Renderosity Wale of a Sale!

Renderosity is made up of members the world over, so we want to recognize some of our friends over in the United Kingdom - the country of Wales!

Visit the Renderosity MarketPlace in the Wale of a Sale Department to find MarketPlace items available at 50% OFF!

This is the largest sale ever, and there will be hundreds of products available at this amazing 50% discount, but only from September 16th through the 24th.

Hurry! Get the great prices on these products before time runs out!  Be sure you look through the entire department - you wouldn't want to miss out on these deals!

Below you will find just a small sample of the items in the sale, but don't forget to visit the Wale of a Sale Department for the full list of what is available.

The United Kingdom. Wales is in orange.
Here is a selection of what's available in the Wale of a Sale:

Want to know more about Wales? Renderosity member (and native of Wales) thefixer was so kind as to provide us with some information on Wales. This includes a brief rundown of history, government, identity and other facts about this great country. Click here to read more on this jewel of the Atlantic.

Member Opinions:
By: Shalimar-Cherie on 9/16/08
Oh this sounds sweet ,i need to go and have a look at ;-) .

By: lindans on 9/16/08
I'm welsh and proud of it, nothing like the millenium stadium to bring out the patriot in the Welsh ('specially if we are playing England) LOL!!!!!!

By: -JoJo- on 9/16/08
awesome to see the UK getting a feature yeee. My brother lives in wales along with his girlfreind, my 3 nieces & nephew. When he comes to visit me he sounds very welsh, to the welsh he sounds very broad lancashire accent (where we`re from)

By: ockham on 9/16/08
Interesting idea and cute pun!

By: toastie on 9/16/08
Should've had this in March.... ;)

By: thefixer on 9/16/08
While March 1st would have been a good date, today is also important as being the date on which Wales was last proclaimed an independent Country by Owain Glyndwr, whose flag [different from above] has been flown from public buildings in Wales today to commemorate that event!

By: anarchy.annie666 on 9/16/08
yeah! cool feature. i've got lots of welsh connections too ;o) mind you i don't live that far away from Wales either LOL

By: FreeWave on 9/16/08
Holy crap, a huge chunk of my wishlist just went on sale! How do I decide what to buy? Awesome sale!

By: efron_241 on 9/16/08
There are a bit tooo many announcements now a days

By: operaguy on 9/16/08
Note: This month on HDMovie Channel (also avail. at Netflicks) the film "Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain" is playing in rotation. It's a contemporary tale set in Wales.

It's one of those precious dry humour (English spelling), Hugh Grant stumbling/mumbling, delicioius Tara Fitzgerald adoring, small village suffering in war, all pulling together, 'We're Welsh, not English" delights!

One of my great favorites. Watched it last night. Looks like next showing is Saturday.

::::: Opera :::::

By: P3D-Art on 9/16/08
What a beautiful idea I am glad for getting posted in person!! Thank you Rendo and thank you marvelous Wales ;o]

By: the_tdog on 9/16/08
I have no idea in the world what this sale has to do with Wales, but it's a nice deal, nonetheless. I'm minorly annoyed that I bought more than a few of these items at full price--recently--but there are a couple here that I've wanted for a while, so I suppose it evens out, somewhat.

By: seedydeedee on 9/16/08
Yay for something from the homeland! :D Cymru am byth! (Wales forever) ;)

By: patmoffett on 9/16/08
haaa! this is funny - i couldn't believe when i clicked through and saw our flag. thanks so much for featuring us - a lot people think all of the uk is england, and refer to it as such - even brits! diolch yn fawr iawn a gobeithio bydd pawb yn fwynhau'r sel mawr :-) (thank you very much and hopefully everyone will enjoy the big sale)

By: Angelsfury2004 on 9/16/08
Great idea, although I just recently purchased quite a few of the sale items at full price... sighs... better notice of upcoming sales would be wonderful.

By: TL1 on 9/16/08
Now this is a sale!!!!

By: summer1412 on 9/16/08
Oh how I wish I had money to spend...good lord... *faint*

By: PaganArtist on 9/17/08
Wonderful to pick Wales it's a beautiful country. Sooo when is Ireland due to be in the spot light?? LOL!!!!

By: vaia on 9/17/08
Why oh WHY do the sales always come when I have no money?! :(( I shall have to find some *crosses fingers*

By: zxcv on 9/17/08
A couple of interesting facts the thefixer left out: while perhaps not the orginal inhabitants of Britain, the Welsh are in fact descendants of the original Romano-Celtic Britons whose resistance to the Sassunach in the 5th and 6th Centuries are the basis of the Arthurian legends. If I'm not mistaken, the red dragon was King Arthur's standard...the world Welsh is actually a Saxon word, "wealsc," meaning "foreigner;" the Welsh people's own demonym is "Cymry" and the country's proper name is "Cymru," from an ancient term meaning "Companions" (as in "of the Round Table"?) I also believe the Cymry got a bit of their own back at the Sassunach when they put two of their own kings and a queen on the English throne - my understanding is that the Tudors (King Henry VII, VIII and Queen Elizabeth I) were of Welsh ancestry.

By: serene on 9/18/08

By: gojira on 9/18/08
Wales rules . . . !

By: priss117 on 9/18/08
Good God there is one!! lol
Thank you Renderosity and thank you to the venders participating as well! I just got rid of some items sitting in my wishlist.

By: Alz2008 on 9/19/08
Da iawn nice to have our little country on the map. welsh and proud i wish i could afford to buy something from the store, and no i aint a cardi LOL..

By: aktati on 9/22/08
Diolch yn fawr ! ( Many thanks : )It's great to see my country mentioned here. I was born on Ynys Mona, the island right at the top of Wales,described as the last stronghold of the druids who were the Priests, Doctors, Poets and Minstrels of ancient Celtia.
Dymuniadau gorau (best wishes ) to all !

By: seachnasaigh on 9/23/08

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