Poser Service Release 2 from Smith Micro

Service Release 2 from Smith Micro

Renderosity is excited to announce a recent update available to users of Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012. The most recent Service Release (April 10, 2012) from Smith Micro helps streamline the workflow of artists by delivering the complete library of digital content available from Renderosity all within the Poser software.

The people at Smith Micro and Renderosity have joined hands in continuing to revolutionize how artists search, purchase and utilize digital content. Imagine working on your latest digital creation and having the ability to search the Renderosity MarketPlace for a needed product without opening up a seperate browser window to perform your query. Once you find that unique product, you can then proceed through the normal checkout process without even minimizing your Poser window. By updating your software with the new SR2 Release, you can now do just that!

To unlock this outstanding new feature within your own desktop version, you'll simply want to download and install the appropriate version of Service Release 2 for Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012.

The screenshot to the left gives you a quick look at what you can expect the interface to look on your own desktop. After installing the update, you'll notice under your 'Search' tab that you'll now have a Renderosity option on where to perform the search. With the radio button checked next to 'Renderosity' you can then search for the criteria specified from the complete listing of products available at the Renderosity site.

In this example we're looking for Hair and you'll see that all of the products related to the search term 'Hair' will appear. By clicking on a selected product from the results, you'll expand that product window to expose more detail about your selection. Not only will you see the product name but other relevant information including; artist name(s), regular price and any sales related price that might be applicable.

All there's left to do now is double-click on the thumbnail of the desired product and follow the easy steps through checkout that you're accustomed to on the Renderosity site.

It's that easy!


Get Service Release 2 free from Smith Micro by clicking the appropriate link:

Poser 9

Poser Pro 2012


We hope you enjoy this latest update to the Poser product family and look forward to building on this foundation!