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Congratulations to fabiana for being Renderosity's Vendor of the Month for October!

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself. Who is "fabiana"?

Well, with the pass of years and being honored before with this VOM mention, I have been saying who I am and adding changes to my story... Right now, I must say that I am, in this order: a mother, a wife, and a grandmother of the most delightful baby over the earth. Yeah, I am so proud, I cannot resist to smile when thinking of her.

And after that, I could say I am a former acrylics and watercolor media artist, and a 3D designer and modeller that really loves to create and start trends...and have fun with it, in the present time.

I am a curious, and full-time researcher of new things that inspire me and make me dream of doing those things in 3D. I must say that I explored a lot of disciplines and elements, but I feel that 3D is what better fits my mind and its dialogues with the spirit right now.

You've had the honor of Vendor Of the Month a couple of times previously. To what do you credit your continued success?

I think exactly what I wrote above... I am in a constant “search” and that is maybe what people like more: they never know what I will do next time, and in my opinion, that is simply tempting and very interesting. I feel that myself with some vendors... I am waiting to see what they will show me next time!

I work brutally hard, with no rest. Sometimes my friends and family tell me that I am going too far or pushing myself too much, but I cannot do different. I fall in love with my projects, I always think there is something more that I can do to surprise and generate a “wow” or an “OMG.” If you ask me what is the best feedback to me, you could be sure that it is when people tell me that I surprised them again. Then I feel my dream came real and all the hard work and effort produced the exact result I was looking for.

How long now have you been involved in digital art?

In this year of 2012, it is my 10th anniversary with 3D and Poser.

Before that, I worked for 5 years involved in webdesign for artists. I managed more than 20 sites during 1998 to 2001’s end when I finally moved to 3D and passed all my managed sites to a colleague.

What software is currently in your digital toolset and why?

I am using the same software as always:

  1. Anim8or, the loved free 3D modeller;
  2. Quidam, the excellent and delicate 3D tool for morphs and mesh refining.
  3. Poser and all its features. I make almost 70% of my products directly inside Poser. I model with the MorphTool, and even have my personal system for making absolutely unwrapped mappings inside Poser, as can be seen in my clothing models. For other mappings, I keep using the free tools as UVMapper.
  4. Corel Photo-Paint and Adobe Photoshop for graphic needings and textures.
  5. Cr2 editor, MorphMirror, MorCloth, and other small progs that help in specific operations, but I can say I am a 100% Poser user and I try to explore and use all the capabilities and features it has. I am using now Poser Pro 2012 that is just delightful.

What originally made you decide to become a vendor, and how has your experience been over the years as a content creator?

Being honest, what decided me was the need. The economy was terrible here in my country in 2001, and having a family, my husband and I needed to put hands on whatever we could do to get some extra money. For me, that was an artist and webdesigner, the options were not so many if I wanted to keep my monitoring over the kids. I had to work at home, and when I discovered Poser I just fell in love and saw that there was my future waiting for me. Some time after, with lots of work and brain burning (LOL), I started to produce content that was good for the markets. As you maybe know, I worked for a long time at 3dcommune that is not online anymore but was my home for about 7 years. Now, I am at home on Renderosity and I love this place and the people here.

What are you currently working on?

I am working in something for Gabe’s Tyler, with my daughter Lucila, who became a vendor a short time ago and is starting her career here in the MP, at my side, learning and doing her modelling.

Further, I have a character in the works, an African-American one. Also, updates and the awaited re-release of the MagicSense outfit and Rapsody Hair. Also, probably more jewelry... In the end, it all gave me this VOM honor so I think I found a niche where I can be super creative and make all the dolls to look beautifully adorned and glamorous...

Out of all the wonderful products you've brought to the MarketPlace, do you have any personal favorites and can you tell us about them?

One of my all time favorites is Noctia. I just love that gown... it has been imitated many times and I actually see it as a compliment. It is a precious dress that I would be happy to wear in real life, with realistic materials and a royal feel that I adore.

Another is Hidden Winds. Dynamics are one of my addictions, and those pieces gave me, every time, the best look I needed for my dolls.

More: BriennFi, my latest character, she has the essence of my heritage, she looks very much alike to me and my cousins when we were young: freckled, red heads, pale. She is certainly much more beautiful than all of us together, LOL, but is a symbol to me.

