Secrets of Poser Experts

Lillian Hawkins

Secrets of POSER Experts

by Daryl Wise and Jesse DeRooy

Artists of all abilities will find something to enjoy in this new Official e-frontier Guide by Daryl Wise and Jesse DeRooy. This full color resource guide, provides comprehensive coverage of multiple areas of Poser creation including animation, cartoons, fantasy, games and motion graphics.

Daryl Wise has more than 20 years of public relations and special event experience in the computer software and hardware, music and sports industries. Daryl co-authored "Secrets of Award-Winning Digital Artists: Creative Techniques and Insights for Photoshop®, Painter and More." with Jeremy Sutton. Foreword By: Peter Max. He has worked as an independent public relations and marketing contractor for numerous clients, including e frontier. He served as the director of the Santa Cruz Digital Arts Festival for three years and has moderated or participated in several panel discussions. Daryl is the author of Secrets of Award-Winning Digital Artists. He has also served as a Panel Judge for several of the Renderosity Annual Contests.

Jesse DeRooy graduated with a degree in applied interactive media from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is an award-winning radio editor and independent filmmaker. She specializes in representing artists and their works to larger audiences through all forms of media.

This inspirational and instructional publication reads like a "who's who" of the digital art community. It is amazing to see how far Poser has advanced over the years, and how creatively the artists have applied these advances. The results are stunning!

This book goes beyond the usual images and basic artist information. Inside this guide, we get intimate with each of the experts, sharing their biography, what influences them, their creative process, education, advice and detailed, step-by-step tutorials. Included are tips, tricks and insights that prompt artists to try different techniques.

For me, the quality of the paper creates a deliciously tangible manifestation of the artistic creations that would otherwise only exist within a digital reality. It's like having the art come to life in your hands. As I read through each of the artist's bios and statements and read about their techniques, I felt connected to the artists and very inspired by them and their work. Each one is so unique in the way they express themselves and they are all so good at what they do.

This books includes a DVD containing:
  • Art galleries for each artist featured in the book
  • Poser tutorials
  • Poser movies
  • Free Poser content
  • Poser animations
  • Poser 6 demo software (30-day limited functionality demo version)
  • Poser desktop wallpaper

  • The DVD content alone is worth the cost of the book.

    Below are the selected expert artists that took the time to share their time, talent, secrets and really cool content for the DVD:

    David Ho

    Carina Dumais

    Kevin Airgid

    Brian Jon Haberlin

    Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray

    Les Garner

    Phil Cooke

    As Shanim and Siliphiel

    Tony Luke

    Gabriel Sabloff


    John Taylor Dismukes

    Thomas Weiss

    Mike Campau

    Scott Thigpen

    Catharina Harders

    Fabrice Delage

    We look forward to seeing the art that is to come in this rapidly advancing industry!

    Secrets of Poser Experts can be purchased at:
    Thomson Course Technology
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