Share Feature Now Added to Gallery Images!

We are giving YOU the option to share your Gallery Images throughout the web!

Want to share your exquisite Gallery works with the rest of the world? We have now made it easier for you to do so using the SHARE This feature! As we have already done with the product pages in the MarketPlace, the Gallery Image details page will now have a SHARE button available to you as an option for each of your images. This option is disabled by default, so if you are interested in adding the SHARE button to any of your gallery images you will need to edit each image to enable the button.

What does the SHARE button do for you? The SHARE button is a feature that allows you and your gallery viewers to spread the word about your work to over 50 different social networking sites, which will in turn generate more traffic to your gallery! Sites listed within the SHARE This feature include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • StumbleUpon
  • Slashdot
  • Fark
  • Delicious
  • Blogger, Wordpress & TypePad
  • and many more...


The SHARE button will be below the image on the details page. Clicking the button will give you several popular options. Clicking the "More..." link will reveal all options.

This is a quick and easy way for you to showcase your works across the social networking spectrum without spending all the extra time to do it one site at a time! Not interested in having the SHARE button on your gallery pages? The option is disabled by default, so you don't have to do any extra work to keep the feature off of your pages.

Questions? Contact Renderosity Admin at As always, thank you for sharing your amazing artwork with us at Renderosity!


Member Opinions:
By: Propschick on 9/21/09
VERY cool !

By: karanta on 9/21/09
Cool :)

By: powerage on 9/21/09
Cool :)

By: Nuka on 9/21/09
Very nice!

By: Puntomaus on 9/21/09
Thanks for disabling this *feature* by default. Probably learned from Deviant Art that lots of users don't think that's cool

By: RBB2 on 9/21/09
Really great and easy to update twitter,facebook and everything!!!!!!
Thnak YOu!!!

By: SophiD on 9/21/09
an excellent idea!! Thank you Renderosity!!

By: FutureFantasyDesign on 9/21/09
On a product this would be a good feature. But for not gallery images IMVHO.

By: HeRaZa on 9/21/09
way cool thx

By: corinthianscori on 9/21/09
Brilliant idea! I happen to be very bandwidth-limited and this feature will definately be an extreme assistant for me as I can not afford to manually gallery-post to each social site.
Thank you!

By: brynna on 9/21/09
This one I dig. A lot. When I upload my renders I wind up doing it over and over and over. Could be a heckuva time-saver. :-)

By: Faemike55 on 9/22/09
While it may be nice to share our images, it also means more opportunities for thieves to steal our work and claim it as their own. Not all of us can afford digital copyright embedding on our images.
As I also do not visit these sites, I've no desire to have my images posted there.

By: x8ui on 9/22/09
Push the button! Thankies :P

By: infinity10 on 9/22/09
Great !

By: summer1412 on 9/22/09
Oh, this is just a treat for the art stealers. No way you'll catch me "sharing" anything with anybody. If people want to be updated on what's new with me they can check my gallery. Plain and simple.

If you do intend on keeping this feature, maybe try something with an automatic watermark to better protect your members. Because there are some of us that, you know, want to make this a career and stuff.

By: Darklorddc on 9/22/09
Thank you!!!!!!

By: JeffersonAF on 9/22/09

By: vaia on 9/22/09
Wonderful! :D

By: gagnonrich on 9/22/09
I guess that this option is only for new images and not old ones.

By: Jollyself on 9/23/09
excellent addition...Thanks Renderosity, for helping some of us showcase our work and possibly make a sale :)

By: whitemagus on 9/23/09
Great! It was missing in did!

By: Spawn2002 on 9/23/09
As previously mentioned about DA,this is a great feature for art thieves.DA lost a huge amount of members through the sharing principle.Would be a great feature here,if we could have some form of watermarking added when the button is pressed.

By: Whimsical on 9/23/09
I like it in theory, however I'd prefer being able to do it via my own addthis account so I can track the stats for my images.

By: UVDan on 9/23/09
I do not belong to any of those sites. I just want somebody to be able to access my gallery here.

By: Star4mation on 9/23/09
No use to me. I don't do "social networking"

By: Kinouk on 9/23/09

By: Seaview123 on 9/24/09
Very interesting idea... nice addition to the site.

By: MoxieGraphix on 9/24/09
For those of you concerned about theft, simply don't enable the option and then your images won't be shared on those sites. Seems pretty simple to me. For those of us who do utilize those sites for networking - thank you.

By: magicmoondesigns on 9/24/09
Thank you for disabling this by default. I guess it's nice for those that want to use it. I don't so it's useless to me.

By: TomDart on 9/26/09
I would not want to hear anyone complain about someone on another site claiming authorship of an image will happen. I will not use the button and if I did the render would not be easily appreciated for the many watermarks across it. I want my gallery accessible by members here only and will not be sharing my work without great caution exercised.

By: Wonderland on 9/26/09
Only share images that are clearly watermarked with your name and personal website in a strategic place impossible to crop out--that way it is free advertising anytime anyone downloads it or shares it. Also, the upload date shows here on Renderosity so it's easy to prove you uploaded it first. Also, YOU share it first on all your social networking sites, as soon as you enable the share button predating anyone else's shares. Good to keep all alternate versions and works in progress too if you ever really did have to go to court.

By: CStrauss on 9/27/09
I like this feature I just started a twitter account too so perfect timing now i can spam my work over at other places :) and annoy peoples

By: Futile_Fantasy on 9/30/09
What an excellent, harmless way to promote this site and 3D art in general. Good thinking.

By: Kyms_Cave on 9/30/09
Nice idea but I have to agree will make it easier for thieves to steal your creations..
I myself will not be useing this application..unless a good watermark comes with the useage..

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