Renderosity Staff Changes

Renderosity Staff Update

We are excited to announce new additions to the Renderosity Team.

Tina Kaylor has recently come aboard as Renderosity's Administrative Assistant while Adam Mitchell has taken on many of the programming tasks that the Renderosity site requires.

Along with the new additions to the office, there have been a few changes amongst those you may already know. Tommy Lemon has been promoted to the Vice President of Renderosity and will continue to be instrumental in the programming of the Renderosity site while overseeing the daily operations of the business. Kristi Sholl has moved into the Community Manager position having previously served as the Administrative Assistant. Stacey Granstaff has transitioned her role from managing the Renderosity Community to now managing the Renderosity MarketPlace.

Jenifer Carey and Tim Haaksma maintain their positions as RPublishing Manager and Business Development & Marketing Manager (respectively).


Tommy Lemon | VP of Renderosity

Stacey Granstaff | MarketPlace Manager

Jenifer Carey | RPublishing Manager

Tim Haaksma | Business Development & Marketing Manager

Kristi Sholl | Community Manager

Adam Mitchell | Programmer

Tina Kaylor | Administrative Assistant


If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email to the address below!

Member Opinions:
By: Lasss777 on 4/18/12
Tina is missing from the header. Is she hot? (LOL)

By: rj_wood_2000 on 4/18/12
You guys rock, keep up the good work you're doing a great job, and even better at taking my money lol!

By: -Jordi- on 4/18/12
Congratulations for everyone! :)

By: MattGreenfield on 4/18/12
What's up with your dress code? Do you really make the guys wear ties and the women wear skirts? It'd be a lot hipper if you all wore outfits inspired by the artist of the month. ;)

By: Biscuits on 4/18/12
Goodluck to all and keep up the excellent work!

By: kathym on 4/18/12
Over the past couple of years, Renderosity has established themselves even more so as the place to come for all things digital art related. It is really exciting to see how this community continues to move forward, even during these difficult economic times. Keep up the great work!

By: Marinette on 4/18/12
Congratulazioni!!! :)

By: StaceyG on 4/18/12
LOL Matt:) I'd be in real trouble if we had to wear skirts/dresses because I am a blue jeans kind of girl! And actually I like your idea of what our dress code should be..maybe we will try that

Thank all!!

Renderosity members are the best on the net:)

By: Winterclaw on 4/18/12
So... Who's on first? ;)

By: Janl on 4/18/12
Congratulations everyone! :)

By: Anagord on 4/18/12
Congratulation to all and I want to thank you for all you do for us.You are the best!!!

By: renecyberdoc on 4/19/12
great team you do a very precious job,congratzz to all.

By: teecee2107 on 4/19/12
Félicitations à tous et toutes. Vous faites un super boulot, aussi bien dans la partie 'market' que dans la partie communautaire.
If you try matt's idea, we want photos !!!

By: lyron on 4/19/12

By: Savage_dragon on 4/19/12
Go, team!

By: TinaK on 4/19/12
Thanks for the welcome. It is so nice to work with so many talented people.
So glad to be a part of this team.

By: lunchlady on 4/20/12
Congrats, Welcome and Good Luck to all!!

By: doarte on 4/20/12
Congratulations all!

By: arlivre on 4/21/12
Congratulations and Best Wishes to All !

By: vikinglady on 4/22/12
Congrats everyone!
Way to Go Stac!!!!

By: lior on 4/22/12
what about Jani?

By: angelafair on 4/24/12
congratulations to all!!!
Love my redo!

By: KristiS on 4/24/12
Thank you very much! We are all very excited to reach the next level and working very hard to get there! You all are the best and we appreciate each and every one of you!

By: 3DFineries on 4/25/12
What wonderful news. Congratulations to all!

By: yakchat on 4/25/12
Congratulations to all and Best Wishes :-)

By: LaurieA on 4/25/12
Congrats guys :)

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