Reality 3 for Poser Coming Soon!

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Reality 3 for Poser Coming Soon!

Today we announce the upcoming release of Reality 3 for Poser.

Reality 3 for Poser marks a new milestone for Prêt-à-3D as this version relies on a new Poser add-on framework that has been designed in a cooperation between Prêt-à-3D and the Poser development team.

This Add-on Framework, released in Poser 9/Pro 2012 SR3, provides a new level of integration for Poser plug-ins that was not available before. Reality 3 is the first plug-in that takes advantage of the Framework. We are honored to have had the opportunity to help shape this new technology for Poser.

Some of the features of Reality 3 for Poser are:

  • Conversion of Poser shader trees, including most procedural nodes (Granite, Brick, fbm etc.) and advanced nodes like “Blender,” “Edge Blender,”  ”Color Math” etc.
  • Support for most LuxRender materials, including the new “Glossy coating” material.
  • Addition of Reality’s own “Skin” and “Hair” materials.
  • Support for most LuxRender textures, including procedural ones like “Clouds,” “Distorted noise,” “Mix,” and “Multimix.”
  • Texture editor with unlimited levels of nesting.
  • Support for LuxRender’s new Volumes.
  • Reality 3 for Poser is a native program running at full speed on 32 and 64-bit systems.
  • Available for both Mac OS and Windows.
  • Auto-updating, non-blocking User Interface that allows you to work on Poser while running Reality at the same time.
  • Rendering via both LuxRender and SLG (Small Lux GPU), the GPU-based renderer.
  • Support for LuxRender’s GPU acceleration.
  • ACSEL (Automatic Custom ShadEr Loader) support.  Save your shader presets and load them automatically for additional efficiency and fun. ACSEL shaders load automatically when a connected figure or object is used in Reality.

Here is a quick preview of the plug-in with some of the main features. Please watch the video in HD for maximum clarity.

Reality 3 for Poser is scheduled to be released in November 2012

Be sure to visit:

**Please note: If you find the color of the text hard to read, please click on "Printer-friendly" and black text will appear on a white background.**

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Member Opinions:
By: killy1999 on 8/9/12
This is fantastic news. I use DS and Poser both, and I love the Reality plugin for DS. It will be great to be able to use it in Poser too.

I look forward for Reality 3, thank you for your work!

By: vyktohria on 8/9/12
Paulo! You're killing me!!! I have to wait till November?! Now, now, NOOOWW!!! ;)
I'm so excited about this - truly can't wait!!

By: thatbumzzz on 8/9/12
Congrats Paolo! Very exciting news :)

By: StudioArtVartanian on 8/9/12
Im very happy with Reality 2 for DS, so as a Poser user, i cant wait for this version!!!!!!
releace it soon,please!!!!!!!!!
Thank you:)

By: martial on 8/9/12
Using Reality with DazStudio,i enjoy that Reality will be possible with Poser

By: spm91g on 8/9/12
I seriously am excited about this!!!! I have always wished that Reality would have a Poser version.... Outstanding!!!

By: FWArt on 8/9/12
Yay, great news, can't wait. :) Really looking forward to that, just would love to have it now already lol. :)

By: Pret-a-3D on 8/9/12
Thank you everybody for the kind words and your great enthusiasm. I'm working around the clock to make this happens as fast as possible.

By: torgas on 8/9/12
I use both Poser and DAZ Studio, but have switched to mostly DAZ because of the results I get from Reality. It's great news that I will now be able to use Poser again, and still get the great results Reality offers. Thanks Paolo.

By: giovanino on 8/9/12
god news now i can use poser for render again. i switched to daz studio because render in poser for materials ( exmaple metals) was useless. now i can have lux materials in poser . so this is fantastci new . cannnnt wait.

By: Jan19 on 8/9/12
I can't wait...well, I guess I'll have to. :-) Come on, November...

By: toulouse2k on 8/9/12
"Available soon" Heh...that's one of those DAZ "soon's" isn't it? I realize that Poser will require another update, also. I am pretty excited about this cooperative effort. Good things aren't far away.

By: braynes on 8/9/12
Great but..... lux 2 poser is Free,Free Free I tells ya Free!!!!!!

By: yumeka on 8/9/12
Excellent !!!!!!
for free pr for fee, only great Rendering results importants to me ^^ (and several rendering choice)

By: chevy77 on 8/9/12
This is phenomenal news. Reality 2 is the best investment I ever made for rendering with Daz and Reality 3 will undoubtedly take Poser renders to another level. Can't wait for this!

By: mattymanx on 8/9/12
Glad to see Reality is comming for Poser. Excellent job Paolo at putting this one together. Thanks to the SM team for woking with him on this one.

Cant wait to see R3 for DS!!!

By: bruceoria on 8/9/12
Will this be a free upgrade?
Pleassssse ;)

By: AddictionByDesign on 8/9/12
I am chomping at the bit for this!!! I can't wait!!!!

By: acrionx on 8/9/12
I think braynes meant to say Pose2Lux.

By: Rogerbee1 on 8/10/12


This looks amazing! Boy am I glad I got a quad core processor with 6gb of RAM now!

Looking forward to seeing what this can do.

By: b3stm4t3 on 8/10/12
Wow, very exciting. Can't you open a preview just now for beta-testers?


By: Heavenlee on 8/10/12
Awesome!Can't wait for this! xxx

By: Pret-a-3D on 8/10/12
Hello. Thank you again for the kind words and your enthusiams.

By: Justmel on 8/10/12
WOW!! Can't wait for this, how utterly wonderful!!

By: lobus777 on 8/10/12
Brilliant, got up and shouted scared my kids lol!

By: Valentin3D on 8/10/12
Great news!

By: hohorga on 8/11/12
This is fantastic news!

By: maximilianth on 8/11/12
Can´t wait for this! Awesome!

By: julesart on 8/11/12
Very exciting news! I am looking forward to using Reality!!!! Congratulations!!! I am in!!!!!

By: doarte on 8/11/12
Yes, Looking forward to this!

By: nfjeldheim on 8/12/12
Great, great news. Thank you!

By: Wonderland on 8/12/12
Wonderful! And great video! Looking forward to more demos and tutorials and of course the product!

By: ShatteredExistance0 on 8/12/12
About time! DaZ users I know keep rubbing things like Reality and Genesis in my face. I only have poser and have invested WAAAAY too much into it to switch to DaZ or bother using both at the same time. Having reality come to Poser makes me really happy :D

By: shorterbus on 8/14/12

By: Bossie_Boots on 8/15/12
Oh wow but november is to long sob sob lol i cant wait ....

By: sunfish on 8/15/12
Amazing! Can't wait! And thank you for the great video!

By: MarliaLooming on 8/18/12
great news - can't wait to use it in Poser and Daz too:-)

By: Lulu_Belle on 8/19/12
Just a quick question...does the current version of Reality, work with DS Pro 4.5?

Can't wait for Reality 3 for Poser as I just started getting the hang of using Poser as well.

By: Pret-a-3D on 8/19/12
Just wanted to say thanks again for al the great comments. I'm flattered.

By: Nod on 8/19/12
It's nice to hear as a Poser user.

Shame that the Carrara version got dumped though. :(

By: buckybeaver on 8/26/12
This is a game changer for my work.

By: kjherstin on 3/19/13
Was the release cancelled or something? April 2013 is approaching :(

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