Recent Renderosity Site Changes

Renderosity Site Changes

Change sucks! We know...We know - but keep in mind that out of extreme loyalty and passion of its users, the Renderosity Community has grown from a small community to an international creative destination where professional artists, hobbyists and general users come to share their love for digital artwork. As a result, we have come to the realization that Renderosity needs to equally meet the needs of all its different types of users. With that in mind, major improvements have since been made and in the coming months we will continue to work to accommodate artistic, vendor and buyer driven specifications. Although an equal and fair balance between the three can be a challenge, we're confident that these recent changes can satisfy all of these areas.

Please know that the Renderosity Staff is as passionate about the Community as our users are in terms of maintaining all of the great features you've come to love!

As always we appreciate constructive user feedback and recommendations. Again, we appreciate your patience and loyalty.


Details outlining this most recent change are as followed:

CSS Framework: We have applied a css framework to the marketplace section of the website. The reason for this is to build a basic foundation to help improve future enhancements and site additions without having to ‘cram’ everything in. Due to the massive scale of our site, this functionality has only been applied to the Marketplace. Over the next few months we will be applying similar responsive scaffolding to each area and making similar improvements throughout the entire site.

Why this change? The css framework allows for a more responsive design which will scale the website based on the size of a user’s browser window. By providing more flexible access from a variety of devices, the buying process will be simplified in terms of site usability. Please know that not all issues concerning layout will be viewable as it will depend on whether the user is on a tablet, phone or desktop. Over time we will work to improve and implement for all cases so please bear with us.

The site container has increased from 900px to 1170px at full size. This has given Renderosity more room to display products, improve future additions, restructure content, improve usability and navigation and increase basic understanding of site structure for new users who visit the site.

Note: The new css framework works best on Chrome, Firefox, & IE 9. If using an earlier version of IE, please upgrade to 9 (IE 10 is NOT recommended since the browser is still in beta testing). If you happen to still be using Windows XP, IE 9 is not available for download. At this point, you may try Firefox or Chrome. ENJOY :).

Member Opinions:
By: DocMikeB on 2/28/13
Thanks for listening to our opinions / feedbacks. This gray look is more eye-friendly and rational than the blue one... but IMHO there are still some improvements to make (too many white areas). And we guessed LOL... the change was made to meet the standard of tablets ("a variety of devices"). That's someway understandable... BUT keep in mind that the 95% of 3d artists use PCs / notebooks.

By: SirJohn on 2/28/13
Change is fine... but this is by far the least attractive incarnation of the site so far. Just my opinion.

By: ssgbryan on 2/28/13
If you had told us of this ahead of time, you wouldn't have gotten anywhere near all of the venom that you had thrown your way.

Talk to your customer base beforehand, not after the fact.

Oh, btw, most of your content ads aren't actually showing up in my browser (firefox).

PS, it's bear, not bare.

By: thelufias on 2/28/13
I like the change. It's a very clean looking site and easy to follow. Well done...

By: SeanE on 2/28/13
Dull grey is better than blues and bright white boxes, but the white/light grey boxes still dominate the look of the website which isn't that nice.

By: ChromeStar on 2/28/13
My initial impression was I had somehow been directed to a cheap knockoff store. It's hard to put my finger on it, but something about the way the previews are displayed, scaled, or maybe just how they contrast against the background colors makes them look cheap and unprofessional. Even though they are the same images as before.

I also think it's horrible that, even on a big 1920x1200 monitor, when I go to the Marketplace listings, there are 0 new product listings on the screen. What I see on the screen is a set of social media logos, a giant top bar logo, two sets of navigation bars, a search bar, a calendar, and NINE advertisements. I'm not saying there should be no advertising at all, I understand it serves a purpose, but there shouldn't be so much it displaces the content down the page by 1200 pixels. Maybe change the Sponsored Items into a vertical column instead of horizontal, so the new products start a little higher? Tighten up the top area white space, consolidate the navigation elements so they take less room.

