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È possibile leggere questo in italiano

Renderosity is proud to announce that it has added Italian to our list of language translations. As we continue to grow worldwide, we will always consider expanding our language options. Members can now edit their profile page or shop the MarketPlace in Italian, Japanese, German, French and Spanish in addition to English.

“We are excited to add the Italian language to the many translations we offer. This is just another way we work to serve and celebrate our community’s global diversity,” said Jenifer Carey, VP of Renderosity.

Renderosity continues to encourage community participation for all digital artists regardless of where you live and what language you speak. We invite you to help us share this exciting news with your friends and other artists.

If you are not a member, you can sign up for a free membership by selecting the language of your choice: en | fr | de | jp | sp | it

Thank you for being a part of our global "family" and community.

We would like to thank Renderosity member nirvy for translating the important parts of the site into Italian for us.

Thanks to her hard work and dedication, members who speak Italian can now easily browse the MarketPlace.

Be sure to check out these products and more at nirvy's store in the MarketPlace:

WI-CY   CyberSPY   by nirvy
@ The Barre Bundle - V4-A4-Elite & Lace Lingerie II by nirvy
@ The Barre Bundle - V4-A4-Elite & Lace Lingerie II
@ The Barre - Lace Lingerie II by nirvy
@ The Barre - Lace Lingerie II
Natural Hi & Posed by nirvy
Natural Hi & Posed

Member Opinions:
By: Shalimar-Cherie on 10/14/08
Hey thats cool , welcome Italia ;-) .

By: jorgeluso on 10/15/08
And PORTUGUESE ????? One of the most spoken languages in the world . Not just in Portugal but in BRAZIL and ANGOLA, S.TOME E PRINCIPE,CABO VERDE, MOZAMBIQUE, GUINE BISSAU,TIMOR EAST, and even in some cityes of INDIA ( GOA, DAMAO ; DIO ) - Hope I didnt forgott any country

You must think that we have a lot of memebers in Renderosty wich their's mother language is PORTUGUESE !!!!

I beleieve it will be next languaged used g here in this great community .

Will it ??? I hope some one from Rendersoty Aministration post somethin here about expanding quickly to PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE

:) :) :)

By: alegre on 10/17/08
portuguese? uau, very best!

By: P3D-Art on 10/19/08
That's very nice of Rendo ... Italian is a beautiful language!!
But what about Dutch ... That is a wonderful language too!!
And actualy there is no real poser site in Dutch on the whole www right now!!!
[I know it's a difficult language ... so I will help if you need it ;o]
Anyway ... Congrats to the Italians!!

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