And I cannot leave out my jewelry sets... I love them. The latest Artissane was done following scratches and drawings... my pure art there, I enjoyed doing them and would love to make more expansions of this successful product.

It would be unfair leaving so many of my loved projects out of the list, but will add TheCaperucita (a very inspired project based on the tale), and Bubbling, the pack I did with my daugther and was our first step together.

You've also collaborated in the past with other vendors. How was the collaborative process for you?

OK, I must say that I am not so good for working in teams. I am used to working alone, and to make all the decisions... it's not easy when you have to change it after so long working at one system. Working with Lucila is easier because we are here together, and she is learning from me, so now I am the leader and she follows me. I expect her getting to be the leader of her own projects and whatnot... and for me to be the one that follows her for some aspects of the project... she is doing pretty good and she has a short time yet doing this job, but she has an experienced teacher.

But about working with other established vendors... I think that you must never say NO, because the options can be excellent. So who knows, maybe some day I can work with someone else, but right now I don´t think it will happen again in the near future.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not hard at work creating great content?

I love to watch movies, read epic and fantasy books, and scifi too... And I like to research interesting things that inspire me.

And if you ask me what I most like unrelated to the work, then I LOVE to lay on my bed with my granddaughter and play with her for hours... feed her, make her sleep and see her changing so fast.

I like to hear music with my daugthers, have dinner outside with my husband, drink mojitos, eat mexican food and chat with old friends sitting by the water, watching the Rio de la Plata’s river... or going on short vacations to the coast, at Mar del Plata’s beach.

Do you have any final words or advice for other digital artists or vendors?

Well, work hard... never think that putting some things in a set would make a success if you are not really loving the product. Try to always stay in the search...every moment of the day can bring an idea.

Look for originality, even if you cannot produce like a factory, it is better to make few things that are really unique than a lot of mass produced items that will dissappear from the customer’s mind too fast.

This is how I understand the process, but keep in mind that is JUST HOW I SEE IT, of course, it is not a law or a rule, just a personal attitude.

Think that the goal is to be persistent, to stay, to last, and to keep doing the best possible, each time looking for a better result. Try and change, start a trend and NOT follow it...put seeds around of the newer ideas, and let your dreams grow because those will be the real things with your effort.


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By: Anagord on 10/2/12
Congratulations!You deserve it:)You're so talented and your work is fantastic.Thank you!

By: Canassa on 10/2/12
Congratulations Fabi =)

By: Biscuits on 10/2/12
Congrats Fabi!

By: nobodyinparticular on 10/2/12
Well deserved. Congratulations and thank you.

By: Saruna-Original on 10/2/12
Congratulation Fabi!
I love your work. :)

By: julesart on 10/2/12
Congratulations sis! You surely deserve this and sooooo much more! Big hugz!!!!!

By: BonBonish on 10/3/12

By: Heavenlee on 10/3/12
Congratulations hon! So well deserved,your products are AMAZING! Thank you for all your hard work making them! Hugz !xxx

By: jeanne_50 on 10/3/12
Congratulations! :)

Love, Jeanne

By: Godin on 10/3/12
Congratulations Fabiana! Amazing work and products...I love them all :)

By: ironman13 on 10/3/12
Congrats!!! So very well deserved!!!

By: Angela75 on 10/4/12
Congratulation Fabiana!!

By: lunchlady on 10/4/12

By: Artemis on 10/4/12
Felicitaciones Fabi!!!! te lo mereces!!! xxx

By: fractalartist01 on 10/5/12
Congratz, Fabiana! Well-deserved!!

By: vapo on 10/5/12
Congratulations, you've made some fabianalous stuff! :)

By: echokimono on 10/5/12
To a very worthy Vendor of the Month *** Well done!!!

By: Anim8dtoon on 10/5/12
You fully deserve the honor, Fabi because your products are simply FABULOUS! Congratulations! I am looking forward to more wonderful releases :-)

By: Isvett on 10/6/12
Fabi!!!! muchas felicidades, cada uno de tus trabajos es bello por si mismo, sigue así, bendiciones!

By: Savage_dragon on 10/7/12
Congratz, dear Fabi!

By: Mihrelle on 10/7/12
Congratulations, extremely well deserved!

