Renderosity Jumble 2011!

Welcome to Renderosity Jumble

Two weeks ago we offered up a challenge to see how well you knew the products in the Renderosity MarketPlace. Through a series of ten (10) clues we asked that you provide the answers to two (2) mystery products.

We saw numerous correct answers, but only the first five (5) correct submissions will be offered a Renderosity Prize Pack.

Answer #1 (Across): Sequins

Answer #2 (Down): Bather

In order of their correct entry, here are our winners to this edition of Renderosity Jumble:






Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to all those who took the time to participate.

The above winners will be contacted by a Renderosity representative to make sure your prize is received.

We look forward to the next challenge and hope that we see you all there again!

Member Opinions:
By: Kauyamari on 1/12/11
This is pretty cool. Why are there two (2) "S's"? That actually leaves us only 11 letters to work with.

By: marmac on 1/12/11
Oh this is going to drive me nuts again!! ~lol~ I know the first word but can not get the second one!

By: keihan on 1/12/11
Thanks, I think I got this one. Usually I stink at these LOL

By: 3doutlaw on 1/12/11
OK, I am in! Good luck to all! (btw, you only get 1 submission)

By: poserdonald on 1/15/11
Ok I took my shot in the

By: Dave-So on 1/15/11

By: SissyB on 1/16/11
Found! :) good luck to you all!

By: becibear on 1/17/11
Actually pretty easy once I'd worked out the first, because I'd been looking at both of them last week (assuming my answers are right)! :) Good look everyone.

By: lobbot on 1/19/11
For the ones like me who do not speak english, was a real nightmare... finally did it, phew!

By: zicip on 1/20/11
Found! :)

By: 3doutlaw on 1/28/11
Soooo, what was the answer?

By: keihan on 1/28/11
Congrats to the winners!

By: cv1 on 1/28/11
the answers were bather and sequins congrats to all!

By: ariasparkle on 1/29/11
Ohh i was so close. URRRRR!! Congrats you all!!!

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