Renderosity Purchases 3D Content from Vanishing Point

Renderosity now owns over 500 3D models under its RPublishing brand!

Renderosity has been selling 3D content in the MarketPlace through its RPublishing brand for 10 months, and we are now happy to announce that we own over 500 3D models that we will be introducing into the MarketPlace over time.

Not only will this acquisition provide a large offering of models through RPublishing, but it will also allow those who previously sold through Vanishing Point's website to come aboard and sell through the Renderosity MarketPlace. So be sure to check out What's New to get a look at some of the content that will be coming in from these new vendors. Vanishing Point will continue to create content and sell exclusively through Renderosity. The existing Vanishing Point website,, will still continue to operate and update its Free Stuff and Gallery sections. All products in the Vanishing Point Marketplace will redirect to the Renderosity MarketPlace.

Want to know exactly when these new products are going to be released into RPublishing's store? Then add RPublishing as a favorite vendor to receive instant email notification!

The models purchased were created in some of the most recognizable applications in the business, including Poser, Vue, Lightwave & 3DS Max. In addition, many of the models also include the OBJ file for modeling in other 3D software applications. These models will be released periodically after they are put through quality assurance.

If you sold products through Vanishing Point's website and are interested in possibly selling them through Renderosity, please contact for more information.

We look forward to providing you a much more diverse offering of 3D models through RPublishing, and we also welcome aboard Vanishing Point as an Exclusive Vendor in the MarketPlace. If you sell 3D models or content and are interested in selling exclusively through Renderosity, click here to learn more.

Click here to visit RPublishing's store in the MarketPlace


RPublishing and VanishingPoint have both put their store ON SALE!Take a look at these exclusive products you can find right now:



The Waterfall Dress by RPublishing
The Waterfall Dress
Hospital Room by RPublishing
Hospital Room
Fantasy Weapons 4 - Rage of the Clerics by RPublishing
Fantasy Weapons 4 - Rage of the Clerics
Fads Sneaker Shoes by RPublishing
Fads Sneaker Shoes


Vauxhall Corsa SRI 2004 (for Wavefront OBJ) by VanishingPoint
Vauxhall Corsa SRI 2004 (for Wavefront OBJ)
Concorde SST (for Poser) by VanishingPoint
Concorde SST (for Poser)
Viking Ship (for Poser) by VanishingPoint
Viking Ship (for Poser)


Member Opinions:
By: Greybro on 11/16/09
Interesting turn of events to say the least. VP has always had some very high quality models generally not available elsewhere. It's cool to see that some of those artists will be put in front of a much larger customer base.

By: Dave-So on 11/16/09
another one bites the dust. Hopefully all that VP was selling, such as the stuff they just acquired from ratracer

By: Lakotariver on 11/16/09
I have purchased from Vanishing Point and have an account there with a number of purchased items in my account. My question is will their be a record of these purchases added to my account here? Will I lose the chance to download again what I have purchased there?

By: altec101 on 11/16/09
Well congrats are in order here, next your buying out DAZ3D

By: GLM on 11/16/09
great and great i love that .

By: gypsyangel on 11/16/09

By: g_purvis on 11/16/09
I'm not overly certain that this is a good thing frankly. VP had a great selection of models and vendors, after taking one look through Rendo's market of late I fear we won't see such a broad selection (of models) anymore.

By: xantor on 11/16/09
So have vanishing point left SMART as well?

By: Artemis on 11/16/09
lets hope that this clears up VP's selection ... as i've seen them not having very good models and i hope this weeds them out and offers buyers greater selections.

By: toulouse2k on 11/16/09
Since I think Renderosity has done a good job of making a good cross-section of items available....I am satisfied that VP products will be well represented. I hope to see a lot of the models that are currently 3D Studio Max only, be converted to a more convenient format. VP will have more time to tend to that....I hope.

By: swirler on 11/16/09
I am in the same boat as Lakotariver. I love VP and Rendo and purchase from both. Will my vp purchases still be honored? what if I lose my backups of my Veeple?? :)

By: hmatienzo on 11/16/09
Not sure about this. I especially loved the "make your own price" deals... And Rosity has not exactly been known to go below $5...
Ah well, another great site bites the dust, that's life. :-(

By: bandolin on 11/16/09
I'm a vendor at VP and I'm shocked about this news

By: beelzebulb on 11/16/09
I also would like to know about my purchases made at VP like Lakotariver and swirler about the availability of our DL if we need to do so. Please advise those of us who have purchased from there if they will be transferred to our accounts .

By: AnIronButterfly on 11/16/09
Interesting. I've really enjoyed the VP freebies in the past. Great sci-fi freebies... I wonder what's going to happen to those?

By: LBAMagic on 11/16/09
Interesting development. VP have great models. Even their free stuff is excellent.

By: Aanascent on 11/16/09
Good for Renderosity and good for VP, I suppose. However, with Renderosity intending to release the large VP catalog over time as new RPublishing store content, one would think other merchant's new items would be pushed off the "What's New" front page faster than usual.

By: wolmol on 11/16/09
Bandolin takes the words out of my mouth

By: RFreise on 11/16/09
I'm another who is wondering about the purchases that I have made at VP

By: Touchwood on 11/17/09
Like Bandolin being a merchant at VP I am also shocked at the announcement and somewhat concerned at not being given any details of what exactly is (has) happened.
Got that 'my cars been nicked' feeling again. So will all their models come under the VP banner or will individual artists be credited.

