Renderosity Rising Stars | April 2011
Rising Stars!

Meet the Rising Stars from the Renderosity MarketPlace!

Those seasoned Renderosity Vendors all know that it's not easy being the 'Newbie' in the MarketPlace. Do you remember asking yourself any of these questions?

- How can I promote my products and store?

- How do I become a Top Seller?

- How do I upload to the Gallery?

- How long does the review/testing process take?

- What in the world is a Render Reward?

The answer to these, and other, questions didn't come to us overnight but through countless hours of being active within the Renderosity Community.

Renderosity is proud to announce the quarterly Rising Stars article to help enlighten the Renderosity Community of those new MarketPlace Vendors!

Watch out for our next Rising Stars article in July 2011!

We hope you enjoy learning more about the vendors below and hope that you'll take time to welcome them into the Renderosity Community!

Visit these Rising Stars’ stores and save from 35-40% from now through Monday, April 18th at 11:59pm (cdt).


Vendor: OziChick

Country: Australia

Software Preference: Poser 7, Photoshop CS3 & PSP9

Inspiration: My inspiration varies really, it depends on my mood, what is around me and so on although my children inspire me a lot!

Years of Experience: I have been using Poser for a couple of years now, but only this year started to create my own characters. I have been creating my own textures for a long time now and I really enjoy putting my own touch on clothing & hair - making them more me.

Products in OziChick's store can be found at 35% off! See product thumbs below.

Acantha for V4 by OziChick
Acantha for V4
Warmth for Cajj Sweater by OziChick
Warmth for Cajj Sweater
Dance for Raver Boots by OziChick
Dance for Raver Boots
Soiree Dress V4/A4/G4 by OziChick
Soiree Dress V4/A4/G4

Vendor: Mike2010

Country: Germany

Software Preference: Poser 2010, Blender, Cinema4D & Gimp

Inspiration: Things make, this one a little special have. It fascinated me to make models for Poser at which all sorts of things can be moved.

How did you find Renderosity: Renderosity is my absolute Favorite for Poser. Can you see it on my Account. ;-)

Years of Experience: 10 years


Products in Mike2010's store can be found at 40% off! See product thumbs below.

Chevi Camaro 2in1 by Mike2010
Chevi Camaro 2in1
Valentina's Lingerie by Mike2010
Valentina's Lingerie
Galius-Antonius Armor by Mike2010
Galius-Antonius Armor
Alexias Secret by Mike2010
Alexias Secret


Vendor: Pimptress

Country: Australia

Software Preference: Poser & PSP

Inspiration: My muse - its a whimsical thing that hangs around for a while then poofs just as quickly.

How did you find Renderosity: A friend introduced me after I saw her making Posers and wanted to give it a try.

Years of Experience: I've been fiddling in Poser for around 5 years, prolly only gotten really comfortable with it over the past 18 months. 8 years PSP, Web and hobby design experience

Products in Pimptress' store can be found at 35% off! See product thumbs below.

This member has no items for sale.

Vendor: Lajsis

Country: The Netherlands

Software Preference: Windows 7, Poser 7 & Photoshop CS

Inspiration: I don't have any special source of inspiration - I try to visualize whatever idea comes to my mind.

How did you find Renderosity: My brother told me about renderosity ... and infected me with the Poser Virus. And I found a great community here.

Years of Experience: I've been making 3D art for about 3 years now, and I'm continuously studying to learn new things and expanding my knowledge.


Products in Lajsis' store can be found at 35% off! See product thumbs below.

Naris - Frozen Addon for M4 by Lajsis
Naris - Frozen Addon for M4
Lance for M4-H4 by Lajsis
Lance for M4-H4

ICR Design

Vendor: ICRDesign

Country: France

Software Preference: Poser & Photoshop

Inspiration: Fashion, Illustration, Cinema, I love classic gothic look with class; I'm very inspired by colors and color harmonies

How did you find Renderosity: Girlfriend

Years of Experience: About 6 years with Poser and 4 years with Photoshop.