CSS seems like a good idea though.

By: pdq1234 on 2/28/13
I have to say its better then the brooding black.

Why is it a Graphics site has so little color?

In my Opinion the site home page and header should be more vibrant and have some pizzazz.

And we all know the CSS is for the advertising, so just admit it.

By: Windigo on 2/28/13
Make the comment boxes BIGGER! I suspect you want the space for ads eventually but give us a break here!! If no one visits whats the point of ads!!

By: mikeerson on 2/28/13
I read the first response and they are sooooo wrong... Your black and blue you have always used since I've been here 7 years.... The WHITE AREA is not "EYE FRIENDLY" - i feel like I'm looking into a Lamp Light. These small boxes you have us typing into must be for the people that use phones.... but for me to type on my computer, I'd like to see the whole text - My words are disapearing off the screen as I type and I have no Idea how long my body of copy is.... I saw somewhere on the site you had a dark background and dark lettering - I had to put my face up to the screen to read it - tough. also, up at the top right hand corner you added a box so we can check out our account, wishlist and so on... when I use that function, the ad underneith it takes over, I keep trying to use it and the ad keeps taking over - GLITCH... so, I try to check my account by the old fashion link and it won't let me in... I have to refresh the page to get into my old account link.... just bringing that to your attention. ...... I liked that you changed your logo every two years and since the last contest years ago, you've gone with ver "Simple" lettering for your logo... I liked the old Phoenix design, and I would like you to suggest another change with the logo - .... I gotta tell you again, this white light instead of dark has to go - don't you feel the strain???

By: renecyberdoc on 2/28/13
works fine in firefox (i use version 19 the latest version)
i had also probs in ie 9.
glad that you attacked the "white" spaces lol.the grey and dark.more eye friendly and kind of elegant-keep on going we get there.

By: ChromeStar on 2/28/13
I mentioned that the quality of the thumbnail images in the marketplace was worse, although I didn't know why. I figured out at least part of the issue. When the site is wide enough (1170?), the thumbnail images are scaled up. Naturally the quality decreases and they look fuzzy. If there are two different display sizes, you should have the merchants submit two different images so they can be optimized properly.

Although I would rather just keep images the same size and see more of them, personally.

By: 76claudia2205 on 2/28/13
This grey collar is better looking then the white color. However I feel the blue skin was nothing wrong with and somehow products showed better and more colorfull with the previous blue skin.

By: Wonderland on 3/1/13
The grey and white looks very cold and industrial. Would like a little color for such a creative site! And a more creative logo! Also the product thumbnails are a bit too small, It's the buyer's first impression of the product and it's hard to be drawn enough to an image to bother to click on it when it's so small. And one thing I've always wanted is a big shopping cart button in plain view so I don't have to keep scrolling under a main heading.

I use the site now mostly on an iPad, so thanks for keeping us in mind!:). But you forgot to mention Safari when listing compatible browsers...

By: IcesTigerSide on 3/1/13
Change is hard, but we'd stagnate and die without it. Thank you for switching the initial bright white ad-backgrounds to a more eye-friendly shade. I did prefer the blue though, lol.

By: mahakali on 3/1/13
Lest Ye Forget...

By: rachel12 on 3/1/13
The new site has no personality, it looks amateurish, boxes uneven, text bleeding over from one box into the next, colors unfriendly. Before the changes, I would come in daily, check new products, then looked the the features, hot sales, etc. Last year I spend $2000+ here, since the changes, nothing. The site to me looks so bad, that I no longer browse, quick look at the new product in their new ultra small picture stamps and I leave. I understand change, but not one so poorly done.

By: mustakettu on 3/1/13
works great on Opera, too!

By: kerrieanne on 3/1/13
I hate the change, I now use a firefox addon to change the colours.

P.S the blue was fine it was all the damn white that hurt my eyes!

By: A_Sunbeam on 3/1/13
Still some hiccups with credit of vendor in image upload section.
(This may be due to my browser, Firefox (3), which is no longer supported by Mozilla. No newer version will run on my non-Intel Mac.)

