Reality 3 for Poser Coming Soon!

Reality 3 for Poser Coming Soon!

Today we announce the upcoming release of Reality 3 for Poser.

Reality 3 for Poser marks a new milestone for Prêt-à-3D as this version relies on a new Poser add-on framework that has been designed in a cooperation between Prêt-à-3D and the Poser development team.

This Add-on Framework, released in Poser 9/Pro 2012 SR3, provides a new level of integration for Poser plug-ins that was not available before. Reality 3 is the first plug-in that takes advantage of the Framework. We are honored to have had the opportunity to help shape this new technology for Poser.

Some of the features of Reality 3 for Poser are:

  • Conversion of Poser shader trees, including most procedural nodes (Granite, Brick, fbm etc.) and advanced nodes like “Blender,” “Edge Blender,”  ”Color Math” etc.
  • Support for most LuxRender materials, including the new “Glossy coating” material.
  • Addition of Reality’s own “Skin” and “Hair” materials.
  • Support for most LuxRender textures, including procedural ones like “Clouds,” “Distorted noise,” “Mix,” and “Multimix.”
  • Texture editor with unlimited levels of nesting.
  • Support for LuxRender’s new Volumes.
  • Reality 3 for Poser is a native program running at full speed on 32 and 64-bit systems.
  • Available for both Mac OS and Windows.
  • Auto-updating, non-blocking User Interface that allows you to work on Poser while running Reality at the same time.
  • Rendering via both LuxRender and SLG (Small Lux GPU), the GPU-based renderer.
  • Support for LuxRender’s GPU acceleration.
  • ACSEL (Automatic Custom ShadEr Loader) support.  Save your shader presets and load them automatically for additional efficiency and fun. ACSEL shaders load automatically when a connected figure or object is used in Reality.

Here is a quick preview of the plug-in with some of the main features. Please watch the video in HD for maximum clarity.

Reality 3 for Poser is scheduled to be released in November 2012

Be sure to visit:

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