Anything else you'd like to add: My real profession is tailor. During 10 years I made fashion doll makeover and I began to work with poser because I found it interesting to dress a mannequin and with the time I changed the textures of the clothes and the characters for my artwork. Of course I discovered Photoshop and this was the beginning of my creative digital art hobby. I'm a self-tought digital artist and I dream of making this hobby my profession one day.

Products in ICRDesign's store can be found at 35% off! See product thumbs below.

Black Ring Collection Vol.1 for V4 by ICRDesign
Black Ring Collection Vol.1 for V4
Black Ring Collection Vol.2 for V4 by ICRDesign
Black Ring Collection Vol.2 for V4

Vendor: AthameStudios

Country: USA

Software Preference: PoserPro

Inspiration: To make it easier and less expensive for individuals and small teams to create commercial quality animated programming for cable TV and the Internet.

How did you find Renderosity: That was quite a few years ago, pre-Google days. I probably stumbled upon it while following links.

Years of Experience: Over twenty years experience designing and programming process control systems for the manufacturing, financial and service industries. Ten years computer graphics experience and eight years working with Poser.

Additional comment: There are a lot of talented writers and graphic artists out there who use Poser to create comic book adventure series. I'm hoping that Athame Studio Pro will help some of them turn their series into animated episodes.

Athame Studios

Products in AthameStudio's store can be found at 40% off! See product thumb below.

This member has no items for sale.


Vendor: Perilous7

Country: United Kingdom

Software Preference: Poser, Cinema 4d r11.5, Photoshop cs5 and Vue Xstream.

Inspiration: Peter Elson, Chris Foss, Boris Vallejo, Arthur c Clark and Clifford Simak

How did you find Renderosity: I heard about the site a good while ago but i felt i didnt have enough pics to contribute to such a site,hopefully im starting to remedy this now.

Years of Experience: I have been using computers to produce artwork since i got my first zx spectrum in the 80s :-)

Additional comment: I'm at a very exciting time where i finally have the hardware and software to finally start producing decent artwork thats been locked up in my mind for years! this site also teaches me to be humble and always be ready to learn and observe others fine work. I recently started to become a vendor and will endeavour to produce high quality wares for this site,i hope that the people reading this will take the time to say hi and have a chat sometime :-)

Products in Perilous7's store can be found at 35% off! See product thumb below.

V4 Logic Suit by perilous7
V4 Logic Suit

Vendor: princessmiyu2

Country: USA

Software Preference: PoserPro 2010

Inspiration: Countless models that come onto the market.

How did you find Renderosity: I found Renderosity when I was looking for clothing and/or characters for V3.

Years of Experience: I've had a few years of experience with Poser but only just recently decided to try my hand at texturing.

Additional comment: I would like to thank the vendors who provide such wonderful models to texture & also the vendors that provide merchant resources. Both aid in allowing creativity of texture artists to shine! ^_^


Products in princessmiyu2's store can be found at 35% off! See product thumb below.

This member has no items for sale.

Here are some other HOT products in the MarketPlace

Hot Babydoll

Pick up Truck


Dashing for Festive Suit

*Please know that this list does not include products that are no longer available for sale within the Renderosity MarketPlace.

Member Opinions:
By: LBAMagic on 4/15/11
Ozzy! Ozzy! Ozzy! Oi! Oi! Oi! Go Aussies!
Congrats to OziChick and Pimptress!
And of course the other vendors too.

By: yakchat on 4/15/11
Welcome to all new Vendors and best of luck to you all :-)Carol/yakchat

By: AlexandersGrandma on 4/17/11
Welcome to the Vendor world. I like toy buy and you like to sell. We'll get along just fine then.LOL

Hugs, Paula

By: rebelmommy on 4/17/11
What a wonderful selection of new talent! Thank you for sharing it with us!

By: fabiana on 4/18/11
Welcome and the best luck!
All of us have been newbies and scared at the start... go on, have strenght, work hard and be happy in the meantime :)


By: Belladzines on 4/18/11
Great to see some fellow Aussies!!! congrats to you and everyone!!!

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