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Renderosity invites you to be a part of our growing MarketPlace. Thousands of artists come to the MarketPlace every day to buy the products they need to create their own quality artwork. Renderosity has made it easier for you to make more money if you create content for one of the software applications listed in below:

3DSMax ~ Cinema 4D ~ Maya ~ Lightwave ~ Vue ~ XSI ~ OBJ formats

What type of content are we wanting? Any content that helps you and other artists create top notch digital artwork. We have a varying membership, from students to industry pros, so there is a market for any type of content you can create. We've provided a list of common content that is in the MarketPlace everyday, but we always welcome new items that could be of use to any digital artist.

Models :: Textures :: Landscapes :: Brushes :: Stock Photos :: Audio FX :: Scripts :: Plugins :: Custom Software :: Much More!

Any product you upload into one of the Categories between now and the end of the year will have an automatic 60% split for the life of the product. Don't miss this special - upload today!

Setting up your store in the MarketPlace is easy. Renderosity provides you with a FREE storefront, FREE advertising and FREE industry exposure. We have industry leading tools that will help you get started selling The only thing left is to do what you love - create digital art.

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Member Opinions:
By: dhama on 9/11/08
Didn't you forget those things modelled with Bryce? I am upset.

By: summer1412 on 9/11/08
LOL, well if this isn't a sign, I don't know what is. I was thinking about becoming a vendor and selling some of my faces...I'm not too good at texturing figures, but faces and bodies are my favourite things to model. So why not! I'll get working on the pack pretty soon, then. =)

Thanks for all the things you guys do.

By: mininessie on 9/12/08
for me this will be amazing!
i will try

By: Shademaster on 9/12/08
VERY interested in this! Thanks Rosity!

By: Gary_P on 9/13/08
summer1412, you hit it right on the head. I was just talking with a friend and she said I was good enough to see some of my models.
This came at a great time.

By: schonee on 9/16/08
Oh cool...I am working on it.
Thank You So much

By: wingpth08 on 9/17/08
I like the fact that you guy or I mean Renderosity has in fact open deals like this, this will make me work harder, so I to can be a verder as well. I still have some work ahead of me,but I can get there....
thanks Renderosity .....PTH

By: bangonthedrums on 10/2/08
are there any opportunities for us 'old-fashioned' artists (i.e., 2d and the like) who'd maybe be wanting to sell, say, prints, mugs, shirts and so forth? 'bout writers ready to offer print-on-demand chapbooks, novels, etc.? i am just now getting to the point myself of giving the business end of art some thought; bet there are others too, who don't fit the digitoolset purveyors mold but who'd love to be a part of rr's vendor community! :) keep up the great work... michael

By: Anglu on 10/6/08
Hmm, now I need something to sell.. :-)

By: RichSkip on 10/8/08
Yeah, I'd be really interested in selling some 2D printed work here if that was possible. A few years back, Renderosity used to offer that capability, I love to see that return.



By: Angelwave on 10/9/08
Wow, what an excellent offer, and I have been asked many times about selling my fractals and flame, but don't see a menu for that............... But thanx Renderosity 4 generosity.

By: Isyl on 10/10/08
I started a thread about a week ago asking if there is a way members could sell prints of their art through the site. The admin there said they might do that if eough people where interested. So if you would like that, maybe check out my thread in Suggestions and let them know. :)

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