Renderosity Job Posting

Renderosity Job Posting

We have an exciting new full-time Marketplace position now available at Renderosity in our office (just outside of Nashville, Tennessee). In addition to searching through our local channels, we want to extend this job offer to our wonderfully talented members.


Job Requirements

Proficient with Poser 7+ up through and including current release is required.

Experience and ability to work in DazStudio 4.6 is a plus.

Experience with the Adobe Design Suite.

Knowledge of any 3D related development programs such as Cinema4D, Silo, Modo, Vue, etc is a plus.

Exceptional creativity, enthusiasm, team spirit, dependability and commitment.

Good communication and organizational skills.

Strong multitasking ability required, as well as the ability to meet deadlines.

Must be willing to relocate (ask us about our relocation reimbursement).


Qualified candidates can submit their resumes to with the subject “Renderosity Marketplace Position".

Member Opinions:
By: dieterderblau on 3/12/14
Tennessee?!?!? Move out of the sticks, Renderosity...

By: Amarillis on 3/16/14
The Nashville area is an awesome place to live :)

By: poisinivy on 3/17/14
Nashville is not the
I live in Tennessee: )
i love it here, NO STATE INCOME TAX , Clean air, and where i live in (which is in the sticks in NE TN,) its great for hiking and camping. I'll have to send it a resume :)

By: StaceyG on 3/17/14
Tennessee is definitely not the sticks. Nashville is a big city and Murfreesboro is growing and growing. We have lots of great things to offer in TN!

By: fabiana on 3/18/14
I would be packing right now if I was not so linked to life here in Argentina... you know that, team. Tennessee is one of the most peacefull and lovely places I have evef known and I came from pretty far, SouthAmerica :)

By: ryverthorn on 3/18/14
Sounds like an awesome opportunity ! :)

By: LadyElf on 3/18/14
If I wasn't anchored here in MO I would be all over this :) whoever lands this is one lucky person :)

By: StudioArtVartanian on 3/19/14
Im packing and coming...hehehe
Lucky the person, who will get the job!!!

By: StaceyG on 3/19/14
Okay fabi, deb and SAV, come on. we will have a GREAT time!!!

By: FreeBass on 3/20/14
But is there any good music in Nashville?

By: JSGraphics on 3/20/14
It'd be about 45 minute relocate for me. I need to stop in and say high!

By: renapd on 3/23/14
Oh God! Why do you want to make me soooo jealous! LOL

By: gypsyangel on 3/25/14
Unfortunately you couldn't get me out of Colorado with a shoehorn or a shotgun, but it sounds like an awesome opportunity!

By: bebopdlx on 3/25/14
Sad but true, I'm to old, LOL.

By: singanprayisme on 3/26/14
If i were in Colorado or San Diego, couldn't move me for a million dollars. I'm in Atlanta and would love the heck out of here. I don't qualify anyway, But, it's a great team. I was a moderator, so lucky you who gets the job!

By: Chaosphoto on 3/29/14
Hmmmm, sounds interesting to the King of lifestyle changes. Been from trucking to small ships to aviation to I.T., back to aviation to National Parks to mining. Wonder if I should change again lol. Might have to think about that :)

By: mikeerson on 4/5/14
Don't you have a Job I can do here in Colorado??? You really think ANYONE living in Colorado would move out? lol... We got it made here... Our football team, you know, the Broncos had the best offensive season in NFL History... well, we won't talk about the Superbowl, it was a mess from the coin toss, to the safety.... Back to your Jobs.... do you have anything I can do here at home on my computer to make some bucks??? come on now, you're in Tennessee, I can trust you, you're no where near Nigeria - lol

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