St. Patrick's Day Jumble Challenge

St. Patrick's Day Gallery Jumble Competition!

Renderosity is putting your knowledge of our Gallery images to the test. From now through Saturday, March 16th were asking that you take part in our St. Patrick's Day Jumble Challenge. If you've never played our game before, you'll see a game board below that contains both blank tiles and tiles with letters on them. Please use the blank tiles as placeholders for where each of the lettered tiles should be placed in order to spell two (2) words. Both of these words have been taken from our Galleries.

Above the game board, we're going to help you along by providing subtle clues to each of these words. We'll be providing five (5) clues in total with a new clue being added each morning (Monday, March 11th through Friday, March 15th).

Are you ready to play? Think you have the correct two words? Please email the two words to to be eligible to win. Your responses need to be received by Saturday, March 16th at 11:59pm (cst) and winners will be announced on St. Patrick's Day (Sunday, March 17th).


From the list of correct answers, five (5) randomly selected Renderosity Members will receive a $25 Renderosity Gift Certificate. One of these lucky five will also receive a *12-month Renderosity Prime Membership.

The answers, and selected winners, will be revealed on St. Patricks Day - Sunday, March 17th.

*If the selected Prime Membership winner is already a Prime Member, than Renderosity Staff will begin their new 12-month membership at the time their current membership expires.
This prize can't be exchanged with another prize.



1) The horizontal word (moving left to right) is the name of a gallery submission while the vertical word (moving top to bottom) is the name of a gallery artist.

2) This gallery image was snapped with a Canon EOS 40D and can be found in the Flowers/Plants genre. Place this word in the horizontal direction.

3) This Gallery Artist submits nearly all their work to the 2D & Animals area.

4) Merriam-Webster defines this word in part as; pleasing to the sense of taste or smell especially in a mild or subtle way.

5) A portion of this artist’s name includes the ‘Garden of God’ found in the book of Genesis. The same place you might find Adam & Eve.