Renderosity is Giving Thanks with Render Rewards!

10% Payback On All Qualifying November Purchases!

Since its inception almost a year ago, the Render Rewards program has been a rousing success! Loyal customers who have purchased over $100 in the Renderosity MarketPlace in a one month span automatically receive 5% of their total purchase amount for that month in Renderosity Gift Certificates.

Double Rewards all month long!

Beginning today and running through the end of the month, we are giving thanks to our members by giving everyone the chance to earn DOUBLE REWARDS for the month of November! So if you spend $100 or more in the MarketPlace between now and November 30th, you will receive 10% back in Render Rewards!

These Rewards will be issued on the first day of December, so this is your chance to earn some extra spending power when you are looking for quality 3D content around the holidays! All members are eligible to earn Render Rewards every month, and all one needs to do to qualify for the double rewards is to meet the $100 minimum spending requirement for the month. It's that easy! There are no forms to fill out, and there are no stats of which to keep track.

Find out more about the Render Rewards Program

To read more about the Render Rewards program in general, and to see some frequently asked questions, check out the Render Rewards page. You are also free to contact the Renderosity Store Staff at for more information.


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Member Opinions:
By: infinity10 on 11/1/09
Spending USD100 for 10 per cent back - that's still pretty steep for hobby and amateur 3D artists - and there are several around, certainly. Average that to USD25 per week, well... that's food money trade-off for some folk. But a business is a business. And it's still better than 5 per cent back for USD100.

By: ladyperiwinkle on 11/1/09
You make it hard for a woman not to shop!!!

By: Jazzmin on 11/1/09
Wow, thanks Renderosity! You DO make it hard for a woman not to shop!!

By: xeniaghost on 11/2/09
You are all EVIL, pure evil. i'm sure you and my credit card are conspiring to bankrupt me!!!

By: Drkwlf92 on 11/2/09
LOL@Jazzmin!! But yeah, that is still too steep, but to each their own!!

By: TaylaAZ on 11/3/09
Why does there have to be a minimum spend? I mean like previous people have said US$100 is a hefty amount for anyone's budget these days, it's not as if 10% of a US$30 spend would be that much but it would certainly be more of an incentive than pushing people to spend US$100 that they may not have.

I wouldn't comment about the typical 5% on a US$100 spend. I think that's a bit insulting really and wow when I did manage that at the beginning of the year I cannot express what a let down it was :(

Anyway, thanks Rendo' for the increased reward, maybe I'll reach the spend amount, maybe I won't, but thank you anyway :)

By: ForbiddenWhispers on 11/4/09
I agree with the other two opinions. My purchases each month with rendo hardly ever go over 10-20 bucks. So for a small time shopper like myself these rewards are pretty pointless.

Thank you anyway. :)

By: artsavant on 11/4/09
Sorry Forbidden, but these are just a way of giving back the administrative costs they save, on a big-time shopper, by posting $100 all at once rather than $20, 5 times.

You probably save yourself the same percentage by getting exactly what you planned instead of shopping yourself into a buying trance.

I envy you that but do not begrudge you it.

By: FLDesign on 11/6/09
$100 the month, no way for me. I can't afford to spend that much in any month.
But i'm happy for all others, who can get a little drop back from what they spend.

By: voyager13 on 11/11/09
I am waiting to receive an email to spend 20 and get a 10% off, something that R does often. Not interested in the 100-10% incentive even if I had the money.

By: cannie on 11/15/09
I think that Renderosity will earn more with incentives to buy with better discounts for sure. I still buy mire at Daz because of it. $100 a month is way too much to be entitled to a measly 5%. It's $100 we are talking about here. If you spend that much do you think you are going to go on a shopping spree? I highly doubt it. lol

By: gtrdon on 11/18/09
I agree with the other post about the amounts. I think myself and others spend money for content from extra budget money
which buy on impulse in ($10-20) range. Which helps us justify our expendetures to our spouses. Over $100 bucks/mo really raises the red flag...When all you have to show for it is some pretty artwork that you made.
Think about your customer base.. If this rewards program is a sucess then there must be so very rich people out there that can afford it...

By: jayde on 11/19/09
Wow......100 bucks? I can't do that. I feel guilty when I spend over 20. My budget is super tight and after all this is just a hobby for me soooooo......yeah I won't be taking advantage of that.

But if you come up with a buy one get one, a rendo-buck for every 5.00 or 10.00 you spend. that way I buy, I get rendo-bucks and I come back and spend them on something else. You can even have a limit were rendo-bucks used can't be more than half the item. I would still buy because I'm saving something and still getting more rendo-bucks.

You gotta give a little to get a little. IMHO

(do I get something if you use my idea? LMBO!)

By: thoumsin on 11/20/09
Having spend 643.81$ in the last 8 month here, i have earn only 15.08$ in reward !!! Not really a interesting system... better give the bonus at the end of the year, related to the total amount spend during the year... the real good customer is not the one who will spend 100$ in one time but these who spend 20$ each month during numerous year...

By: Cybertenko on 11/22/09
I can not understand how is possible that so much people can spend so much money for 3d stuff... like me... :-)

By: Nyala on 11/28/09
$100 is a lot of money. Tooooooo much for me :(

By: luchare on 11/28/09
last year spending that amount of money was no problem - this year the banks have become more greedy which sends my spending way below half that these days.

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