By: imari on 3/1/13
Hate it! It loads slower and looks cheesy. I also do not need to see random advertised items at the top of *every* page. You have a best sellers category for that, no?? I'm just disgusted....

By: Caroline_D on 3/1/13
that white really hurts the eyes and over all the sight is just Blaaaaaaaaaaa!

By: FSMCDesigns on 3/1/13
Yep, not a fan of the new changes also, especially the white areas. Luckily I use the FF plugin color that site and just invert all page colors, much easier to view now.

By: blkbudd on 3/1/13
The pattern of separating each section with a different background color makes the site look cheap and blocky. Your header has to much spacing. You need to consolidate the tool bars. The product displays start to low on the site and have too much spacing in them. The color theme is not appealing. These are just my observations and like everything in life... change happens. Could you not have redone the old site in CSS and made most of these changes behind the scene and less visible to us your true and loyal customers!!! 8)

By: brewgirlca on 3/1/13
The color fixes are better now, thanks for that effort. But these damn tiny text boxes. Cannot you fix those? And fast. You say changes are for cross platform but for anybody working on a normal Pc or mac these tiny boxes are an abomination!
I spent about a $1000 on this site last year, but since the change - nothing. And I won't until I see substantive and not cosmetic improvements.

By: sdsullivan on 3/1/13
The new color scheme is harder on my eyes on the old one. As someone said, too much white. The previous, "darker" setting seemed to show off the artwork (and product) better, too.

By: SirJohn on 3/1/13
Oh man, I agree with you 'sully'. This version has colors that do not relax the viewer... nor do they highlight the artwork. The other, darker color schemes helped the eye to focus on what they were supposed to focus on... the art. Others have already said it... too much white space. Very distracting.

By: Fenier on 3/1/13
You are incorrect. IE 10 was released with Windows 8 last fall. Additionally, it's been released for Windows 7 as of Feb 25th. It is no longer in beta. Microsoft will be force upgrading people. Can't ignore IE 10 since everyone running Windows 7 will upgrade unless they have turned off the updates.

By: carrara_pat on 3/1/13
When you put a product in the shopping cart it will not tell you that you own it already if you received it as a $0.00 grab bag item. Now you have removed the amount paid from the item list so it is harder to check on these type product prizes and more likely to buy them again accidentally.

By: jakiblue on 3/1/13
I like it. :D

By: Cimarron on 3/1/13
The grey is certainly better but I there's so much space in the masthead!
Change is supposed to be good but from previously spending hours browsing and buying items here now I find my eyes burn and can't enjoy the experience anymore.

I hope with time there are more pleasing sad to see the great old Rendo go.

By: Ultmmj9w on 3/2/13
I don't mind change but the design of the site isn't right for me, the colours isn't right and hard on the eyes. I like the old colour design a lot more better and wasn't hard on the eyes. Always keep in mind about people who have sensitive eyes for one and always think of asking before doing, show of the sample of the new site before hand.
I've notice a number of people are already complaining about the bright new design so it's seems I'm not the only one finding this design hard on the eyes. So a re-think on the design Renderosity ;)

By: LilRedWagon on 3/2/13

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Posted Thu, Feb 21, 2013 9:25 pm, Edited Thu, Feb 21, 2013 9:26 pm

This may just be me..

I work for a major retailer on the east coast, as a web developer. Specfically, I do front end web design.

It strikes me as exceptionally odd that the following happened:

Code launch middle of day

Code launch not cross browser tested

Code launch missing elements

Code launch spanning an indefinate period of time

Hotfixes deployed into Production without testing

So I am really not sure I understand the "we're still working on things". Seems rather... like a lack of formal process that should really be in place if you intend to keep code quality high and be able to deploy it

By: LilRedWagon on 3/2/13
By: ssgbryan on 2/28/13
If you had told us of this ahead of time, you wouldn't have gotten anywhere near all of the venom that you had thrown your way.

