Renderosity Welcomes Rhiannon!

Renderosity is excited to announce the newest addition to our team, Rhiannon!

Today Renderosity is proud to announce that long-time Top Seller, Rhiannon, is now part of our Renderosity team. She has the position of Content Developer for Renderosity. Rhiannon will be responsible for continuing to grow the RPublishing brand as well as working with other MarketPlace vendors on releasing exciting new collaborative projects.

For those of you who are familiar with Rhiannon's work, you know the type of creativeness and attention to detail that goes into her craft. Rhiannon's overall professionalism has been rewarded by consistently ranking her amongst the Top 10 vendors in the Renderosity MarketPlace.



Rhiannon was born right here in Tennessee. She's a hard working Capricorn. She has one son and loves animals, gardening, music, and peaceful days. She claims she's just a southern girl who has always loved to create all kinds of things. Her mother was a seamstress, and one of her earliest memories was of sketching the ladies on her clothing patterns and then designing clothes for them. Rhiannon's father had a green thumb and taught her how to plant things, take care of them and watch them grow. So, creating for her, just comes naturally. It's a business for her now, and finds great happiness in being able to work at what she loves.

Selene - Fantasy Muse

Her Start in CG Art (excerpt from 2008 Vendor of the Month interview- April)

Sure, I can tell you it was artwork done in Bryce 3D, back in the late 1990's. I was an avid "Brycer" and dedicated alot of time to learning everything I could. This interest in 3D graphics naturally led me to Poser. I joined Renderosity in April, 2000 and became a merchant around November of 2003 with my first skin texture and morph for Victoria 3.

In 2006, I got my feet wet with modeling when I began creating and including some jewels in my characters packs. Then I got a little more adventurous and slowly began creating even more content, starting with my Isadora and Nya packs for Aiko 3. And, as you can all see, I kept moving ahead from there.

I really enjoy modeling, it has helped me to add more dimension to my work. When I create a skin texture and a morph for a figure, and then I'm able to follow through with my vision for that character with clothing and accessories, I have a more complete and versatile package to offer. That is very satisfying for me, and hopefully, for my customers as well.

Susie's Rags

Rhiannon's advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers

- Do what you enjoy and makes you happy.

- Try to learn something new everyday, the learning process should never stop.

- Strive to create something unique and develop your own personal style.

- If you aren't happy with it, chances are, no one else will be either. Never settle for "good enough".

Soul Catcher


These are just a few of the products Rhiannon has already made especially for RPublishing.

Kindred Clothing V4, A4, S4

LeMistral Ballet Style Clothing

Belle West

Member Opinions:
By: JenX on 2/1/11
Congratulations!!! Welcome to the Renderosity Team, Rhi!!

By: Digital_Mischief on 2/1/11
I have several of Rhianon's, models and I love them! Congrats on be coming part of Renderosity team.

By: ariasparkle on 2/1/11
Congrats hun, Couldn't happen to a nicer person. I love your products and i know this is a great fit. can't wait to see what you come up with.

By: FutureFantasyDesign on 2/1/11
Rhi it could not happen to a nicer person! Congrats on the position, the talent and the imagination you have always brought to 3D!!!
You shine Girl!

By: jennblake on 2/1/11
Welcome! Welcome! :0)

By: lil_sizzler on 2/1/11
Congratulations! This is a win-win all around. I'm inspired by your art and skills and can't wait to see the great things you will be bringing to the table!

By: carrara_pat on 2/1/11
Congrats to Rhiannon from a very satisfied customer... and a smart move for Renderosity.

By: KimberlyC on 2/1/11
Welcome to the team! Your products are my fav! :)

By: speculoos on 2/1/11
Congratulations! :)

By: arlivre on 2/1/11
Warmest congratulations !

By: wlmay33 on 2/1/11
OUTSTANDING! I hope these new duties don't hamper your GREAT modeling. Bunny is one of (if not) my favorite models. See you retreads, Rendo does get things right. :o)

By: kittystavern on 2/1/11
Congratulations! Love your work and can't wait to see what you do with Renderosity :-)

By: Magician on 2/1/11

By: P3Design on 2/1/11
Congratulations, love your work! :)

By: P3D-Art on 2/1/11
Big congratz to you Dearest!! And congratz to Rendo having such marvelous creator to your team!! [I hope Rhi can keep on developing in her own unique style ;o]

By: addy on 2/1/11
Congrats Rhiannon! :)

By: Danie on 2/1/11
You go girl! :) Congrats again ! :)

By: Arakas on 2/1/11
A wonderful addition to the team. Congradulations on all your achievements.

By: PiXeLCandy on 2/1/11
Awesome! Congrats to an amazing designer. I am excited to see what you release next. :)

By: kaleya on 2/1/11
Congrats Rhi!Well deserved.

By: odditorium on 2/1/11
Good to see a long time vendor, get her due! Congrats, and Best of luck too!

By: lyron on 2/1/11
Congratulations and good luck!!

By: Raindroptheelf on 2/1/11
Congratulations Rhiannon

By: SamuelKhan on 2/1/11
Congrats Rhiannon!

By: DarkHeartStudio on 2/1/11
Congrats to Rhiannon :-) Definitely wonderful talent to have on the team!

By: RodS on 2/1/11
Congrats, Rhiannon!! Have many of your creations - top notch quality, every one!

By: whaleman on 2/1/11
Congratulations! Some day I'll get into that creative world I hope.