By: StudioArtVartanian on 10/8/12
BIG Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
Very well deserved, as you are amazing:)

By: kainxxx2000 on 10/8/12
You Deserved it keep up the good work

By: JohnTim on 10/9/12
I would like to congratulate you.An outrageous work.

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By: MitZie on 10/9/12
Dear Fabiana, I think you are the best of all! Love your designs. I admire you big time. Congrats!!!

By: Roxam on 10/9/12
Thank You Fabiana for your exceptional artistry and excellent craftsmanship, you are certainly highly respected and greatly appreciated, and with good reason-- congratulations--we are all always looking forward to your creations!

By: EyesblueDesign on 10/10/12
You deserved it the most!!! Love all your products!! Congratulations :-) *hugs*

By: disneyfabfive on 10/10/12
No one deserves it more! Congratulations!

By: andrakis on 10/11/12
Congratulations! You do a really great job, fabiana. Love your products! :-)

By: powerage on 10/11/12
Congratulations Fabiana!

By: Turtle on 10/11/12
Mazel Tov! Your hard work has payed off.

By: LaurieA on 10/11/12
YAY!! GOOOO Fabi!! :)

By: elreydelmundo on 10/13/12
congrats you have greate eyes (visually) again congrats 2 U :)

By: matrix03 on 10/14/12
Excellent vendor and congratulations!
is one of my favorite hair products!

By: Shana on 10/15/12

By: gypsyangel on 10/15/12
You SHOULD get vendor of the year... ;) Congrats, Mamere...me and the kids think you're our vendor of FOREVAH!! :D

By: JackieD on 10/17/12
Well deserved. Congrats. xxx

By: zil2008 on 10/19/12
Congratulations Fabi!

By: fabiana on 10/19/12
Thank you so much my people, customers, friends and chosen family!!!! You made me smile, and get blushed, and shy tears are in my eyes...
I am deeply honored for the VOM and for the love all you send to me here.

By: dorkati on 10/19/12
Congratulations :)

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 10/19/12
Congrats! :)

By: EportsCreations on 10/19/12
Congratulations! Your style is always unique, original and refreshing. A sign of a true master of the arts. Keep up the fine work fabiana. And welcome Lucila, I look forward to seeing more of your fine work in the future too.

By: P3D-Art on 10/20/12
Sorry for being late ... but huge *Hugs* and biggest congratz dear Fabi
Looking forward to many more lovely products of high quality as always!

By: sireneidae on 10/20/12
Congratulation for VOM and a very big thank you for all your wonderful, marvelous, great and fantastic stuff.

By: Silver on 10/20/12
Congrats dear Fabi you more then deserve it! *hugs*

By: XENOPHONZ on 10/21/12
Congratulations, Fabi! Well deserved. ;-)

By: PiXeLCandy on 10/24/12
Congrats!! well deserved some of the most amazing items around. Thank You :)

By: Marianne_Designs on 10/25/12

By: cvrad on 10/25/12
well done and congratulations

By: StaceyG on 10/25/12
YAY, I love me some Fabi!!! Congrats girly:) Next time you make it all the way to Tennessee to see us!

By: SissyB on 10/25/12
Congratulations Fabiana! you really worth it! ^^

By: Sandrose on 10/26/12
Congratulations to VOM - and to your incredibly fine work!

By: Sandrose on 10/26/12
Congratulations for VOM - and for your incredibly fine work!

By: addy on 10/26/12
Congratulations Fabi!! Well deserved! :) I've always loved your work :) *hugs*

By: ArtistKimberly on 10/28/12
!!Congratulations So Well Deserved!!

I have been a fan of Your store from day one, and it just keeps getting better and better... Great BIG Hugs,


By: mega29 on 10/28/12
Nena! esa es tu nieta ¿cómo tan grande? hace tanto que no hablamos? Te felicito Fabi, a ver si unos de estos dias podemos charlar besos. La mejor vendedora sin duda impecables tus trabajos

By: mega29 on 10/28/12

By: Kalypso on 10/30/12
Congratulations once again Fabiana! Your work and presence in the Poser world is truly inspiring!

By: RPublishing on 10/31/12
Very well deserved! Congrats! :)

By: morganahope on 8/22/14
Fabiana ..... voce merece o sucesso que tem pois seu trabalho é fantastico !!
Beijos de sua fâ no Brazil

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