Talk to your customer base beforehand, not after the fact.

By: Nuisum on 3/2/13
For me, change itself is seldom ever the problem. My gripes usually come from the having to refine the changes for weeks on end because the Devs never got with the population ahead of time to help keep refinements to a minimum. Nice to see that you are listening to everyone and getting things looking and working better,

As for these stupid little boxes you've given us to type in. PLEASE do something to get them at least back to the size they were before the change. This tiny little box is BS.

By: Sabby on 3/2/13
You can drag the corner of the stupid little box and make it larger.

Yet another thing that people have to figure out in order to enjoy/use the site.

By: SissyB on 3/2/13
good luch for the update! we're all with you!

By: helgas on 3/2/13
This morning I posted a response to what I experienced when I looked at the Home Page with IE8. After the shock I experienced I downloaded Chrome to give it another try.

The look has improved. From total chaos everything aligned itself and fell into place.

There is only one problem and I don't know if it is Chrome. The Store prices are so small that it is almost impossible to read them without opening the product.

By: adorety on 3/2/13
Eff the phone and pad users. I would say 100 % of us use larger computers to work and write. Make the box smart adaptive to fit the format of the viewing hardware. I know this can be done.

By: dialyn on 3/2/13
Let's see...white lettering on grey. Light blue lettering on white. Yup, you've nearly succeeded at making the site unreadable. Good job. Never get won't be able to read your own site if you have that misfortune.

By: -BrandyE- on 3/2/13
I love the new look and feel! Great work, guys!

By: helgas on 3/2/13
In case you use IE you are out of luck. At noon today I downloaded Chrome and I can now re-size the box to my hearts content. Right bottom corner - just drag.
I read in the Forums that FF can do this as well.

By: jakiblue on 3/2/13
You can resize the text boxes in Firefox/Waterfox...and as mentioned above, Chrome should do it too. In the bottom right hand corner of the text box, you can see a few little dots - click on that with your mouse, and still holding down, drag the box out to whatever size you need.

By: Winterclaw on 3/3/13
The CSS for the galleries is still wrong and it's been two weeks now since you screwed them up. This is a new flaw that started with the change over and it seems like something basic you can do quickly to clean the new look up. I can't even read half the titles in the gallery anymore.

Also, chat is still booting me and a small handful of others all the time.

By: Norimaro on 3/3/13
While I was somewhat surprised by the new look (personally, I liked the old one better) and such I have liked some of the features while browsing the marketplace that has helped a lot.
I know you guys are awesome and really care about the opinions of your customers and I have the utmost confidence that you are doing these things to improve the site for added benefit.
One thing I would ask though is, if you get to the point where you've done what you feel is right but an overwhelming amount of customers don't take well to it, that you also listen then as I know you have in the past.
Keep up the great work and can't wait to see what's in store.

By: Sharaya on 3/3/13
This kind of action is why I left Daz3D for Renderosity. It's a shame the same thing is happening here too.

By: elizawok on 3/3/13
I very rarely post either in comments or the forum, mainly because I'm fairly sure that whatever I might say has probably already said in multiple colors of postmortem equine. However, I haven't bought anything from this site since the change. I found the sudden change jarring and disorienting, and even now I find it hard to use. I understand the reasons *why* the site needed to change, and, to be honest, I agree with them.

I do not agree with how the transition has proceeded, and I would like an apology. It doesn't need to include coupons, discounts, or anything like that -- I just want the recognition that those who are running the site understand how difficult this transition has been for those of us who shop here. Many of us liked the old site, and the fact that it vanished without warning was really hard to figure out. A simple statement of understanding and empathy, I think, would go a long way towards soothing ruffled feathers.

My $0.09, indexed for inflation.

By: MarciaGomes on 3/4/13
Gosto das mudanças aqui no site,meu problemas são essas novas cores,dói os olhos ficando muito tempo aqui na RR,quero as cores antigas,outra coisa é esse espaço para comentar é pequeno ou tem que ficar aumentando , mesmo assim o comentário não fica certo,prefiro como era antes.

