October 2013 Vendor of the Month - powerage

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Congratulations to powerage for being Renderosity's Vendor of the Month for October!


Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who is 'powerage'?

I am 43 years old, my name is Christophe, married and father of a little girl of 7 years. I am French and live in Bordeaux.

How long now have you been involved in digital art?

Since 1998. I started getting interested in digital art at a time when the internet was down flow and specialized forums did not exist to me. So, I trained with books.

Can you give us some hints on what you may be currently working on?

I'm working on something unusual (textures resources) for me, and should be released this month on the market.

What software is currently in your digital toolset and why?

I mainly use 3ds Max, Photoshop, Poser, 3d coat and handy little softwares: cr2 editor, for example.

Could you list any current favorites among the products you've created and tell us a bit about their creation?

These are all my babies lol and I love them all! But, I particularly like my vehicles: Power Truck, Shockwave motorcycle, Roads Royds, El Camino. The process of creating interiors of vehicles is for me the most tedious.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your work?

The biggest challenge for me is definitely writing the readme and explanation in English of the use of the product :) More seriously, I would say that the biggest challenge is to realize in 3D what I have in my head, it is sometimes very difficult.

Can you tell us a bit about your creative process, and are there any workflow tips you might wish to provide?

My background processes of creation begins with an idea, the idea often comes after observation of the real world around me, or film and other media. The intense observation of what the modeler wants to achieve is an essential quality. For workflow, everyone can find one that suits him the most, and to have one so you do not go in all directions.

Most everyone I know would love to work from home, but it does take a bit of self-motivation. What do you consider "best practices" in working from home in this particular field?

No problem to work from home, the key is to love what you're doing ... sometimes, too. The real problem for me is that I spend more time in my office than in other parts of the house :) My computers are turned on 24/7, which allows me to work at night when I have insomnia :)

Do you have any other advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

No advice, I do not allow it. Be happy in your work, that's what really matters, ultimately.

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Here it's like in real life: we laugh, we get angry, etc ... it is very much alive and this is my second home for over ten years now.

Do you have any final words or advice for other digital artists?

A big thank you to my clients for their support. Thank you for giving me this award for the 5th time. Thank you to the entire Renderosity staff, especially Jenn and Karen for their hard work and ability to understand me ;)


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Member Opinions:
By: Pygmee on 10/2/13
Félicitations !
Beau succès bien mérité.
Continue à nous émerveiller.

By: luciferino on 10/2/13
Congratulation Chris ^_^ well deserved my friend, hugs Orietta

By: Pierrot_Lunaire on 10/2/13
Powerage VOM, I'm very glad to see this, he is an amazing artist and vendor!! Congrats!!

By: DreamlandModels on 10/2/13
Awesome Bud!

By: Nouschka on 10/3/13
Congratulation to a great artist!

By: coflek-gnorg on 10/3/13
Congratulations buddy!!! Nice move with Dawn stuff ;)

By: superheroin on 10/4/13
High Class!

By: RubyT on 10/4/13

By: SWAM on 10/4/13
congratulations :-)

By: -Luciole- on 10/5/13
i'm so happy for my husband. It's a great artists.
Continue sur cette voie powerage.

By: Godin on 10/6/13
Congratulations! Very well deserved! :)

By: arlivre on 10/6/13
Congratulations !

By: Sandrose on 10/6/13
Well deserved, congratulations!

By: Silverwind on 10/6/13
Congratulations! :-)

By: zachary on 10/6/13
Well done !

By: tsarist on 10/9/13
tu es fabuleux!

By: meipe on 10/10/13
Bravo! :)

By: jennblake on 10/10/13
Congratulations!! It is a pleasure to work with you.

By: Cimarron on 10/10/13
Congratulations, your work is inspiring;)

By: sunfish on 10/13/13
Congratulations, Christophe! I admire and love your work so much!

By: defactor on 10/15/13
One of the best vendors here.

By: SaintFox on 10/19/13
Congratulations, Cristophe!! Very well deserved - your work is always fresh, original and inspiring!!

By: quietrob on 10/19/13
A wonderful guy and a great artist with a superior style! Much Congrats from the USA!

By: OpenMindDesign on 10/27/13
Congratulations mate! :)

By: MirageBay on 11/1/13
Congratulations, Christophe! Always great to use your creations and I enjoy working with you:)

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