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Staffing Announcements

Renderosity is pleased to announce our newest addition to the team and a staffing promotion. Please help us welcome our Adminstrative Assistant, Kristi Sholl and give Jani our congratulations.


Kristi joined our staff on January 14, 2008 taking over the role of Adminstrative Assistant from GinaH. She will be handling the daily office and customer support needs for both Renderosity and its parent company Bondware.

Kristi was born in Reading, Pennsylvania and moved to Tennessee 3 years ago. She has been happily married for 12 years and has two wonderful sons. Kristi enjoys spending time with her friends and family. In her spare time, she loves writing short stories and poetry.

Jumpstartme2 (Jani) has accepted our invitation to be our newest Community admin. Jani will be heavily involved with helping members in the community. She has been an active member of Renderosity since 2002. She joined the Coordinator Team on May 17, 2006, and then the Moderator Team on Nov 2, 2006. She became part of the MP Testing Team in Oct. of 2007. Jani will continue to moderate the free stuff forum and also with her testing responsibilities. She will now be handling the Linkshare, FAQ area, moderating the Community Center and Suggestion forums, as well as other Community related duties.

Jumpstartme2 (Jani) was born in Conroe Texas in 1965, and still resides there. She has 4 beautiful children and 4 wonderful grandchildren, and a sense of humor that is a must. Her love of graphic art is what brought her to Renderosity, and she now works with a number of graphic programs, including ZBrush, Vue, Poser, etc.

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Member Opinions:
By: TwoPynts on 3/5/08
Congrats to the two talented, hard-working and lovely ladies! ;^]

By: magickmedbh on 3/5/08
Congratulations to both lovely ladies! ;D

By: colynn on 3/5/08
Congrats & a big welcome! ^^

By: UVDan on 3/5/08
Congratulations to the capable ladies.

By: ariasparkle on 3/5/08
Welcome allll!!!!

By: alida on 3/5/08
long live women as they can do anything!congrats and warmest wishes

By: theconqueror on 3/5/08
Congratulations and my best wishes to both of you....In my language we say "Everywere we need a woman touch for perfection".
Again... I wish Luck,health and happiness...

By: SAMS3D on 3/5/08
Good luck to you both, we are always in good hands here.

By: TheBryster on 3/5/08
Nice to see the Rend's policy of hiring hot ladies is still in force!
Congratulations, Girls!

By: SndCastie on 3/5/08
Wish you both the best

By: Hawkins-GraFX on 3/5/08
Welcome Kristi and Jani!!

By: leehilliard on 3/5/08
congrats jani and welcome kristi !:)

By: StaceyG on 3/5/08
Welcome Kristi and Congrats Jani:)

You girls are the bomb!!


By: SGT2005 on 3/5/08
Congratulation to Both of you young Ladies.

I know you will be a great fit in each of your respected areas. It has been said that with every stride there is honor and commitment and with the challenges of a changing artist family website comes hard work and determination. I know each of you will continue to make great strides in improving this website an further your careers as time moves forward. I am very proud of both of you.

"Simper Fi" = "Always Faithful"

THe Crispy Tator / sgt2005

By: mikeerson on 3/5/08
congratulations.... been looking for a free volley ball, you're into the free stuff, any ideas - sorry, I thought I'd make you feel right at home off the bat - lol... but I really am looking for a free volley ball.

By: infinity10 on 3/5/08
Hey cool. Congrats Jani, and welcome Kristi.

By: limeyboy on 3/6/08
All the best to them both . I'm certain all will benefit from this. :)

By: three_grrr on 3/6/08
congrats! I think we'll be in good hands!

By: Thelby on 3/6/08
BIG CONGRATS to the Both of You. A Wonderful Place to be here with Renderosity, Especially as Staff and Admin. I Hope you Enjoy your New Posts and that All is Well Suited for you!!!

By: tdierikx on 3/6/08
Way to go ladies!


By: hazem_zoom on 3/6/08
welcome to Kristi :)))),and congratulations to Jani.
I wish good luck for all renderosity staff.

By: ARTWITHIN on 3/6/08
Congratulations Gina and Jani. I'm sure you will do a great job for Renderosity and the community.

Wishing you both the best, and thanks for your service to us all.


By: ThunderStone on 3/6/08
Congrats to both Gina and Jani. Wishing you all the best and thanks in advance for all your assistance.

By: wheatpenny on 3/6/08
Congrats and lots of Luck. They couldn't have picked a better person for the job.

By: Kimberly.3D on 3/6/08
Wow...awesome. Congratulations! We look forward to your assistance!

By: Arbelain on 3/6/08
Welcome Kristi and Jani -and more being ladies ;)

By: ElitistAllie on 3/6/08

By: RAGraphicDesign on 3/6/08
HI girls:)

By: calico1 on 3/6/08
Congrats on the new position!

By: Moondog117 on 3/6/08
Welcome Kristi! And Congrats Jani, thanks for being so helpful when I first started posting. I know how much you love the Renderosity community and have no doubt that you will lead from the heart. Bravo!


By: Conniekat8 on 3/6/08
How Cool! Congratulations!!!!

By: KristiS on 3/6/08
Thank you so much for all of the warm welcomes.

I am really excited to be here, and this is the only place I've ever worked where I can't wait to get there.

Everyone here is great and I look forward to building alot of really great relationships.

If you need anything, you can contact me through or site mail.

By: Jumpstartme2 on 3/6/08
Thanks gang! It is sooo appreciated! I'm here for you all, at anytime you need me. Just shoot me an email or sitemail.

Loves yas!

By: MatrixWorkz on 3/6/08
Demand a raise Jani! ;) Congrats!

By: danob on 3/6/08
BRAVO to the new hard working gals

By: SoCalRoberta on 3/6/08
Congratulations :)

By: rumncoke on 3/7/08
my best wishes and warm regards

By: calum5 on 3/7/08
Great stuff girls ,goodluck:-)

By: StarGazer9 on 3/7/08
Glad to have you! Enjoy the Show!

By: pearce on 3/7/08
The Terror of the Tavern an admin?? Anyway, hearty congrats to you Jani ;)

Mick Pearce

(P.S. a couple of us do still hang out at Lost Tribes)

By: visionart on 3/7/08
This Is Fantastic...Congradulations!!!!

By: web_wizard on 3/8/08
Awesome.... Great Job Ladies!!

By: Jumpstartme2 on 3/8/08
"The Terror of the Tavern an admin??"

Wha? I have no idea what you are talking about Mick..I only threw peanuts. *whistles innocently* ~hehe~

Thanks again all!

By: kanzler on 3/9/08

By: HERBshines on 3/9/08

I wish each of U fine Ladies congrads, and, I'm sure it will benefit ALL of US Oddists to No end. Good Lucky to U ALL.

By: fotografu2 on 3/9/08
I wish you both Congratulations.

By: Charberry on 3/9/08
I know a lot of hard work goes into maintaining a site such as this. Congrats to the two!!

By: shadolady on 3/10/08
Congrats, girls!

By: priss117 on 3/11/08
Thanks girls for maintaining the boards!
Thanks to all the staff at renderosity!!

By: MimiCat on 3/12/08
Congratulations and my best wishes to both of you!!

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