By: renecyberdoc on 2/2/11
already beeing a fantastic team (i buy at least 1 RPp item a month,more often severals-lol,she is a fine addition to the team.also her bio here is very sympathtic.congrats.
she loves animals and plants always a good thing for me.

lets get ready to rrrrumble.

By: rbowen on 2/2/11
Congratulations! You are a wonderful artist!

By: USAGranny on 2/2/11
Congrats to a fine artist, it is well deserved

By: Ace.of.Hearts on 2/2/11
Congrats Rhiannon! :) Have Fun and my best luck for you ;)

By: Anagord on 2/2/11
Congrats Rhiannon!I look forward to seeing more of your fantastic products.

By: yakchat on 2/2/11
Congrats Rhi :-) I love all of your products and you are a wonderful addition to the team at Rosity :-) lotsa love, Carol

By: jeanne_50 on 2/2/11
Congratulations Rhiannon! And congratulations Renderosity staff for having such a great artist joining you. :)
Love, Jeanne

By: nirvy on 2/2/11
Fantastic news! Awesome!!! :)

By: tiff666 on 2/2/11
Congrats for adding such a talent to the Rendo-team!

Good luck! ;-)

By: matrix03 on 2/2/11
Congratulations Rhi!
I am sure you will be an excellent asset for rendo!

By: mazzam on 2/2/11
Very well deserved for style and quality that always stand out!

By: Avalonne on 2/2/11
This is awesome Rhiannon and very much deserved...Congratulations to you :-)

By: shonsu on 2/2/11
Congratultions. Rhiannon has been a long time favorite of my Runtime Library.

By: Rhiannon on 2/2/11
Thanks so much to everyone, for your kind words and congratulations. I am really excited to be a part of the Renderosity team, and I'm looking forward to having lots of fun here! :-)

By: SWAM on 2/2/11
congratulations Rhi .-) have fun and good luck

By: Richardphotos on 2/2/11
known for high quality products

By: vitachick on 2/2/11
Congrats!! elcome :)

By: lwperkins on 2/2/11
Yay Rhi! So glad to see you here and I hope you will still have time to make some things now and then! I love your creations !

By: Kinouk on 2/2/11
Congrats :) Best of luck!! (LY)

By: MichaelAngelis on 2/2/11
Yeah Rhi! Best Wishes.

By: _DAH_ on 2/2/11
Congrats Rhiannon from another very satisfied customer !!!
Rhiannon's creations have always excited Me, I have many of them Myself !
Rendo is very fortunate to have Rhi join them this I know !!!

By: scifibabe on 2/2/11
Awesome! Congrats to Rhiannon who is a super vendor and has wonderful creations. :)

By: UVDan on 2/2/11
Congratulations. Becoming a vendor is still a mystery to me.

By: Dynamo on 2/2/11
a hearty welcome! Your work is quite incredible!

By: Lakotariver on 2/2/11
Congrads, I know your work and have a number of your works in my Runtime. They made a good choice when they asked you to join. Have fun and happy Renders

By: wolandepiphanius on 2/2/11

By: Swantje on 2/3/11
Congratulations Rhiannon!

By: Karaliina on 2/3/11
Congratulations! Well deserved :)

By: Mogwa on 2/3/11
Wow! What a gorgeous lady! Welcome and congratulations.

By: Turtle on 2/3/11
AWWW This is Great news. We both have been here since 2000 :O)

By: zxcv on 2/3/11
Mazltov! (BTW, love the headshot - I always thought you look really HOT)

By: ipixel8 on 2/3/11
Congratulations on joining the Renderosity team, Rhi!

I have several of your products, and I know you have the talent, skill and drive to continue reaching for the stars!

Blessed Be!

By: XENOPHONZ on 2/4/11
Welcome aboard, Rhi! ;-)

By: romanceworks on 2/4/11
Congrats to you, Rhiannon. A wonderful addition to the R'osity team as your work is so creative and the quality is perfection. Carol

By: Tempesta3d on 2/4/11
Congratulations, she is extremely talented!

By: BardCoennius on 2/4/11
Gotta agree with zxcv - pretty young girls are accidents of nature, but beautiful older women are works of art ;)

By: MirageBay on 2/4/11
Congrats, Rhi! I'm delighted for you:)

By: luciferino on 2/5/11
Congratulation mine sweet sweet friend wowowwww i'm so happy for you and for me LOL better have friend around that enemy LOL joke apart, CONGRATULATIONS to you and at all the R'osity team that is always the best around , smack Orietta

By: Eganko on 2/5/11
That's cool news.
Congratulations Rhi!!!

By: brycek on 2/5/11
Congratulations Rhi..wonderful news!

By: mrssocolov on 2/5/11
Super cool! I too have several of your items - this was a good idea to give her position! She has talent! Looking forward to seeing what she will do now!

By: JurgenDoe on 2/6/11
Congratz Rhi ... you're a wonderful new team member :clap:

By: artistheat on 2/6/11
Congrats Hon OOxxoOoOxxXo :)

By: infinity10 on 2/8/11
Good news.

By: Greybro on 2/9/11

By: TDUDE on 2/10/11
Very Very Cool!! I love the way you can make me spend the dough. Climb that corporate ladder kiddo!! Yeeee Haw!!!!

By: anitalee on 2/11/11

By: Lucusoo on 2/12/11
Welcome Rhiannon. Nice work.

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