Product Kitting Now Available in the Renderosity MarketPlace
To make your shopping experience at the Renderosity MarketPlace even easier, we have added an exciting new feature to all new products!

Product kitting allows Renderosity Vendors to link up their products which are compatible with, related to, or compliment other products within the MarketPlace. This gives you the opportunity to find all the appropriate products that you might need in one stop!

Below is an example of what the product kitting will look like on a product page:

Notice the scroll bars on the right and left, as there is room for up to 15 products to be kitted!

Start looking for product kitting on new products hitting the MarketPlace today!

Member Opinions:
By: voodooo1 on 4/14/08
This sounds like a great idea!!

By: ojim on 4/14/08
An Excellent Idea and quite useful !

By: maraich on 4/14/08
GREAT! This is a very useful feature.

By: jakiblue on 4/14/08
definitely very handy! I often end up spending a lot of time searching for related products such as texture packages etc for an item I want to buy. If the vendors are able to know what's been released for their product, this will help so much!

By: keihan on 4/15/08
So if someone elses product compliments our own or visa versa, we can link to them using this feature?

By: netlauv on 4/15/08
Excellent feature.

By: shg0816 on 4/15/08
That's awesome, whenever I bought something, especially clothes or hair, I had to do a search using that product. Not anymore :)

By: McGrandpa on 4/15/08
Hey now this is something useful for us shoppers! I take it that the vendors will have to go through a backlog of their older stuff and do the kitting manually?

By: Carioca on 4/15/08
Fantastic! And very useful! Thanks!

By: AnIronButterfly on 4/15/08
It's about time! This is a great thing that's
finally arrived!

By: nightsong on 4/16/08
Awesome idea, thank you for implementing this!!

By: Salmissra on 4/16/08
Wonderful idea! Thanks!

By: Cimarron on 4/17/08
Great news, thank you so much, it will make things so much easier!

By: celestial_dreamer on 4/17/08
Great idea :)

By: 45Cool on 4/17/08
A most excellent idea!

By: Netjera on 4/17/08
Yay! Way to go Renderosity! This is an excellent feature!

By: cynicthehedgehog on 4/17/08
This is truly faboo! Thanks so much!

By: Tony_Boutle on 4/18/08
Oh god! I wiil spend even more money...

No, no what I mean is great idea - saves buying something and then finding you didn't read carefully enough (who me?).

By: LeChatDesigns on 4/18/08
That's a very useful feature for me since I tend to buy items that expand or compliment what I already own. Thank you so much to everybody who works to make Renderosity such an awesome site. Much appreciation, Cat

By: already_taken on 4/19/08
This will be a boon to customers and vendors. Will it only be possible for new products?

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