By: rachel12 on 3/4/13
It's been said a few times that if I would change to another brower. Use Firefox, WaterFox, go to Chrome, everything would be lollipops and rainbows.

But with my current brower, I can go any where without any problems, even boxes, no bleeding text, nice non-eye straining colors.


Why should I change just for you?

By: Jomish on 3/5/13
I suspect I'll get used to the new design in record time! If I could offer a bit of criticism, however, I'd really recommend creating some sort of buffer between the text and the left side of the page. It is RIGHT on the edge and kind of uncomfortable on the eye.

By: mikeerson on 3/6/13
THROW BACK TIME - YEAH BABY!!! think about it.... go back to 2007's front page design - well, the color scheme and the phoenix logo - you'd have all your customers saying - "RENDEROSITY, YOU ROCK!" or, leave the change the way you have it and do what the Broncos did to it's fans - it took their Identity away. Denver Fans LOVED to wear Orange on Sundays, on game days... when the Broncos changed to Blue - they lost that "Pulp", the "Pulse" of the fans - you have done something similar.... Trust me on this one, go BACK, that logo back then was hot.... AND.... when you go back, put that Old logo on a hat and shirt and sell them dirt cheap - I WANT IT.... GET EXCITED... LET'S DO THIS!!!

By: wblack on 3/6/13
I view the site on a 32 inch LCD display with Firefox and the design looks spectacular.

The new Renderosity logo is crisp and professional – a vast improvement over the previous. The soft gray background field is esthetically pleasing – again a welcome improvement.

I find some of the issues raised in these responses a bit puzzling – actually I’m being polite, I find them rather linear and concrete-bound.

For example, why would anyone attempt to compose a thoughtful response in the type-in box? Tiny type-in boxes on websites is not a new and unusual phenomenon – and the solution seems rather obvious to me: use a word processing program. Compose your thoughts, edit, then past your text when you’ve completed your post.

I post rather extensive text, mostly in my own gallery, composed in Microsoft Word where I can view the entire body of text full-screen, reflect on my intention and meaning, compose, and edit to my heart’s content.

It’s just sort of baffling to me that anyone would attempt to compose their thoughts working in any on-line text box – it never would have occurred to me to even do such a thing.

[This recalls the rather ancient joke about the man who goes to the doctor and says “Doc, it hurts when I move my arm this way …” and the Doc responds: “Well, don’t do that then.”]

In regards the existential angst expressed in “some” responses: this comes off as rather immature, a bit overdramatic, and perhaps over-reaching in a manner inappropriate to the context.

It strikes me odd that people would feel “jarringly disoriented” by a website change – and (specifically in regards to one comment in the thread above) if someone were to feel that their “entire sense of identity” was “taken away” when the appearance of a site changed … it seems there are larger issues at play such an individual should perhaps seek to attend.

I approve of the changes, great job Rendo.

By: george_c on 3/7/13
whats with the pictures jumping around disappering when i go to an iteme i want to checkout in the store i dont like this new format go back to the ribbon below the main picture

By: kerrieanne on 3/8/13
I find white and other bright colours hurt my eyes and give me headaches.


By: Windigo on 3/8/13








By: DarkRider on 3/10/13
It IS kinda hard on the eyes, but I can live with it. I just hope the on-going fixes etc. aren't a Daz moment in the making.

By: MrsMikki on 3/10/13
I'm using IE 10 as it is the defult internet program for Win 8. In fact, I didn't even realize that 10 wasn't recomended until I read this post and that's 2-3 months after the fact. No bugs yet! The only thing I've found is that Renderosity's text boxes don't support IE10's spelling correction software. Oh, and the comment boxes are WAY too small. Other then that, way to go on the color change.

By: Yannich on 3/10/13
Works fine with Safari even if you never mention Mac users .

By: magichild2 on 3/11/13
I like the changes. Only I don't like how the text box area has gone oblong. I liked it the other way.

