Site Management Changes


Welcome to This site is now under new management. A team of interim moderators is being formed with new guidelines for managing their respective forums. The term "interim" is used because the site is committed to moving toward a system where the membership elects the leadership of the site and the leadership is compensated systematically based upon the site's success.

Interim Moderator Guidelines:

1. Be about the topic of your forum and advancing the community.

2. Be positive. Ignore taunting behavior and move off-topic posts to the appropriate forum with a simple note as to why.

3. Treat all members with respect, even difficult members.

4. Treat others as you would want to be treated.

5. Be inclusive. We want everyone to feel comfortable here. That includes members of DSI and members of the PFO.

At the suggestion of several members, we have made software tweaks to handle some problem areas. Email notifications are now sent on the following events (Banning of a member, email address change, and deletion of any post). These messages generally include the affected user and the moderator or member making the change.

Banning of members is an last resort. Except for absolute emergencies, EdgeNet would like to be involved before any member is banned.

Meet the Moderators

These are the Forums/Moderators on board at this time. Anyone who has the skills and subscribes to the guidelines above is welcome to apply to We will be adding moderator bio's over time.

Forum News and Team Contact (JeffH, tim)
Poser (JeffH )
Bryce (FastTraxx )
The Challenge Arena (GeorgeD)
Vue d'Esprit (bloodsong)
Carrara / Raydream (ClintH)
Character Creators(ClintH)
Adobe Photoshop(GeorgeD)
Macromedia Flash(ARADTech)
Rhino 3D (Spike)
Virtual Tavern (NegentropicMan)
Complaint & Debate (tim )
Online Store Contact(jhandley)
Community Ideas (tim)


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