongyu's JerseyDress for V4 by hongyu
Hongyu's JerseyDress for V4
Hongyu's SchoolGirl for V4 by hongyu
Hongyu's SchoolGirl for V4
Hongyus Shirt for V4/A4/G4/Elite by hongyu
Hongyus Shirt for V4/A4/G4/Elite
Hongyu's SG3: T-shirt by hongyu
Hongyu's SG3: T-shirt


Movie Sets, 81 City Blocks by DreamlandModels
Movie Sets, 81 City Blocks
Movie Sets, City Block Ten by DreamlandModels
Movie Sets, City Block Ten
Movie Sets, City Block Seven  by DreamlandModels
Movie Sets, City Block Seven
Movie Sets, City Block Two by DreamlandModels
Movie Sets, City Block Two



Have any questions? Contact admin@renderosity.com. Thank you for participating in our annual survey, and for helping make Renderosity a better place for all digital artists!

Gift Certificate drawings will take place the first week in October. Winners will be notified by Renderosity.





Member Opinions:
By: Pugster56 on 9/1/09
Thanks for the gift & keep up the good work here @ Renderosity!!

By: Kazam561 on 9/1/09
Thank you vendors for participating! :)

By: Lakotariver on 9/1/09
Love the gifts from our fellow artist. Thank you all

By: Tankini on 9/1/09
Thanks for the gifts. Look forward to your quality products in the future too.

By: cotzbalam on 9/1/09
Thanx to all the vendors. Without their great products the Marketplace wouldn't be.

By: arbee999 on 9/1/09
Thank you to all the vendors who created freebies for the survey!!!

By: extasisdigital on 9/1/09
any help is good...

By: TehJenneh on 9/1/09
I don't remember participating last year but I'm glad I did this time. Not because of the freebies but out of hopes that feedback is heard and improvements and innovations are always made. ^_^ Great job Renderosity.

By: raki on 9/1/09
Thank You vendors!

By: LBAMagic on 9/2/09
Painless and fun. Thanks for the freebie. Hope you don't take too much offense at some of my suggested site improvements. Sorry no refunds, it's against my policy on freebies. LOL.

By: Nytoprod on 9/2/09
Thanks you very much vendors !!!!! :wink:

By: grnbomber on 9/2/09
That didnt hurt at all. Everyone should take this survey. Help the community.

By: MocPac on 9/2/09
Thank you!

By: DarwinsMishap on 9/2/09
Wasn't bad at all! I don't think I participated either last year, but hoped that in doing so this year I could possibly have a few ideas interjected into the place. XD!

By: hardwaretoad on 9/2/09
Painless but lacked depth, IMHO. My thanks to the vendors and the staff.

By: Nick_Jones on 9/2/09
Always nice to get something for next to nothing. But I would suggest indentifying who or what things are for - I didn't know Rebel Hair was for V4 until I read the readme.

By: SophiD on 9/2/09
good survey. It always helps to ask user feedback. Thank you for the freebies offered.

By: lornix on 9/2/09
User opinions help to make the whole site better for everyone. Thanks for the freebie!

By: jeanne_50 on 9/2/09
Thank you for the gifts. :)
Love, Jeanne

By: hunted357mag on 9/2/09
any thing i can do to help make it better
Thank you for the gifts!!


By: luchare on 9/3/09
thanks heaps for a great site

By: the_tdog on 9/3/09
Thanks for the site and the gift once more, one suggestion though:

Why don't you just show the actual freebies on this page instead of 9 products from the vendors who provided them that AREN'T freebies? It's a little shifty the way you have it set up.

By: densa on 9/3/09
thank you for the free gifts and love your site

By: drgnmztr on 9/3/09
Thanks RO for having a survey. Its nice to know that our art community is willing to take the time listen to its members thoughts.

By: melancon on 9/3/09
Thank you for this great site.

By: FLDesign on 9/3/09
A really good survey. And thanks a lot to the vendors, who gave us this gifts.

By: GARNETROSE on 9/3/09

wonderful freebies

wonderful, wonderful

Hugs to you all


By: TIRROCCIA on 9/5/09

By: corinthianscori on 9/7/09
Everything I requested last year has been implemented. I'm very pleased.

By: byow on 9/9/09
great job and thanks to the artist for the freebie, thanks All

By: AtItAgain on 9/11/09
All I can say is Thank You very much from the bottom of my heart. This is an Outstanding site with some truly Outstanding Members. I'm glad to be a part of it all.

By: carmelobaerga on 9/15/09
Thanks for all the great support to the 3d community. Why live in a flat world when you can live in 3d...

By: almeftah on 9/15/09
thanx alot.. very usefull gifts.

By: bobstuyck on 9/16/09
Thank you for the very nice gift. Hoping your survey will be very fruitfull to all

By: BMW325i on 9/24/09
thanks for the gift...
and for the support for the all 3d creators,and community...
thanks all.

By: mrssocolov on 9/30/09
this website is too darn addicting! lol lol ;0) love the opportunity to win stuff! thanks!

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