Renderosity Takes Care of its MarketPlace Customers
Due to the terms of our dissolution with Content Paradise, they have decided to cease support for any Renderosity products sold there effective March 31st, 2008. What does this mean for you as a former CP customer? Originally this meant that the product you purchased would no longer be available for download - a feature for products purchased directly through Renderosity.

We care for all of our customers, so we took the initiative to make sure as many CP customers as possible got the support they would normally receive. We have created a way to 'match' orders made on CP to Renderosity orders, so that all your CP purchases will now be listed under My Account.

If you want your Content Paradise orders transfered to your Renderosity account, you will have to email from the email address you used at Content Paradise and it will have to match the email address you have listed on your Renderosity account.

Unforunately, if the email address you used at CP doesn't match the one you have here, there is no way for us to verify the orders. If your email here doesn't match, you can update that information in your My Profile section.

Don't have a Renderosity account?

We'll be more than happy to 'match' your orders as well. All you need to do is sign up to become a member with the email address you used over at Content Paradise. Renderosity takes care of every customer, regardless of past membership status.

Renderosity stands behind every product it sells, and we believe every customer should receive quality service in a professional manner.

Thank you for choosing Renderosity.

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Member Opinions:
By: speculoos on 3/19/08
THANK YOU! Sincerely. I asked for all my CP purchases to be transferred to my RMP account and it is now available here... Thank you for your excellent support! It is very much appreciated... ;)

By: darkphoenixrising on 3/19/08
Ok, now I am really impressed with this place. Next check, time to start clearing the transferred wishlist items. Excellent customer service!

By: Hawkins-GraFX on 3/19/08
An amazing effort from Renderosity to provide high level support for its members - As they always do!!

By: AscendedSpirit on 3/19/08
Does this deal with every through CP? Just wondering?

By: BAR-CODE on 3/19/08
Thats so Cool ..
Im happy this Support for CP items.
I think this shows how it should be !!

Im happy to be a part of the Renderosity Family :}



By: DarkAngelGenesis on 3/19/08
Thank you very much! I think this is wonderful customer service.

By: Yanelis3D on 3/19/08
This is very good news. I am very happy that Renderosity is powerfull to have this feature. Thanks admin!

By: Kazam561 on 3/19/08
Thank you very, very, very much!

By: ThrommArcadia on 3/19/08
Renderosity Rocks! Again you prove why you are my favorite place on the web!

By: wolandepiphanius on 3/19/08
Thank you. That's very nice of you.

By: hecate61 on 3/19/08
Much appreciated and already transferred!

By: ugpsobta on 3/19/08
Thank you. This is a great example of First Class Customer Service!

Mucho Mahalo

By: CandeeKis on 3/20/08
Thanks so much for doing this. Very nice. :)

By: powerage on 3/20/08
Renderosity: Simply the best ! :)

By: Unicornst on 3/20/08
Amazing support you get from Renderosity. Well done, All!

By: McGrandpa on 3/20/08
Thanks very much for this service. It is needed and appreciated!

By: Dirtylooks on 3/20/08
Thanks for thinking of the consumer. RENDO ROCKS!

By: Daymond42 on 3/20/08
Above and beyond. That's why I'll remain a Renderosity customer and member.

By: grichter on 3/20/08
What everybody else says above multiplied by 100. You're the best.

By: Giolon on 3/21/08
I haven't been a big fan of this site's administrative actions and direction in the past year and a half, but I have to admit, this is quite a good thing they've done.

By: Goonwuff on 3/21/08
I don't fall into this category at all, but I'm impressed. Thanks, R'osity!

By: Elke on 3/21/08
Thank you. :-)

By: perfy0 on 3/21/08
I must say RO do a good job!Thank you!

By: kfox on 3/21/08
WOW! This is absolutely fabulous. Thanks so much for stepping up and taking on the extra work for your customers. This will make all our lives much easier.

I know I have had to download packages again because the files became corrupt, and this will be a life saver for me.

By: destro75 on 3/21/08
Renderosity was the first online art site I ever joined. I'm so glad I never left.

Thank you very much for this wonderful gesture. I've all but sworn off the new CP, but I'll continue to be a 'Rosity customer for a very long time after this.

By: Kaji on 3/21/08
Thank you. Excellent customer service.

By: sunfish on 3/22/08
Wow. Excellent! Proud to be a customer and member of 'Rosity! Thank you very much.

By: CardinalBiggles on 3/22/08
Thank you. Although I rarely used CP, and always bought 'Rosity stuff direct, this is a very good gesture on your part.

By: Chippsyann on 3/22/08
Thank you for providing us with this service.
I think that it's a great idea..."two thumbs up"

By: Vasago on 3/22/08
Wonderful news and excellent customer support. Thank you!

By: bobnapper on 3/23/08
Excellent.... This is why we all support Renderosity.

By: TCopsey on 3/24/08
One word describes Renderosity's Admin support; "INTEGRITY". You bring honesty, reliability and forethought! Always a patron and ambassador for you and this is just another example why! Smart move!

By: Adante on 3/24/08
The transfer was quick and painless. Thank you Renderosity for helping us CP customers.

By: infinity10 on 3/27/08
Renderosity leads the way in Customer Service Excellence.

By: moonrancher on 3/27/08
Very nice! Renderosity proves it's a leader by showing it understands the needs of its customers! Thank you!

By: Isyl on 3/28/08
Thank you so much! I've always thought Renderosity was the best and this gesture just proves it even more.

By: victorias on 3/28/08
Great Going R.O makes me proud to belong here!
Luv Ya!


By: Spydyr62 on 3/30/08
I just want to say thank you to everyone at Renderosity that made this happen. You all have my support and business for a long time to come. This was really above and beyond and proves that you value us as customers. Thanks again.

By: psychohazard on 3/31/08
Not only did I get my CP purchases transferred, but you folks did it in under an hour on the weekend! THAT is service! Thank you so very much!
(Now if someone could go over to RDNA and show them how to transfer the orders so easily...)

By: Farside on 3/31/08
I purchased over 100 Renderosity items through CP so its a huge relief... once transfered will we be able to leave feedback for the items now?

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