One Product per Hour During Fast Friday

Select 3D Models are Moving Quickly On Fast Fridays!

Fridays in May are going to be busy! Each Friday during the month is going to be a Fast Friday! Head over to the MarketPlace to see what's currently being offered up for Fast Friday.

24 Products per Day - New Product Every Hour

You better be moving swiftly - there will be 24 products available each Friday. One product per hour will be on sale for 50% OFF! That gives you the chance to quickly fill up your content library with great 3D models and resources at great prices!

Fast Fridays run through the end of the May, and will be running for 24 hours each and every Friday! As always you can find many other great deals in the Sale Department in the MarketPlace.

Don't Delay

You MUST have the Fast Friday item in your cart and completed checkout before the timer reaches zero. Discounts and refunds cannot be issued if purchase is made after the timer has expired - so be quick!

Here is what you can get right now during Fast Friday:


Remember - each product is on sale for 1 hour only!


Find 3D models, resources and more EXCLUSIVELY at Renderosity!

Ateba African Elegance

Partial Pose Library M4


DP - Warm

Bright Idea for V4 & G2F

Member Opinions:
By: -dragonfly3d- on 5/7/10
Very cool! Thank you!!

By: fractalartist01 on 5/7/10
Great idea!...keeps us coming back for more! :)

By: carrara_pat on 5/7/10
If Jack Bauer can stay up for 24 hours so can I!!!! You snooze you loose. Bring it on Renderosity!!!

By: TheRavenmaster on 5/7/10
Ya want to know my opinion on this? Well I'll tell ya!
I already spent the money here I allowed myself at the beginning of the month for some things on my wishlist. So far today I've dipped into my budgeted money for my comes the budgeted money for gas in my, after the gas money is gone I'm not sure where more money is coming from yet. PLUS I've added about $100 or more to my wishlist from DM Productions.
Setting my alarm to go off every hour so I don't miss anything! opinion....Love it!

By: jakiblue on 5/7/10
oh this is going to be fun! And good thing Rendo's Friday is actually my Saturday, otherwise I would be at work and not able to buy a thing!

By: BonBonish on 5/7/10
Wonderful idea!

By: hamstergirl4444 on 5/7/10
WAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!! I fell asleep all day!!!! Oh well, even us insomniacs have to crash sometimes LOL....

By: the_tdog on 5/14/10
Allrighty then, you just enjoy putting stuff on sale for an hour or so. I'll be off, working.

By: Hawkins-GraFX on 5/28/10
What does this mean in your advertising?

"Fast Fridays run through the end of the May, "


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