By: BardCoennius on 11/17/09
If you want to know whether this is a good thing or bad thing, just look at what has happened to corporate industry in general in the U.S. over the past thirty years. More consolidation, more concentration of wealth and power, and before you know it, one mammoth corporation has a monopoly - and control of the market with NO competition.

And everyone in the U.S. KNOWS what THAT has done - in healthcare, energy and more.

Can't blame John for wanting to cash in on his hard work over the years, but good intentions aside, I frankly do NOT think this portends good things for the 3d consumer.

This leaves only TWO major players in the market - Renderosity and DAZ3d, and in the history of unregulated, no-holds-barred Darwinian capitalism in the US is any indication, one of them will surely swallow the other - and then there will be NO choices and NO competition.

Where's Teddy Roosevelt when you need him...?

By: zxcv on 11/17/09
And the wealth and power continues to concentrate into fewer and fewer hands...

By: josema8 on 11/17/09
That's not exactly good news an actor of World of Poser bites dust.

VP was "different", an option for buying quality and special models. As with other "buyouts", we will simply see good VP legacy simply vanish. That happened before, when DAZ bought gorgeous Poser Pros...then their work, their cheap products, their artists like Royloo and others...simply vanished because they couldn't't assume the "big boy" policies and prices/royalties conditions.
Only good point can be, if at Rendo they really want to continue working on VP legacy, they could transform to Poser format at last gorgeous models De Espona only did 3D MAX version.

By: VanishingPoint on 11/17/09
Just to clarify the point again: Renderosity is only purchasing the *products*. We are not going anywhere nor do we have any plans to shut down Vanishing Point as a business or as a website.
The Image Gallery, Free Stuff, and other sections are not changing.

In fact, by selling the products, the Vanishing Point staff will be able to spend more time making models- both for free and for sale. We'll continue releasing new products, exclusively for sale here at Renderosity.

All of the brokered merchants' products will be transferred to their merchant accounts, here at Renderosity.

So, could we please stop the rumors that VP "bites the dust"? We have all kinds of ideas planned for 2010... none of which involve going out of business. :)

By: Spacer_01 on 11/17/09
Hey, glad to hear VP is still going to be around for freestuff.

Perhaps the only sad caveat about selling out to Renderosity is Rendo's hair pulling beyond aggrevation policy of tossing items into the clearance bin when sale for a product cease for X period of time. Then its litterally on the chopping block if not more sales for said product trickle in.

Too much and many good quality content have disappeared from the store this way. At least at the VP store, there was no fear of oldies but goodies disappearing. Those who have been using Poser for years may already have tons of the older stuff, but little thought of preservation is given towards the new users who discover Poser / Daz Studio, who may see these older products as awesome.

So for me its a mixed bag opinionwise.

By: ebrochure on 11/17/09
PoserPros, 3D Commune, and now Vanishing Point...

It's a sad sign of the (economic) times but it could be worse. At least VP's products are still available and VP will continue making models.

But i feel the same way a lot of posters do, like who's next to fall?

By: AndyStaples on 11/18/09
I'm pleased with the clarification from VP though, as I had read announcements on both sites (VP and ROsity) I was already aware.

Most people will be aware that most (if not all) VP products were already available through ROsity and Content Paradise anyway. I have no problem with them becoming available only from (and owned by) ROsity - it will give them a bigger audience.

While I am concerned some vendors have only found out about this after then event, that must surely be a matter between them and VP.

I'd reiterate the calls for clarification on what happens to our VP order list. Does it transfer? I have VP products ordered from ROsity, from Content Paradise, and from VP itself.

When ROsity pulled out of CP, our order list was transfered. Will the same apply?

By: AntoniaTiger on 11/19/09
The older stuff, which sells infrequently, is going to be a problem, but does it sell that slowly? VP have their own figures on that, and maybe R'osity should review their policy in light of that evidence.

Still, certain classes of goods maybe should be treated differently. All those VP tank models: if your render needs a particular sort of tank, you want it to be still available. In the 21st Century you don't want to end up with the equivalent to the movie "Battle of the Bulge".

This sort of historical hardware model doesn't date in the way that clothes do. It's not killed by the latest version of Victoria.

And there's a difference between a new model of a particular item getting the sales because it is better, and the new model simply coming up sooner in the listings.

I know of marketplace systems with far worse search engines. Let's not lose that advantage.

By: JZArt3DSteel on 11/19/09
Vanishing Point is an awesome 3D vendor. I have been buying great and affordable models from the VP site as well as other sites they sell at. Glad more VP items will be sold here, and look forward to seeing it ALL listed. I loved the sales at the VP main site, hope there are many sales here also. Sell as many items as you can at Renderosity! Cheers! ;-)

By: biotech on 11/21/09
I was a seller there, I havent received any notification of being a seller here, I hope everything is going smoothly.

By: gojira on 11/23/09
VP has loads of fun stuff . . .

By: imari on 11/27/09
Can you possibly post a list of the Vue items that you purchased? Thanks.

By: Andrew_C on 12/1/09
When will The Veepster be available?

By: Soulpainter on 10/20/10
I see that this sale went on over a year ago and not very many models are available. (Such as the Huey) Shrugs.. guess thats the way the cookie crumbles

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