By: exnem on 3/11/13
I like the color scheme better than the previous blue, which was just TOO much blue in my opinion. I think the top part, where the renderosity logo stands is a bit off compared to the rest of the site, and there are still some problems like the "related products" thumbnails cramming up and not showing correctly, but all in all I think it's a change in the right direction, at least better than the previous one IMO.

By: wlmay33 on 3/12/13
Feeling the pangs of new site creation are we? As a professional webmaster, I completely understand. HOWEVER! Read through the repetitive problems and fix them. I also understand most of us are artist first and web developers somewhere down the line. Keep at it, you'll get there. Hard to launch a global site when it's always noon somewhere. As for the screen adaptation for mobile devices, I agree with a commentator, 100% of us work on much larger resolution machine for the stated purpose of the site. Easier colors are better for the eyes, that's a plus, we'll get used to it here as well. First time I saw the "new" site I thought I went somewhere else (stupid machine), turned out it was OHS (Operator Head Space), I WAS where I wanted to be, just clueless it changed. In CSS you can expand the text boxes a tad...okay A LOT more.
Thanks for the good work anyway.

By: grylin on 3/17/13
i do not like the grey very much ,this site should be more vibrant! i miss that :( it is not inspiring for me anymore but i spose alot like the grey dullness

By: Ghostpanther on 3/18/13
I like the white on grey background, that's really easier to read - but like the others I dislike the wide white top - that was no good idea.
As well it remembers me too much of Facebook - with all the social media icons the homepage has much more of a communication centre than of a site and store for 3D Art !
The next point is the search for the additional pictures of each product: it really took me a while, until I found these very, very light fine lines, behind which the pictures are hidden - and that has nothing to do with the browser, IE8 or Opera are quite the same !
not everybody has eagle-eyes to find that right away !
And then there are the galleries - before the change I had in my profile to decide by myself, which content I want to see (and I wanted to see everything except severe violence) - now I can't decide anymore by myself :-(( instead I'm looking mainly onto red question marks because of a bit nudity ! That's really not fun at all !

By: Ghostpanther on 3/18/13
P.S.: You shouldn't write with dark grey on grey - that's nearly invisible and very bad for the eyes !

By: elizawok on 3/19/13
I see that my previous response was either eaten by the spam filter or rejected by the staff.

Oh well. Thanks for the good times, Renderosity! Good luck in the future.

By: Lyne on 3/19/13
teeny tiny comment box here too? I have not spent ANY money here since the change and won't. I did not even use my rewards...I only visit here rarely anymore. What is that saying "you can't please all the people all the time" so giving up SO MUCH for the few - what, I-pad or phone users??- seems self defeating. How are your sales by the way?! You asked for constructive criticism, well here it is: go back to before the change.

By: Cybertenko on 3/20/13
I am missing member´s competition for new renderosity design as it was previously.

By: RubyT on 4/6/13
I gave this a chance and I do know we have nothing to say about it, but it's getting worse. It takes forever for this place to load and to switch pages and it's taking longer and longer. Most of the time I just give up and leave the site.

By: ptousig on 4/7/13
You really need to address the site's slowness. I have never seen it as bad as it has been the last few days.

I'll join others in saying the default size for the comment boxes is ridiculous. I know you can resize them, but they should scale more sensibly to the user's browser window size.

The current site colors are much less eye burning than the ones you tried initially, and I do appreciate that. The new ones are fairly drab, though.

I dislike the layout of the information on the product pages in the marketplace. The "Purchase as a gift?" fields, in the first major section under the product main image, take up too much space, making you have to scroll down too much to see all of product's crucial details. For example, the 2nd and section shows product requirements, which are important when figuring out what is actually being pictured in many promo images.

I recommend either that "Purchase as a gift?" be moved completely off the product page into the puchase workflow. This would allow the "Content Information" "Vendor" and "Pricing Information" to be much smaller, allowing quicker visual access to the sections below.

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